Types of Sunglasses: Different Styles of Sunglasses

Beat the heat in style with different styles of sunglasses. Get to know the various designs and types of sunglasses here!

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Illustrated by: Aayushi B.

Aviator (N.) [ey-vee-ey-ter] Aviator sunglasses are sleek metal frame sunglasses with a sideways teardrop-shaped lens. They are named after the aviator pilots who used to wear them in World War II.

aviator-sunglasses-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesBiker (N.) [bahy-ker] See motorcycle sunglasses.

Black lens (N.) [blak lenz] Sunglasses with black colored lens are known as black lens sunglasses.

black-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesBlade (N.) [bleyd] Blade sunglasses are rectangular, broad and instead of having a bridge between the two lenses, there is a continuation between them.

blade-sunglasses-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesBridge (N.) [brij] Sunglasses that have a bridge in between the two lenses are known as bridge sunglasses. Typically, the bridge is made of metal.

bridge-glossary-fashion-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglasses-designsBrow bar (N.) [brou bahr] Brow bar sunglasses are those that have a thin metal or plastic frame along the brow line.

brow-bar-bridge-glossary-fashion-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglasses-designsButterfly (N.) [buht-er-flahy] Sunglasses in which the frames protrude out in the upper, outer part of the lens in a curved shape resembling a butterfly are known as butterfly sunglasses.

butterfly-bridge-glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesCat-eye (N.) [kat-ahy] Sunglasses that have an upsweep at the upper edge from inner corner to outer corner of the lens are known as cat-eye sunglasses.  Also cat glasses.

cat-eye-glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesClubmaster (N.) [kluhb mah-ster] Clubmaster sunglasses are those in which the upper part of the frame is thicker than the lower part. Also browbar.

clubmaster-glasses-glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesDouble bridge (N.) [duhbuh l bridge] Double bridge sunglasses are those that have two bridges – one along the brow line and the other on the nasal bone.

double-bridge- glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesEmbellished (N.) [em-bel-ishd] Sunglasses that have crystal, rhinestone or other embellishment are known as embellished sunglasses. Also see embellish in surface techniques.

embellished-glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesLogo (N.) [loh-goh] Sunglasses that have brand’s logo on them are known as logo sunglasses.

logo-glossary-fashion-words-terminology-types-of-sunglasses-dictionaryMirror (N.) [mir-er] Sunglasses that have a reflective surface on the outer area of the lens are known as mirror glasses. Also reflective sunglasses.

mirror-glossary-fashion-words-terminology-types-of-sunglassesMotorcycle (N.) [moh-ter-sahy-kuh l] Sunglasses that are narrow and have a plastic frame are known as motorcycle sunglasses. Also biker sunglasses.

motor-cycle-glossary-fashion-words-terminology-types-of-sunglassesNarrow (ADJ.) [nar-oh] Narrow sunglasses are the ones that are sleek and narrow ending just below the eye. The upper part of the frame is usually a straight line.

narrow-glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesOmbre (N.) [hom-bre] When a color gradient is seen through the lens, then those sunglasses are known as ombre sunglasses. Also see ombre in hair coloring techniques.

gradient-ombre-glossary-fashion-words-terminology-types-of-sunglassesOval (N.) [oh-vuh l] Sunglasses with oval-shaped lenses are known as oval sunglasses.

oval-glossary-fashion-dictionary-words-vocabulary-types-of-sunglassesOversized (ADJ.) [oh-ver-sahyz] Sunglasses that are large and cover the face to the length nearing the mid of the nose or more are known as oversized sunglasses.

oversized-types-of-sunglasses-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-vocabularyPatterned (ADJ.) [pat-erned] Patterned sunglasses are those that have different types of patterns or prints on their lens like leopard print, art prints, etc.

pattern-types-of-sunglasses-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionaryPolarized (ADJ.) [poh-luh-rahyzd] Polarized sunglasses are those on which a layer of polarization, or protection, is coated to provide extra glare protection to the eyes, commonly used during water or ice sports. They block intense reflected light.

polarised-types-of-sunglasses-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionaryRectangular (ADJ.) [rek-tang-gyuh-ler] Sunglasses that have slightly curved edges, rectangular-shaped are known as rectangular sunglasses.

rectangle-types-of-sunglasses-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionaryReflective (ADJ.) [ri-flek-tiv] See mirror.

Retro (ADJ.) [re-troh] Sunglasses that are inspired by designs of the past decades are known as retro sunglasses, such as blade or oversized.

retro-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionaryRimless (ADJ.) [rimless] Sunglasses without a rim or the outer covering frame are known as rimless sunglasses.

rimless-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionaryRound (ADJ.) [round] Sunglasses with round lenses are known as round sunglasses.

round-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionarySports (ADJ.) [spohrts] Sunglasses that are used in different types of sports like cycling, skiing, etc. are known as sports sunglasses. Read more about sports sunglasses.

sports-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionarySquare (ADJ.) [skwair] Sunglasses that are square-shaped are known as square sunglasses. They may have blunt or slightly curved edges.

square-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionaryWayfarer (ADJ.) [wey-fair-er] Sunglasses that are rectangular or square and whose bottom edges are slightly curves are known as wayfarer sunglasses.

wayfarer-glossary-fashion-terminology-words-dictionary-vocabulary-dictionaryWrap around (ADJ.) [rapuh-round] Sunglasses that have wrapped lens and stick to the face.

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