Types of Collars | Different Collar Styles

From peter pan to shawl to Mandarin collars, read about all different collar styles in our SlubWords fashion glossary below!

Bertha (N.) [bur-thuh] Bertha is a cape-like collar that is made up of delicate, thin fabrics.

Victoria-Beckham-spring-summer-2018-ss18-collection-rtw-13-ruffle-collar-topButton down (Adj.) [buht-n doun] A shirt collar that has its tip fastened to a button beneath it is known as a button-down collar.

button-up-collar different types of collars slubwords glossary

Button up (Adj.) [buht-n uhp] A shirt collar that has buttons on the corners is known as a button up collar.

Chelsea (N.) [chel-see] A low V-neckline with extra fabric attached to it with sharp pointed shirt collars is known as a Chelsea collar.

chelsea-collar different types of collars

Chinese collar  (N.) [chahy-neez kol-er] The collar that starts from the collarbone and go vertically upwards for 1-2 inches with rounded corners is known as Chinese collar. Also Mandarin collar.

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Flat (Adj.) [flat] A collar that stands flat on the dress and curves round along the neckline is known as a flat collar. Also Peter Pan collar.


Jabot (N.) [zha-boh] Jabot collar is a standing collar with thin delicate fabrics down the front. The delicate fabrics can either be pleated or ruffled or frilled.


Mandarin (N.) [man-duh-rin] See Chinese collar.

Notched (N.) [noched]  A suit collar with pointed lapels cut in the shape of widened W s is called a notched collar.

Rag & Bone

Peter pan (N.) [pee-ter pan] See flat.

Puritan (N.) [pyoo r-i-tn] A semi-circular collar that is slit at the center and extends to the shoulders is known as a puritan collar.

puritan dan keller types of collars different collar names slubglossary slubwords
Dan Keller

Ruff (N.) [ruhf] A circular collar that goes around the neck and is either pleated or gathered with ruffles all around, giving a full volume, is known as a ruff collar. Also, see ruff in types of necklines.

ruff collar different types of collar collar designs slubwords

Sailor (N.) [sey-ler] A collar with a deep V in the front and a long and wide square back is known as sailor collar.

sailor collar etsy different types of collars names glossary collars

Shawl (N.) [shawl] A curved V-neckline that has lapels without notches is known as shawl collar.

shawl collae different types of collar names lyst

Tuxedo (N.) [tuhk-see-doh] A collar that has curved satin lapels till the mid-riff is known as a tuxedo collar. Also see tuxedo in types of outfits & garment ensembles.

Wing collar (N.) [wing kol-er] A wing collar is a standing collar that has a strip of fabric going around the neckline and the front part is folded down stiff in the shape of triangles.

wing collar- tuxededos triangle end different types

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