Classy Party Themes | 15 Dress Code & Decor Ideas from Cute to Elegant

Parties are always fun. Adding a theme to the party will bring your celebration to life. From cultural to color-based, from Avengers to Avant-Garde, here are 15 dress code and décor ideas for classy party themes.

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Going down the history lane, the idea to host a party was to socialize, make conversations, to know each other better. It generally included food items, beverages, music, and dance, adding to it the fun factor.

Such gatherings became a part of festivals, birthdays, any special occasion, or even on a casual basis just to make the day more fun and memorable. As time progressed, youngsters and even older generations didn’t need an occasion to celebrate. Just being with friends became a worthy enough occasion to party. This is how the trend evolved.


Such cozy house parties evolved to become more and more elaborate, with party planners being hired and booking nice hotels, restaurants or even heritage plazas. This is what took us to the idea of theme parties and hence the idea of a party was remade entirely.

Food and Drinks

A party usually becomes an excuse to ruin our diet plans. So having a pre-planned menu for the guests comes in handy.

I would suggest starting with a couple of drinks like cocktails to suit the theme, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz – the red wines or you can also go for Sauvignon Blanc – the white wines, champagnes, sangria Grapefruit Negroni, Passion Fruit Martini, Very Pink Raspberry, or  Cosmopolitan as these are great choices too.

Food can vary according to the theme too. Here I have a couple of food items that go well with a variety of themes, such as – Biscuit Wreath Dip, Champagne Jell-O Shots, Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers, Creme Brûlée Sugar Cookies, Spinach Artichoke Zucchini Bites, Spinach Artichoke Dip Wonton Bites, Thai Chicken Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce for the starters.

classy party themes-drinks-food-ideas

What to Wear?

When it comes to theme parties, the dressing up varies according to the theme. A simple holographic dress paired with neon or white bottom and t-shirt would make such a statement for a Spacey theme party. If the theme is ‘Garden’, maybe a fresh, casual and a summery concept would be perfect. So a sundress or a dress with shorts and a white top would be good. It will make you relaxed and free just like the theme.

classy party themes-space-decor-holographic

Classy Party Themes

Here are 15 themes that you can choose from for your next party.

1. The Sun of a Beach

Most of us love beaches and having a beach party sounds like a great idea. A simple sundress paired with pastel sunglasses or a maxi dress and a straw hat is perfect for the occasion. Keeping it light and simple is the key here.

Setting up a tiki bar for some refreshing drinks is a must to keep everyone fresh and hydrated throughout the day. You can have a wooden dining table with metal cutlery. Since the theme is the ‘Sun of the Beach’, try having some shells, glass pieces, and coral for decoration.


2. 90s Adventures

There is no denying that today we love everything about the 90s and we try to bring it back, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s like taking a walk down the memory lane. So having a 90s themed party would be a great way to welcome the beauty era once again in our lives.

Outfits like bell-bottoms, long coats, polka dot shirts are perfect outfits for the occasion. Pairing them with scrunchies or ribbons with poufy hairstyles would make a statement.

Coming to the decor, a simple steel candle stand, a silver ball hanging, flowers with some nice light balloons would give the 90s vibe to the classy party themes.


3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Here’s one of the most elegant classy party themes. Most of us have watched ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s and are aware of the iconic black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn. The Classic Givenchy dress is a stunner in itself. A plain black midi or maxi dress with a pearl necklace, black gloves, and hair tied in a bun will complete the look.


4. Lavendery Nights

Who doesn’t like the fragrance of lavender! It’s so refreshing and heartwarming. Lavender would make a great theme for baby showers or birthdays.

A beautiful flowy pastel lavender dress with a pair of matching jewelry will go well with the occasion. A nice lavender cake with a blackcurrant cordial drink served in golden cutlery will go well with the theme. You can have a lilac decor with some lavender flowers to bring it all together for the theme. Sounds like one of the most beautiful and classy party themes.


5. Hollywood Classy Party Themes

Whenever I think of Hollywood, personalities like Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Cardi B, Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alicia Silverstone, and other famous personalities come to mind. They are not only famous for their work but also their fashion. Be it Met Gala or the Oscars, Hollywood celebrities never fail to wow us with their outstanding and unique fashion statement.

So Hollywood classy party themes would be incomplete without a statement gown that screams glamour. Decor can include reels, stars, clippers, balloons of neutral colors, crystal dishes to go with metal cutlery to make the party alive.


6. Classic Blues

The color is liked by many and is my personal favorite too. Having a blue theme party can be a unique way to celebrate the color. For this party, you can wear a shimmery blue ball gown or knee-length dress, paired with matching pearl or silver jewelry and stilettos.

Go for blue, white, golden balloon, and floral decor, and a nice snowflake cake. Try blue lagoon cocktail to make the classy party themes turn out to be phenomenon.

Decor by via Instagram

7. Casino

It is as happening as it sounds, royal and sophisticated. There are thematic and creative ways to decorate without having to create a complete casino! The venue with cards and coins scattered all over, numbers and dices enlarged, balloons in red, black, white, and golden can make the place worth visiting.

