Types of Sleeves: Different Sleeve Names & Silhouettes in Fashion

Read and discover the many different types of sleeves and their variations in our definitive fashion words dictionary below.


Types of Sleeves in Fashion

Angel (N.) [eyn-juh l] Long flowy sleeves that are fitted at the top and flare out like angel wings with asymmetric ends at the wrist are known as angel sleeves.

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Nordic Poetry

Batwing (N.) [bat-wing] Resembling the wings of a bat, batwing sleeves have a deep armhole, till atleast the waist level and are usually fitted at the wrist. Also dolman sleeves.

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Bell (N.) [bel] Types of sleeves that are fitted at the top and flared out at the bottom are called as bell sleeves. Also half bell sleeves.

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Bishop (N.) [bishuh p] A loose sleeve, poofy at the lower half and gathered at the wrist with large cuffs.

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Herve Leger

Butterfly (N.) [buht-er-flahy] Short cap versions of bell sleeves are called butterfly sleeves.

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Dutch Groovers

Cap (N.) [kap] A cap sleeve is a short sleeve that covers just the top of the shoulder.



Cold-Shoulder (N.) [kohld shohl-der] Cold-shoulder sleeves are those that have cut-outs at the shoulder.

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Vera Wang

Flamenco (N.) [flah-meng-koh] Inspired by the Spanish dance costume, flamenco sleeves are fitted at the forearm and flared out into tiered ruffles at the end.


Tamara Flamenco

Floor-Touching (N.) [flohr tuhch-ing] Types of sleeves that are long, flowy and reach the floor are called as floor-touching sleeves.


De Belle

Juliet (N.) [joo-lee-uh t] A juliet sleeve is commonly found in medieval fashion and has poofiness just at the top above an abrupt seam, after which the sleeve is tight and fitted.


Moda Operandi

Kimono (N.) [kuhmoh-noh] Inspired by Japanese culture, kimono sleeves have deep armholes and are long and flowy.



Mutton Leg (N.) [muht-n leg] A mutton leg sleeve is similar to the juliet but the poofiness is more gradual, without any seams and cinches at the wrists.


Elie Saab

Off-Shoulder (N.) [awf shohl-der Sleeves that don’t have anything going over the shoulders and begin at the upper arm are called off-shoulder sleeves.

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Forever 21

Peasant (N.) [pezuh nt] Inspired by hippie culture, peasant sleeve is a type of loose sleeve with poofy shoulders that’s cinched at the wrist with a cuff.


Calvin Klein

Petal (N.) [pet-l] A sleeve made up of two petal shaped panels that overlap each other is called petal sleeve.



Victorian sleeves (N.) [vik-toh-ri-uhn sleevz] A current trend of the styles of sleeves that first became popular during the Victorian era, or during the 19th century, such as Bishop sleeves, mutton-leg sleeves, juliet sleeves. Read about the Victorian sleeves trend in Fall/Winter 2018 fashion trend forecast.

Puff (N.) [puhf] Puff sleeves are short and gathered to create poofiness. Also puffed sleeves.



Raglan (N.) [rag-luh n] A type of sleeve that starts at the collar and goes down diagonally towards the underarm is known as raglan sleeve.


Forever 21

Slashed sleeves (N.) [slash-d slee-vz] Sleeves that have a multiple short or long slashes or slits within them are called slashed sleeves. Slashes may be horizontal or vertical. Also see slit sleeves.

slashed-sleeves-topSlit sleeves (N.) [slit slee-vz] Sleeves that have a long vertical slash or slit on them are called slit sleeves. Also see slashed sleeves.

Elisabetta Franchi

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