90s Theme Party Outfits to Try Now: 90s Outfit Ideas for Decade Day

From Britney Spears’ iconic fashion to the Spice Girls’ eccentric looks, here are 8 ideas for 90s theme party outfits for decade day!

Hey gorgeous! Decade day at school? Going to a Halloween or fancy dress competition? Or are you wondering how to dress up for a 90s party? Our list of iconic throwback outfits will make you stand out wherever you go! From celebrities’ 90s style clothes to fictional character fashion, there can be endless ideas for 90s theme party outfits! We’ve chosen the best of nineties fashion and DIY costumes to give you ideas for a 90s themed party. So, here are 8 90s outfit ideas that you can rock! What’s more, you can even wear some of these casually whenever you’re feeling nostalgic about the 90s!

90s Theme Party Outfits

1. Britney Spears Costume

 90s theme party outfist ideas-decade-day-britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-costumeIf I ever got to go to a 90s theme party (somebody please throw one and invite me), this would be the 90s look I would go for. It’s Britney Spears-inspired for crying out loud! One of the most fashion-forward and daring 90s icons, her outfit in the Baby One More Time music video will forever be remembered.

All you need for this DIY 90s costume is a pleated mini skirt, a plain white button up shirt that’s knotted at the waist and knee-high socks and you’re done! For the hairstyle, braid your hair on either side and wrap pink scrunchies at the top of the braids.

2. 90s Grunge Look


The grunge subculture played a major and defining role in nineties fashion. Be inspired by the fashion and style of celebs like Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss to create your own 90s theme party outfits. Distressed or frayed denims were a grunge lover’s staple. Pair denim shorts or skirts with sheer crop tops to create sexy 90s club outfits. Add an oversized leather jacket or flannel shirt. Complete your nineties grunge party outfit with a pair of combat boots! You could also add on a pair of fishnet stockings or ripped tights. Go for dark lips and dark eyes to complement the outfit. 90s grunge hair was big and wild so add a lot of volume to the hair or go for the greasy, wavy, careless look. This decade day look would also be a great idea for 90s Halloween costumes.

3. Clueless Cher and Dionne Costume

best-decade-day-looks-90s-party-outfit-ideas-halloween-costumes-clueless-cher-dionneOne of my favorite and fashionable 90s characters is Cher Horowitz from Clueless. From the plaid skirt-suits to the stylish berets, her preppy sense of style is the perfect 90s theme party outfit idea. You could opt for a matching yellow skirt suit like Cher’s or go for Dionne’s (which is a better idea ’cause chances are, someone else’s dressed up as Cher!) black and white one. Accessorize with a pair of Mary Jane shoes, a beret and a mini bag. You could also carry a flip phone as an accessory! You could also try this as a Clueless Halloween costume.

4. Carrie Bradshaw 90s Outfit Idea

90s-day-theme-party-throwback-outfits-sex-and-the-city-fashion-carrie-bradshawWho wouldn’t wanna go to a 90s themed party dressed as the most stylish fictional character of the nineties? One of Carrie’s most recognizable looks would have to be her outfit from the Sex and the City theme song. Wear a pastel pink tank top tucked into a layered tutu skirt. Add a silver belt or sash around the waist and a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals. Carry a clutch bag reminiscent of nineties styles that matches the top and you’re pretty much done! And oh! How can we forget her pretty curls? Wild ringlets with lots of volume are the key to achieving the Carrie Bradshaw hairstyle.

5. Gwen Stefani 90s Party Look

best-90s-themed-party-outfits-ideas-gwen-stefani-fashion-celeb-style-look-diy-costumeGwen Stefani was the pioneer of lots of 90s fads like fingerless gloves, spiky hairstyles and face jewels. So why not bring them back?! For this bold 90s attire, pair printed wide leg pants with a bralette worn over a cropped mesh top. Broad belts over pants that didn’t even have any belt loops were Gwen’s thing. She also made sure to always have both hands accessorized either with stacked bracelets or fingerless gloves. Crazy colored hair like blue or purple and shimmery makeup will make you instantly recognizable at a 90s theme party. Don’t forget to add burgundy lips!

6. Pretty Woman Outfit

90s-theme-party-outfit-ideas-DIY-costumes-decade-day-vivian-pretty-womanHere’s another one of our iconic 90s day outfit ideas – Vivian from Pretty Woman. A white and blue dress with side cut-outs with a red jacket tied around the waist. This is one of the 90s themed costumes that’s a bit hard to find but you could always DIY it with a white tank top and blue tie and dye mini skirt. Pair it with thigh-high PVC boots and long pendant necklaces and you’re good to go! You can also go ahead and add a blonde fringed bob wig.

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7. Spice Girls 90s Theme Party Look

mel-b-scary-spice-halloween-diy-costume-90s-decade-day-theme-party-outfit-ideasMel B aka Scary Spice had the most unique style out of them all. We love all her cheetah print 90s outfits that she wore onstage and off. Choose a pair of flared high-waisted pants with, of course, cheetah print on it. Pair it with a matching print bralette, bra or body suit. As for the hair, go for tight curls and a zig-zag part. Add matching 90s dress shoes. Put on some hair and body glitter and hello Scary Spice!!

8. Rachel Green 90s Party Outfit Idea

best-90s-themed-party-outfits-rachel-green-friends-jennifer-aniston-style-look-decade-dayIf you wanna look like this stylish character from Friends, just pair a black A-line mini skirt with tights and a half-sleeved turtleneck. This is what what the stylish people wore in the 90s! Accessorize with pearl bracelets and drop earrings and chunky heeled shoes. And of course, the Rachel Green costume isn’t complete without her famous brown 90s lipstick!

So those were our top ideas for 90s theme party outfits! Which of these iconic 90s outfits are you gonna pick for you next party? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja! 😀

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