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Shilpa Ahuja is a fashion blogger and founder of ShilpaAhuja.com. She is also the creator of Audrey O. comics. She has a Masters in Design degree from Harvard University.

Her love for writing started at the tender age of 7 when she began writing poetry. At 11, Shilpa published her first handmade magazine, and developed a passion for art, creative writing and editing. Her work has been published in Jetwings magazine, Times of India, University of Fashion blog and Indian Design and Interiors magazine.

Before founding ShilpaAhuja.com, Shilpa worked in architecture, interiors, graphic and web design. She’s also an artist, Shilpa loves to explore different art media, including oil and glass, and has exhibited her glass paintings at The Aroma hotel, Chandigarh. Her academic work in architecture has also been exhibited in Harvard University and Chandigarh College of Architecture.

Originally from Chandigarh, Shilpa loves traveling. She loves to learn about cultures and art from different parts of the world, is the author of the book ‘Designing a Chinese Cultural Center’. When Shilpa is not focusing on the next article for her blog or out exploring the world, she is busy learning French, doing Zumba, painting and writing short stories.


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Contact Shilpa at our Contact Us page. Shilpa Ahuja is based in Chennai, India.

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