Types of Jewelry: Different Names & Types of Accessories

Any outfit is incomplete without a piece of jewelry. The pieces of jewelry can be in so many different materials and there’s one for every occasion. It can be worn on almost any part of the body. So, let’s check out all different types of jewelry and new trends.

Anklet (N.) [ang-klit] A round ornament worn around the ankle is known as an anklet. Also ankle bracelet or ankle ring.

Athletic jewelry (adj.) [ath-let-ik joo-uh l-ree] A jewelry piece inspired by athletic or sports products is known as athletic jewelry. Also fitness jewelry. Read more about fitness jewelry.

Back necklace (N.) [bak nek-lis] A type of necklace whose main design falls at the back of the neck is known as a back necklace. Read more about back necklace by Ralph Lauren in Fall-Winter 2018 collection.

Barbell necklace (N.) [bahr-bel nek-lis] Barbell necklace is a type of necklace that has charms or pendants shaped like barbells (weight-lifting equipment that has a replaceable bar at either end). Also see athletic jewelry.

Belly chain (N.) [bel-ee cheyn] Belly chain is a type of chain necklace worn around the belly. Also waist chain.

Body chain (N.) [bod-ee cheyn] Body chain starts at the neck, crosses the mid-riff and then wraps around the waist. Also body necklace. Read more about body necklaces and waist chains.

Bolo tie (N.) [boh-loh tahy] Bolo tie is a type of necktie consisting of a cord or string that is held firmly around the neck with the help of metal ornaments. It is worn both by men and women.

Chatelaine (N.) [shat-l-eyn] A hook with a series of chains that is worn at the waist is known as chatelaine. Traditionally worn by housekeepers to keep the locker keys safe with them.

Choker (N.) [choh-kuhr] A neck piece that is fitted firmly around the neck is known as a choker. Also, see choker trend in 2016.

Chunky chain (N.) [chuhng-kee chain] Any piece of chain jewelry with broad and thick chain links is called chunky chain jewelry.

Collar necklace (N.) [kol-er necklace] If the length of neck piece touches the collarbone it is known as a collar necklace. Read more about pearl collar necklace 2018 runway trend.

Cuff bracelet (N.) [kuhf breys-lit] A wide band, typically metallic, encircling the wrist is known a cuff bracelet.

Dainty choker (adj.) [deyn-tee choker]  A thin delicate chain worn around the neck is called dainty choker. Also slim choker.

Drop and dangle (V.) [drop uh nd dang-guh l] Earrings that are long and hang loosely are known as drop and dangle.

Dumbbell earring (N.) [duhm-bel eer-ring] Earrings or studs that are in the shape of dumbbells are known as dumbbell earrings. Read more about dumbbell earrings in athletic jewelry.

Ear cuff (N.) [eer cuff] A piece of jewelry worn near the helix of the ear is known as ear cuff. Also see earrings, ear jacket.

Earring (N.) [eer-ring] Earring is a piece of ear jewelry that typically has a metallic part that can go through an ear piercing. Also see ear cuffs.

Ear jacket (N.) [ear jak-it] A type of ear cuff that goes around the rim or helix of the ear is called as an ear jacket. Also see ear cuff.

Foot harness (N.) [foo t hahr-nis] A foot chain that is harnessed from one of the fingers of the feet to the ankle is called a foot harness.

Gospel bracelet (N.) [gos-puh l bracelet] Gospel bracelet is a religious bracelet that has a series of colored beads.

Grills (N.) [grils] Grills are a type of hip-hop jewelry worn both by men and women over the teeth. Also see hip hop jewelry.

Grunge jewelry (N.) [gruhnj jewelry] Inspired by the grunge subculture, grunge jewelry included heavy metal pieces, studded cuffs, jelly bracelets, etc. Also read grunge style.

Hand harness (N.) [hoop] Similar to foot harness.

Hip hop jewelry (N.) [hip-hop jewelry] Jewelry inspired by the hip-hop culture are known as hip-hop jewelry. For example chunky chains, grills. Read more about hip-hop jewelry.

Hoops (N.) [hoop] Earrings that are generally thin and large circular earrings in the shape of a metallic rings are known as hoops. Also hoop earrings.

Huggie hoops (N.) [hoops]A smaller variation of hoop earrings, they’re close to the ears and look like they’re ‘hugging’ them, hence the name huggie hoops.

Iced out (N.) [ahyst out] The term used for pavé diamond jewelry or those in which the stones are set close together in hip hop culture is known as iced out jewelry. Also icy jewelry.

Latch hoop (N.) [lach hoop] Earrings that have a latch for holding the hoop are known as latch hoop earrings.

Logo jewelry (N.) [loh-goh jewelry] Any piece of jewelry that has the brands logo on it is known as logo jewelry. Read more about logo jewelry.

Midi rings (N.) [mid-ee rings] A midi ring is a finger ring that is worn above the lower knuckle.

Mismatched earrings (N.) [mis-mached earrings] Pair of earrings whose designs or colors are different from one another is known as mismatched earrings. Read more about mismatched earrings.

Murano glass (N.) [moorah-noh glahs] Originated in Murano, Venice, Murano glass jewelry is made out of a glass with foil and art designs.

Puka shell (N.) [poo-kuh shel] A popular 90s trend, puka shell jewelry is made by stringing together spiral shaped puka shells. Read more about 90s jewelry.

Ring (N.) [ring] A round wire or bar of metal is called a ring. Traditionally, rings are worn on fingers, but they may also be worn in body piercings or toes, called toe-rings.

Shoulder length earring (N.) [shohl-der lengkth earrings] Earrings that touch the shoulder or go below are known as shoulder length earrings.

Single earring (N.) [sing-guh l earring] A trend in which just one earring is worn instead of a pair.

Slave bracelet (N.) [sleyv bracelet] A bangle or a bracelet worn above the elbow is known as a slave bracelet.

Slim choker (N.) [slim choker] See dainty choker.

Stud (N.) [stuhd] A small type of earring that resembles a stud is called a stud earring. See stud in surface techniques and fashion hardware.

Threader earring (N.) [threder earrings] Earrings that are long and can be threaded through the ear piercing to the back of the ear are known as threader earrings.

Torc (N.) [tawrk] Torc is a large stiff metal ring worn as a neckpiece.

Waist chain (N.) [weyst chain] See belly chain.

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