An elegant sequin dress with red lipsticks, golden heels flocking on the floor, men in tuxedos, and champagne in hand will work well for the occasion to bring the whole theme together.


8. Avant-Garde

Runway outfits can be over the top sometimes, but here’s one of the classy party themes that can give us an excuse to wear those garments IRL.

Avant-Garde means an “innovative idea of art”, something that is considered as not so wearable in terms of fashion. But when we have a theme party, you can go all out and be creative. Mixing different fabrics and outfits, you can create your runway look. Here are a few Avant-Garde designs by Victor and Rolf from which you and your guests can take some inspiration.

avant-garde-halloween-classy party themes-dressup-makeup-decor-and-drink-idea

9. Margarita on the Rocks

Margarita is a drink that no one can get over once tasted. And the same can be said for a Cocktail theme. Once attended, this is one of those classy party themes that will surely leave its essence!

A classy theme party that gives you the freedom to dress as elegant as possible, in a glossy or a shimmery golden, red, or a blue gown. With lots of cocktails tailing around and the exotic starters to count on, this is a one of a kind party. Nice matte golden, black, and silver balloons as decor will make the theme party cherishable.

cocktail-classy party themes-sophie-turner-dressup-cocktails-and-decor-ideas

10. Avengers

Whether you are a fan of Avengers or not you have probably heard about them. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and so many other superheroes to choose from. Having an Avengers theme party is not only a dream come true for the Avengers fans but also an opportunity for others to explore the world of superheroes.

Dressing up as one of your favorite superheroes with customized outfits, masks, and equipment can be great fun. And you can choose classy decor ideas to transform the theme. It can be in blue, red, and white to keep up with the theme of Avengers. Lastly, an Avengers Cake would be a cherry on top.


11. Shortest of the Short

The sun at its peak and the flowers caressing your feet, garden with its fragrance can give the warmest feels. Here is another garden party theme. As the name of the theme suggests, the shortest of the short signifies that the dress code of the party is a short dress. So wearing any short outfit such as shorts with a crop top, mini skirts or a short dress. The shorter the dress the more welcome you are to the party of greens and whites!

It is a more relaxed party. Kick start the party with some detox water with healthy fruit drinks to keep you hydrated. Tanned skin with gossips and dance, light music on the guitar, and a relaxed environment is the essence of the party. This is also a good idea for a BBQ party.

short-bachelorette- theme-party-dress-drink-makeup-decor-ideas

12. Barbie Dolls in the House

It’s a dream come true for most of the girls. The feeling of being around the Barbies is a roller-coaster ride that takes you back to your childhood. And who says you’re ever too old to play with a Barbie?!

Pink midi or a maxi dress with blond hair wig, pink bag, pastel pink sunglasses and heels with fur, and some nude makeup is all you need. A pastel pink, lilac, and grey decor with Barbie houses will make the venue look a living Barbie mansion.

barbie-birthday-classy party themes-pink-dressup-makeup-decor-ideas

13. Games of Thrones

A fantasy drama created in America is based on a famous fantasy novel that gained popularity as time progressed leaving an impression on people.

The costumes and surroundings of these kinds of classy party themes give a sense of power and being bold. Bringing it to life can make us undergo the feeling of being one of them resonating power. A smokey makeup with the black and white warrior dresses attached to it a cape is a great way to represent the theme. The venue can be dimly lit with white decor giving it the essence of snow, dragon candles, and the most important element The Throne. She who owns it in the end matters the most.

games-of-thrones-costume-classy party themes-dressup-decor-ideas

14. 90s Grunge Theme Party

The theme takes us back to the movies from 90s that brought the youngsters and designers out to be carefree, bold, and rebellious. That was the time when grunge came into action.

Plaid checks were a new normal during that period. Baggy jackets, oversized shirts, loose frayed jeans, shorts, ripped pantyhose with boots were all a part of everyone’s wardrobe. This fashion statement got so much love that the trend carried on to the 2020s and is still a part of everyone’s day to day life. The accessories precisely were the statement black chokers with studded black bracelets. Nail enamel to be pitch matte black with black lipstick and smokey eyes.

The sense of being free makes the young generation aesthetic. Beer and champagne became normal for the high school youngsters as that gave them a feeling of coming out loose and sturdy. Also, keep the decor as the 90s as possible. A hint of black in the decor as well as your style can be a great way to blend with the theme.

90s-grunge-youth-classy party themes-dress-makeup-ideas

15. Thor

Now that we have talked about Avengers, we know that Thor is one of the most loved superheroes among them. He gives one a feeling of being strong and different. A customized Thor costume in silver, black, and brown with a touch of gold and a red cape adding to the statement superhero costume is what you can wear. And not to forget the metal golden hand with the hammer without which the look is incomplete.


So which one out of these classy party themes will you choose for your next party. We at Shilpa Ahuja would love to see your outfit and the decor. Don’t forget to tag @shilpaahujadotcom and share your party pics with us.

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