5 Perfect Ways to Wear Sequin Dresses During the Day

Can a sequin dress work for day parties? Yes, of course! Read on to discover 5 types of outfit ideas with which you can wear sequin dresses during the day very easily! From birthdays to brunches, here’s how to rock sequin dresses during the day!

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Hey gorgeous! Sequin dresses instantly remind us of nightclubs, proms and cocktail nights. But is it okay to wear sequin dresses during the daytime? The answer is yes! If styled right, you can actually rock them at a special occasion that calls for a glam outfit.

So let’s take a look at the complete guide on how to wear sequin dresses during the day. The general rule of thumb when you’re looking for doable ways to wear sequin dresses during the day are to avoid formal or bling-y accessories. Forget sequin or glitter heels, and go for plain flats or sneakers instead. Ditto for shiny clutches. Also avoid glitter or smokey eye makeup and red or dark lips which scream night party!

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If you know how to wear wear sequin dresses during the day, you can easily reuse a dress you bought for someone’s engagement or your birthday that you’d otherwise never wear again! Since if you style them for day parties, you can end up creating a whole new look, and make the outfit unrecognizable!

Additionally, if you can know how to restyle and re- wear sequin dresses during the day and night both, you can invest in good pieces that can be easily re-worn. And how nice would that be for the environment (and your pocket)!

Read on to find out how…

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(Real) Ways to Wear Sequin Dresses During the Day

Depending on what type of dress you have, there are 5 easy ways to wear sequin dresses during the day. Here I’ve created 5 outfit ideas for all types of sequin dresses. Let’s check ’em out!

1. Wear a Cute Sequin Dress with Sneakers for a Casual Look

The easiest way to make any sequin dress work in daytime is to add a pair of white sneakers to it. If you wanna keep it safe, just go for a cream or off-white dress that’s not fully covered in sequins. A pair of sneakers that has sequins on it would be the perfect match! Go for a cutesy silhouette like babydoll dress to make it seem more fun and playful, which would work in daytime, without making it look too formal.

To keep up with the casual theme, go for light lipstick, short nails sans glitter or art. Add just a small pendant necklace and a plain mini bag. This look would be great for a day party or anniversary lunch at a fancy restaurant!


2. Wear a Pastel Colored Sequin Monochromatic Outfit for an Engagement Party

An engagement party or even wedding reception would be the perfect opportunity to reuse your sequin dress during daytime. To keep it light, go for a pastel look, since dark colors would look night-appropriate. Petal pink, mint green, lemon, nude peach would be perfect options. Add all matching accessories to make it monochromatic for an elegant, well-put together look that would make you look like a glam guest, but not overdressed.

Go for matching sunglasses, makeup and heels. To keep it more casual, skip the clutch and go for a slim sling bag. Perfect for the bride-to-be’s sister or best friend for a garden party.


3. Wear Sequin Dress with Nude Accessories for a Day to Night Party

Dark colored sequin dresses are the hardest to pull off during the daytime. But they can work for day to night parties like birthday sundowners or fashion events. Style them with very day-esque accessories to make them seem less formal. Like go for a nude structured bag or nude flats. Avoid flashy makeup or glitter eyeshadow completely. Instead, go for a nude matte lipstick and neutral eyeshadow, very thin eyeliner and nude nail polish.

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4. Wear a White, Lightly Sequined Dress for a Fancy Brunch

A nice, big brunch is the best excuse to bring out a simple sequined dress. White or light-colored mini dresses work the best for brunches, since it’s a relatively early time of the day, and sequins already add to the heaviness of the outfit. Go for matching accessories, like white flats or a cross-body bag.

Or if you wanna glam it up for a fancier brunch party, just go all out and pair your dress with a metallic silver micro bag and pumps. Add silver eyeshadow and light pink gloss or nude lipstick. Keep the jewelry minimal to go with the daywear theme.

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5. Wear a Colored Sequin Dress with White Accessories to Your Birthday Party or Photo-Shoot

Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to rock a sequinned dress, no matter what time of the day it is. It’s your day, after all. And if you’re throwing a fabulous party, you gotta be dressed for the occasion! So choose a bright pastel-colored dress that makes it seem like it’s chosen just for the day party. Pale turquoise, powder blue, lavender or olive are great ideas.

Go for matching nails and eyeshadow to up the glam factor. But keep the accessories on the lighter side to balance it all out. White is the perfect color to give the daytime feel. A white clutch or sling bag, a bracelet or pendant necklace and white pumps would make you look like the princess of the party!

This kind of look would also work really well for a photoshoot such as a mommy baby shoot (get a matching dress for your little girl), a sweet 16 shoot or a pre-wedding photoshoot. If it’s a prewedding shoot, you can even match your dress with your fiance’s shirt and have him wear a white suit to match your accessories! Fab!


So I hope you enjoyed all these ways to wear sequin dresses during the day. Which outfit idea is your favorite? And what occasion are you wanting to wear your sequin dress to? Lemme know below and if you tried any of these outfit ideas, tag me in your pics on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

Muaah 🙂

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