Types of Belts and Belt Buckles: Different Styles of Belts

A belt is an accessory that accentuates the waist and gives one a perfect structure. But even in an accessory like a belt, there are so many styles, designs and terms to know about. Get to know the different types of belts here.

Illustrated by: Aayushi B.

Autogrip (N.) [aw-toh grip] Autogrip buckles contain an array of teeth sewn inside the belt strap. A part in the buckles engages with teeth and locks them. Also ratchet belt.

Bow Knot (N.) [boh not] A belt that has a bow instead of a buckle is known as bowknot belt. It can either have a pre-attached knot or knotted after wearing any fabric belt.

Broad (N.) [brawd] Belts that are broader than one and a half inch are known as broad belts. Also see skinny belt.

Buckle (N.) [buhkuh l] Buckle is a clasp that joins both the ends of a belt. Also see buckle in surface techniques and fashion hardware.

Buckle belt (N.) [buhkuh l belt] Belts with buckles are known as buckle belts. Also see buckle.

Casual belt (N.) [kazh-oo-uh l belt] Belts worn on casual wear like jeans, shorts, etc. are known as casual belts.

Clamp closure (N.) [klamp kloh-zher] Clamp closure buckles are fixed at one end and have a hand at the other end.

Corset (N.) [kawr-sit] A form-fitting belt that tightens the torso to mimic an hourglass shape is known as a corset. Also waist cincher.

Double buckle (N.) [duhbuh l buckle] Belt that has double buckles facing each other are known as double buckle belts.

Dress belt (N.) [dres] A dress belt is medium in width and worn formally, with a tuxedo or suit.

Elastic (N.) [ih-las-tik] Elastic belt can be resumed to normal size after being stretched. Typically, elastic belts have buckles. Also stretch belt.

Embellished (N.) [em-bel-ish d] Belts that have embellishments are known as embellished belts. embellish in surface techniques.

Fabric belt (N.) [fab-rik] Belts made up of heavy fabric are known as fabric belts. Sometimes they may also be elastic.

Knotted (N.) [not-id] Belts whose ends can be tied into a knot for closure are known as knotted belts.

No buckle (N.) [noh buckle] No buckle belts are those that don’t have a buckle.

Ratchet belt (N.) [rach-it belt] A belt with no holes is known as ratchet belt.

Rope (N.) [rohp] Belts that look like a rope are known as rope belts. They can either single or multilayered.

Screw closure (N.) [skroo kloh-zher ] Screw closure buckle is the one that has a screw bar on it.

Skinny (ADJ.) [skin-ee] Skinny belts are those that are sleek and usually lesser than a centimeter in width.

Stretch (N.) [strech] See elastic.

Tongue buckle (N.) [tuhng buhkuh l] Buckles with a loop and pin are known as tongue buckles.

Waist cincher (N.) [weyst sincher] See corset.

Wrap around (N.) [rap uhround] A belt that is long enough to be worn or wrapped around the waist more than once is known as a wrap-around belt.

Wrestling buckle (N.) [res-ling buhkuh l] Wrestling buckles are large and are named after the wrestlers in wrestling championships who wear them.

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