The Most Iconic White Dresses in Hollywood Movies | Part 2

If you haven’t read the Part -1 yet: I made a list of the most iconic white dresses in the history of Hollywood ever. Dresses that are so gorgeous, so hot, that we can’t forget them! We covered many of the most iconic white dresses – from Sharon Stone to Marilyn Monroe. But there are many more that I wanna add to the list of the ‘most iconic’ white dresses!!


This is a Part 1, or the previous article:

The Most Iconic White Dresses in Hollywood Movies | Part 1

So, let’s just dive into more white, shall we!?

11. Cameron Diaz in The Mask

The dress Cameron Diaz’s character Tina wore at her nightclub singing ‘Love makes me treat you…’ is sexy yet playful. Her crystal sparkly mini-dress is white with gold tassles at the bottom. It popped out the eyes of not just Stanley ‘The Mask’ Ipkiss (played by Jim Carrey), but who knows how many other drooling guys out there!


12. Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun

The 2003 chick-flick Under the Tuscan Sun features popular vintage outfits. Diane Lane’s character Frances wore a short-sleeved white fitted dress, with black handbag, heels and belt. The dress became many women’s go-to dress, and many’s wish. It is awesome especially because its hem falls at the calves, a hugely popular skirt trend right now!

13. Leslie Caron in Gigi

The white silk floor-length gown Leslie Caron wore in Gigi was beautiful with black off-shoulder details and gloves. It’s not as popular as some of the other dresses, but Jesus Piero’s 2014 bridal collection shows inspirations of this dress. And it may as well inspire any modern-day white dress. That’s why we are adding it to the list of the most iconic white dresses!!

14. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

The designer white buttoned dress Julia Roberts’s character, Vivan wore in Pretty Woman may not be as iconic as her red dress or hooker dress from that movie, but is elegant enough. Plus it features in a shopping scene, that is every girl’s dream – who wouldn’t want unlimited money solely to shop expensive designer-wear? And I love the way Vivian pairs it with a black hat and white gloves for a newly polished look. Not to mention she looks utterly and innocently happy with all those shopping bags!


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