Types of Prints, Styles of Fashion Prints & Patterns

Read all about the different types and variations of fashion prints and patterns in our fashion terminologies glossary below.

Ankara (N.) [ang-ker-uh] A combination of bright colors and nature-inspired organic motifs, ankara print is native to Africa.

Block print (N./ V.) [blok print] A type of print that uses a block or shape of wood or metal to dye the fabric or surface is called block print. Block printing may be done by using the block to create a pattern, and the block may have a laser-cut or sculpted edge to create a design.

Botanical (N.) [buh-tan-i-kuh l] A garden-themed print formed by motifs of flowers, leaves, trees and birds is known as botanical print.

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Barkcloth Hawaii

Camo (N.) [kam-oh] Short for camouflage. Camo print is a military-inspired print, generally having four colors (dark brown, grey, beige and olive green) in abstract shapes.

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Check (N.) [chek] A check print consists of equal square shapes placed next to each other in two alternating colors.

Chevron (N.) [shev-ruh n] A chevron print is a series of V and inverted V-shaped patterns that form horizontal zig-zags.


Gingham (N.) [ging-uh m] Similar to checks, gingham print is made up of three colors instead of two.

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Herringbone (N.) [her-ing-bohn] The herringbone print is a V-shaped horizontal zig-zag woven pattern, similar to a chevron, resembling the bones of a fish.

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Holographic (N.) [hol-uh-graf-ik] Also called holo and popular in the 90s, holographic print is a high-shine iridescent rainbow print caused by the reflection of light. Holographic prints have most recently been seen in Fall Winter 2018 collections. Read more about holographic fashion trend.

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Houndstooth (N.) [houndz-tooth] Also known as dogstooth, houndstooth print is typically a sharp black and white pattern that resembles the tooth of a dog.

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Mosaic (N.) [moh-zey-ik] A mosaic print is a pattern created by placing together pieces of different shapes and sizes, almost like a puzzle.

Spoon Flower

Paisley (N.) [peyz-lee] Paisley print is a colorful and intricate pattern with curved and tear drop-shaped motifs.


Parametric (N.) [par-uhme-trik] A pattern made by computer algorithms using modifiable parameters is called as parametric print.

Photoreal (N.) [fo-to-ree uhl] Extremely realistic-looking images in the form of prints on fabrics are referred to as photoreal prints.

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Pinstripe (N.) [pin-strahyp] Commonly found on men’s formal suits, the pinstripe print consists of thin vertical lines spaced apart equally.

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Plaid (N.) [plad] Plaid print is a grid-like pattern formed by a series of overlayed horizontal and vertical bands of different sizes and colors.


Polka dot (N.) [poh-kuh dot] Polka dot print is formed by large circles placed on a different colored background.


Psychedelic (ADJ.) [sahy-ki-del-ik] Psychedelic print is a colorful and swirly 60s-inspired print that’s made to look like something one would see when they’re hallucinating or on drugs.

Tie and dye (N.) [tahy uh n dahy] A technique in which a fabric is knotted in a pattern of small knots before dying, and then are opened to reveal the pattern of color and empty spaces. Popular in western India and also in the hippie culture of the 70s, tie and dye sometimes also uses multiple bright colors.

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