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Business of Fashion Blogging: Interview Published in Greenroom Buzz

Nov 23, 2017: Influencer marketing: Fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja on her story, business of fashion blogging, views on influencer marketing and the impact of digital media on the future of fashion in India: interview...

Bizztor: Featured Guest Article on Entrepreneurship

March 21, 2017: Guest article published in Bizztor magazine March ’17 issue: Top 7 Lessons A B-School Won’t Teach You But Entrepreneurship Will Read the story on

BigStartups: Featured Guest Article on Entrepreneurship

March 13, 2017: Guest article published in BigStartups magazine March ’13 issue: Harvard Grad’s Fascinating Journey from Architecture to Fashion Entrepreneurship Read the story on 

Jetwings Magazine: Featured Guest Article on Men’s Fashion

Nov 01, 2016: Guest article published in Jetwings magazine November '16 issue: Gentleman's Essentials | Style Must-HavesRead the story on Jetwings archives. 

5 Casual Summer Outfits: YouTube Collaboration Video

July 18, 2016: YouTube video released by beauty Youtuber Dimple D'Souza in collaboration with fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja: 5 Casual Summer Outfits.View outfit details and read the story of the first outfit with shorts, crop top...
16-04-14 - Blogher-homepage

BlogHer: Featured Guest Article on Pear Shaped Body Fashion

April 14, 2016: Featured post by fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja: Article on Pear-Shaped Body Fashion Featured on BlogHer homepage. Read the full article here: How to Dress for Pear Shaped Body Type.Screenshot:

#BestDressed: Summer Style Interview Published in Ritz Magazine

April 11, 2016: #bestdressed: Date night inspiration from fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja: Summer Style interview published in Ritz magazine. Read the full interview here: #bestdressed: Date night inspiration from fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja
16-04-04 - How-to-wear-scarves-in-the-summer-latest-fashion-style-tips-ideas

How to Wear Scarves in the Summer: Article Published in LifeandTrendz

March 21, 2016: How to Wear Scarves in the Summer: Article by fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja published in fashion and lifestyle blog, LifeandTrendz.Article Snippet:Hey gorgeous! Remember those “how to tie a scarf in ‘n’ ways” videos that...