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Fairy kei makeup (N.) Originated in Japan, fairy kei makeup is a beauty trend that uses pastel shades like pale blue, baby pink and mint green to create a fairy-like look.

Newly Added SlubWords: Latest Fashion Words

Flapper (N.) [flap-er] A vintage-style dress popular during the 1920s with lots of beading, embellishments and fringes is called flapper dress.

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Bandeau top (N.) [ban-doh top] A longer bandeau bra that can be worn as a top, a strapless top that is a band of fabric just to cover the breasts and upper-stomach area. Also see bandeau bra in types of lingerie and tube top.

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Overskirt (N.) [oh-ver-skurt] A type of skirt or skirt-like layer of fabric worn or sewn over skirts and dresses or sewn over pants is an overskirt.

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Bar jacket (N.) [bahr jak-it] A formal jacket with cinched waistline and shoulder pads is called a bar jacket. The term bar jacket was first introduced by Christian Dior, when he included them in Ligne Corolle collection in 1947.

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Boy jeans (N.) [boi jeenz] A type of women’s jeans with straight cut and relaxed fit are called boy jeans, inspired by men’s jeans. Also see boyfriend jeans.

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Angel sleeves (N.) [eyn-juh l slee-vz] Long flowy sleeves that are fitted at the top and flare out like angel wings with asymmetric ends at the wrist are known as angel sleeves.

Discover all types of sleeves.

Backless bra  (N.) [bak-lis bra] A type of bra whose strap are designed to look invisible at the back is called a backless bra. It may have skin-color strap at the back, or may not have a strap that goes around the back at all, or its straps may go around the shoulders. Also see self-adhesive bra.

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Parametric print (N.) [par-uhme-trik print] A pattern made by computer algorithms using modifiable parameters is called as parametric print.

Discover all types of prints.

Waist cape (N.) [way-st kay-p] Waist cape is a silhouette wherein a front-open overskirt or two wide pieces of fabric are attached at the waist on trousers, a dress, skirt or gown at either side to give the illusion of a cape that starts at the waist. Also butt cape.

Find out about all types of silhouettes.

Hussar-frog (N./ V.) [hoozahr frog, huh-zaar frawg]  Hussar frogging is a type of decorative ornamental braiding created using button closures and loops of thick threads. Originated in the 18th century, hussar-frogging gets its name from the jackets of military men, known as hussars, on which it was traditionally done. Also frogChinese frog.

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Minaudière (N.) [mee-noh-dee-air] A small evening bag made from hard material and used for carrying small articles is known as a minaudière bag.

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Bolo tie (N.) [boh-loh tahy] Bolo tie is a type of necktie consisting of a cord or string that is held firmly around the neck with the help of metal ornaments. It is worn both by men and women.

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Toe shoe  (N.) [toh shoo] A glove-like shoe that mimics barefoot look or has individual compartments for all five toes is called a toe shoe. It is typically used in athletics, weight-lifting or ballet dancing.

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Louis heel (N.) [loo-ee heel] Louis heels are a much shorter version of spool heels, or hour-glass shaped heels, which are wide at the top and bottom and narrow at the center. Also pompadour heel.

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Deerstalker hat (N.) [deer-staw-ker hat] Traditionally worn while hunting, deerstalker hats are plaid, rounded at the crown and have stiff panels on either side of the head.

Discover all types of hats.

Ombre sunglasses (N.) [aw-m-bray suhn-glas-iz] When a color gradient is seen through the lens, then those sunglasses are known as ombre sunglasses. Also see ombre in hair coloring techniques.

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Ratchet belt (N.) [rach-it belt] A belt with no holes is known as ratchet belt.

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Eyelash comb (N.) Eyelash comb is a makeup tool in the shape of a small comb with a long handle, used to gently comb and separate lashes to prevent them from sticking together. It also helps remove excess mascara.

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Secret makeup (N.) A makeup technique that uses light-coverage, skin-matching products to give an illusion of not wearing makeup at all. The aim of secret makeup is to create a look that doesn’t let it reveal whether the wearer is wearing makeup or not. Also see no makeup makeup.

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Aquarium (N.) [uhkwair-ee-uhm] Aquarium nail is a popular nail art trend, which involves using acrylics to create an aquarium-like effect with moving specks of glitter and sequins.

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Drip Dye (N./V.) [drip dahy] Drip dye is a hair color technique in which usually colorful hair color is applied by pouring it on one’s head, and then combing through to spread it evenly throughout the hair. Also drip hair coloring.

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Helix tattoo (N.) [hee-liks ta-too] Tattoos drawn on the helix or rim of the ear are known as helix tattoos.

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Fair trade fashion (N.) [fairtreyd fash-uhn] It refers to a fashion industry where there are good working conditions for the employees. This includes decent environment, fair wages and not promoting child labor.

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Tetrad colors (N.) [te-trad kuhl-erz] A tetrad color scheme can be of two types – rectangle and square. Rectangle color scheme is created by using two pairs of complementary colors, so, four colors in total. And a square color scheme is when four colors that are equally spaced apart on the wheel are used. For example, the Microsoft logo.

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