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]Pants are an essential must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. From different types of jeans to basic trousers, find all types of pants with our SlubWords glossary below. 

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Different Types of Pants & Trousers

6 Pocket (N.) [six pok-it] A 6 pocket pant is a cargo pant with 6 pockets. Also see cargo pant.

Bell bottoms (N.) [bel botuh m] Trousers that are wider or flared from the knee to the bottom, forming a bell-like shape are called bell bottoms. Also see flared.

Boy jeans (N.) [boi jeenz] A type of women’s jeans with straight cut and relaxed fit are called boy jeans, inspired by men’s jeans. Also see boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans (N.) [boi-frend jeenz] Boyfriend jeans are women’s jeans, cuffed at the bottom and oversized or loose-fitted, almost like wearing men’s jeans. Also see boy jeans.

Capri (N.) [kah-pree] Fitted pants that end at the calf are called capris. Capri pants are longer than shorts and shorter than a normal trouser, usually ending at the mid-calf. Also see shorts.

Cargo (N.) [kahr-goh] Loose fitted military-inspired trousers having large pockets at the thighs or knees are called cargo pants. Also see 6 pocket.

Cigarette (N.) [sig-uhret] A type of pants that are straight and well-fitted with narrow openings at the ankles are called cigarette pants.

Culottes (N.) [koo-lots] A shorter version of the palazzo, culottes are a type of wide-leg pants that end somewhere between the knee and ankle and are flared from the waist to resemble a skirt. Also see short culottes, palazzo.

Distressed jeans (N.) [dih-strest jeenz] See ripped jeans.

Embellished (N.) [em-bel-ishd] A type of pants with embellishments like stones and sequins are known as embellished pants. Also see embellish in types of surface techniques.

Flared (N.) [flar-ed] A type of trousers that are tight fitted until the knees and are wider or flared from the knees to the bottom are called flared pants.

Jeans (N.) [jeenz] A type of pants made out of a strong fabric called denim that are usually worn as casual wear are called jeans.

Jogger (N.) [jog-er] A type of track pants that are gathered at waist and ankles with elastic bands are known as jogger pants. Also see track pants.

Leggings (N.) [leg-ings] Leggings are tight-fitting, stretchable trousers for women.

Mom jeans (N.) [mom jeenz] A type of jeans that are high-waisted with relaxed fit are called mom jeans.

Palazzos (N.) [puhlaht-zohs] Palazzos are a type of wide-leg trousers that flare out from the waist. Also see culottes.

Pajamas (N.) [puh-jah-muhz] A type of pants, meant for lounging or sleeping, which have a relaxed fit and are usually made out of comfortable fabrics like cotton are called pajamas. Also sometimes worn with matching shirt to form a night-suit, or pajama set.

Ripped jeans (N.) [ript jeenz ] A type of jeans with small or oversized rips, especially on the knees or other parts of the pant are known as ripped jeans. Also distressed jeans. Also see distressing in surface techniques.

Short culottes (N.) [shawrt kyu-lots] A shorter version of culottes, these are wide-leg short trousers that are thigh or knee-length. Also see divided skirt in types of skirts.

Shorts (N.) [shawrts] A type of short trousers that’s thigh length or above the knees, usually worn during hot summers are known as shorts.

Skinny jeans (N.) [skin-ee jeenz] Tight-fitted jeans are are known as skinny jeans. Also see cigarette pants.

Slit Pants (N.) [slit pants] Pants that have a slit in them either at the sides or in the front are known as slit pants.

Sweatpants (N.) [swet-pants] See track.

Thong jeans (N.) [thawng jeenz] A type of jeans in which a strip of denim is attached between the buttocks leaving the rest uncovered is known as thong jeans.

Track (N.) [trak] A type of pants that are heavy knitted and have a relaxed or baggy fit, meant for athletics or athleisure are known as track pants. They may be elasticated at the ankles (called joggers). They may be worn with sweatshirt to form a track suit. Also sweat pants.

Yoga pants (N.) [yoh-guh pants] Yoga pants are stretchable, well-fitted pants meant for yoga and are made of knit fabric.

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