Beauty Tools, Types of Makeup Brushes and Nail Tools

There are as many beauty tools are there are types of fashion trends – we see new supplies and machines everyday, whether it’s for makeup application or for nails. From types of makeup brushes to mani-pedi machines to makeup tools, see all the terms and their meanings in our SlubWords glossary below. 

Beauty Tools, Types of Makeup Brushes and Nail Tools

Airbrush makeup kit (N.) [air-bruhsh meyk-uhp kit] Airbrush makeup kit is a pro beauty supply item with a pressurized nozzle and makeup attachments, used to apply makeup with the help of an airbrush gun that sprays the product onto the face to give it a flawless finish.


Angled brush (N.) [ang-guh ld bruhsh] An angled brush is a smaller version of a sculpting brush and can be used for lining the eyes, creating a sharp cat-eye, filling in brows or lips.


Beauty blender (N.) [byoo-tee blen-der] A trademarked teardrop-shaped makeup sponge that is used for application and blending of foundation or other makeup products. Beauty blender is one of the most selling beauty tools.

beauty tools professional-beauty-supply-makeup-tools-beauty-blender-makeup-sponge

Cat eye template (N.) [kat ahy tem-plit] Cat-eye template is a reusable template, made out of thick paper or plastic, which can be placed above or below your eyes to guide the shape of a cat-eye. Also, see cat-eye in makeup techniques.

cat-eye-liner-guide-stencil-best-pro-beauty-supply tools

Cotton swab (N.) [kot-n swob] See q-tip.

Crimper (N.) [krimper] An electronic heating device with two corrugated ceramic plates used to press and curl the hair is called a crimper or hair crimper. Crimpers were one of the most popular beauty tools used to create 90s hairstyles. Also see straightener.

Curling iron (N.) [kur-ling ahy-ern] An electronic heating device that is used to curl the hair is called a curling iron. Also see straightener.

Cuticle remover (N.) [kyoo-ti-kuh l ri-moo-ver] A beauty tool used to clean the nail cuticles is called a cuticle remover.

Eye pencil sharpener (N.) [ahy pen-suhshahr-puh n] A beauty tool that has a sharpener in the size of an eye pencil, used to sharpen it, is called an eye pencil sharpener. It may come in two sizes, or may also be a dual eye pencil sharpener that can sharpen both small and big pencils.

Eyebrow guide (N.) [ahy-brou gahyd] Eyebrow guide is a reusable stencil or template to help determine where and how to fill in the eye brows. It may have many different variations like straight, angular, natural and pronounced brow shape.

Eyebrow wand (N.) [ahy-brou wond] See spoolie-brush.

Eyelash comb (N.) [ahy-lash kohm] Eyelash comb is a makeup tool in the shape of a small comb with a long handle, used to gently comb and separate lashes to prevent them from sticking together. It also helps remove excess mascara.

Eyelash curler (N.) [ahy-lash kur-ler] Eyelash curler is a beauty tool used for curling the eyelashes, especially before putting on mascara.

Fake eyelash applicator (N.) [feyk ahy-lash ap-li-key-ter] Fake eyeslash applicator is a beauty tool used to apply false eyelashes. It is shaped like a clip, to hold your lashes while you apply glue to it and then place it on your lid.

Fan brush (N.) [fan bruhsh] A makeup brush with soft fibers in the shape of a fan that is used to apply highlighter is called a fan brush.

Foot spa (N.) [foot spah] A machine, often portable, with a sink, roller massager base, massaging jets and heated water inlets used for cleaning and massaging feet is called a foot spa. Also pedicure machine.

French manicure tip guide (N.) [french man-i-kyoo r tip gahyd] A stencil or template with shapes of different finer or toe nails used to apply nail polish just on the tips of nails is called a French manicure tip guide.

Gel polish cap (N.) [jel pol-ish kap] A rubbery or silicon cap with a foam pad that can be attached to the finger nail to soak and remove gel nail polish.

Hair straightener (N.) [hair streyt-ner] [hair See straightener.

Kabuki brush (N.) [kah-boo-kee bruhsh] A makeup brush with short, soft fibers and a semi-rounded top, used to apply bronzer or face powder, is called a kabuki brush.

Lip liner sharpener (N.) [lip lahy-ner shahr-puh ner]  A beauty tool that has a sharpener in the size of a lip pencil, used to sharpen it, is called a lip liner sharpener.

Lip plumper (N.) [lip pluhm-per] A lip-plumper is a beauty supply item that can be in the form of either a balm or a device, used to swell up the lips, either instantly or overnight.

Makeup brush cleaning machine (N.) [meyk-uhp bruhsh klee-ning muhsheen] A makeup brush cleaning machine is a rotatory device or tool used to attach, clean and dry makeup brushes.

