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Avni Singhal is a Fashion Journalist Intern at ShilpaAhuja.com. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Fashion Technology from Amity University, Mumbai and has also completed Bachelors in Fashion Designing from SAFT (School Of Art & Fashion Technology), Dehradun.Prior to her work as an intern here, she has also interned at fashion brands like Antardesi, Naveli, Delhi, and recently also with Birla, Mumbai. She started her career as a Designer in a boutique, Sehgal & Sons, Dehradun. After this, she moved to Delhi to work as a Sampling Co-ordinator for an online brand Besiva Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. which led to her own small startup Bellissimo Elementi. Originally from Dehradun, she has done a short stint as a kindergarten teacher at Core International School there.Being a designer, Avni loves staying up to date in current fashion and culture trends, be it movies, music, or social media. When she isn’t staring at a screen, you can find her spending way too much time painting, reading and writing.

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