Makeup sponge (N.) [meyk-uhp spuhnj] A sponge used for application and blending of foundation, face powder or other makeup products, usually angled on one side and rounded on the other. The angled side can be used for areas that need more precision like the sides of the nose or under the eyes and the rounded for wider areas like cheeks or forehead.

Manicure brush (N.) [man-i-kyoo r bruhsh] A beauty brush that is used to apply cream, balm or other manicure products onto nails is called a manicure brush.

Mascara fan brush (N.) [[ma-skaruh fan bruhsh] A smaller version of the fan brush, a mascara fan brush has soft fibers in the shape of a fan that is used on the lashes for clump-free mascara application.

Mini beauty blender (N.) [min-ee byoo-tee blen-der] A smaller version of the trademarked teardrop-shaped makeup sponge, beauty blender, that is used for application and blending of concealer or other makeup products.

Nail art drill (N.) [neyl ahrt dril] A machine used for carving, sanding, polishing, shaping or drawing on either natural and acrylic nails is called a nail art drill.

Nail buffer (N.) [neyl buhf-er] A beauty tool with flat, fine grit that is used to buff or polish nails is called a nail buffer.

Nail clipper (N.) [neyl klip-er] A grooming tool used to clip, cut and shape nails is called a nail clipper.

Nail file (N.) [neyl fahyl] A beauty tool with a flat steel plate that has a rough edge, used to shape the edges of nails is called a nail file.

Pedicure machine (N.) [ped-i-kyoo r muhsheen] See foot spa.

Portable foot spa (N.) [pawr-tuh-buh l foot spah] See foot spa.

Powder brush (N.) [pou-der bruhsh] A powder brush has a large, rounded surface area and dense bristles for the application of face powder. Kabuki brushes or mushroom brushes are two examples of powder brushes.

Pumice stone (N.) [puhm-is stohn] A lightweight, rough stone used to rub body parts, especially heels or feet to remove the dead skin cells is called a pumice stone.

Q-tip (N.) [kyoo-tip] A tool with cotton stuck on either side, used for precision makeup removal, eyeshadow blending, aural cleaning or similar tasks is called a q-tip. Also cotton swab.

Sculpting brush (N.) [skuhlpt ing bruhsh] Used to contour and sculpt the face, a sculpting brush is a wide brush, angled in a shape that can work for both powder and cream-based products.

Smudge brush (N.) [smuhj bruhsh]A smudge eyeshadow brush is a dense brush with a slight curve at the top, used to blend eyeshadow seamlessly without harsh lines, or to create smokey eyes. It can also be used for lining with eyeshadow under the lower waterline.

Spoolie (N.) [spoolahy] A spoolie is a beauty supply tool that looks like a mascara wand and is used to lightly comb and shape eyebrows. It’s usually used on already filled-in brows to shape and work the product between the eyebrow hair. Also see spoolie-comb.

Spoolie-brush (N.) [spoolahy bruhsh] A type of spoolie that has a small comb on one side and an angled eyebrow brush or a mascara-wand-shaped brush on the other, used to fill in, comb and shape eyebrows. Also eyebrow wand. Also see spoolie.

Stippling brush (N.) [stipuh ling bruhsh] Short flat-top brush with fine, feathery ends used to apply foundation, concealer, blush or contour is called a stippling brush.

Straightener (N.) [streyt-ner] An electronic heating device with two flat ceramic plates used to press and straighten the hair is called a straightener. Also hair straightener. Also see curling iron.

Toe separator (N.) [toh sepuh-rey-ter] A beauty tool that is used to place in between toes, used to align and separate toes while wearing nail polish, is called a toe separator.

Tweezers (N.) [twee-zerz] A beauty tool, usually slant-tip, used for plucking eyebrows is called a pair of tweezers. Tweezers are one of the simplest beauty tools.

UV dryer (N.) [u.v drahy-er] A machine that radiates UV rays and has space to put hands, used to dry nail polish is called a UV dryer. One of the professional beauty tools, UV dryers are often used in nail salons.

UV spa equipment sterilizer (N.) [u.v spah ih-kwip-muh nt steruh-lahyz] See UV sterilizer.

UV sterilizer (N.) [u.v steruh-lahyz] UV sterilizer is a machine used to clean and sterilize beauty tools and equipment It kills the bacteria and virus from nail clippers, metal and glass filers. Also UV spa equipment sterilizer.

Vanity mirror (N.) [van-i-tee mir-er] A vanity mirror is a mirror, usually round-shaped with a handle or cover for hand-held use, used when applying makeup. Vanity mirrors may be magnifying, for seeing makeup details, or may be dual mirrors, with one regular mirror and another a magnifying mirror.

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