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Beauty is an essential part of our lives. But not only to look good but also to be well-groomed. Find out all types of problems, natural aesthic procedures, beauty solutions and remedies in our SlubWords glossary here.

Acne¬†(N.) [ak-nee] Acne is a skin condition that leads to pimples or scars on face due to excessive production of oil that’s clogged in the skin’s pores. Also see acne scar.

Acne scar (N.) [ak-nee skahr] A mark or scar left on the skin once acne disappears is known as acne scar. Also see acne.

Anti aging treatment (N.) [an-tahy eyjing treet-muh nt] Anti aging treatment is a type of skin treatment to delay the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and spots by using anti aging creams or skin surgery. Read more about natural anti-aging remedies.

Anti wrinkle cream (N.) [an-tahy rin-kuh l kreem] Anti wrinkle cream is a type of cream that claims to reduce wrinkles from the face. Also see anti aging cream.

Anti aging cream (N.) [an-tahy eyjing kreem] Anti aging cream is a type of cream that claims to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and age spots from the face, minimize the pores and firm the skin. Read more about anti-aging cream.

Bleaching (N.) [bleech ing] Skin bleaching is a beauty treatment to lighten the skin’s top layer, fine hairs and make the blemishes less visible, with the help of bleach. It may be noted that due to its high chemical content, itching and other side effects, bleach is a debatable beauty product.

Botox (N.) [boh-toks] Botox is a procedure used to remove wrinkles and enhance facial features and other parts of the body by giving drug injections.

Breast enhancement (N.) [brest en-han-sment] Breast enhancement is a surgical procedure to enhance or enlarge women’s breasts.

Cellulite (N.) [sel-yuh-lahyt] Cellulite is a condition where the inner layer of the skin is deposited with fat and pushes to the outer layer, resulting in uneven-looking skin, for example on thighs or hips.

Chapped lips (N.) [chapp-ed lips] Chapped lips is a condition where the lips get dry, cracked, rough or reddened.

Chemical peel (N.) [kem-i-kuh l peel] A chemical peel is a non-surgical technique used to peel the outer layer of the skin to improve the texture and to exfoliate the skin by removing old and dead skin cells.

Coolsculpting (N.) [koolskuhlpting] Coolsculpting is a non-surgical method of fat removal where a device is used to freeze the fat cells under the skin. Read more about coolsculpting.

Cryotherapy (N.) [krahy-oh-ther-uh-pee] Cryotherapy is a pain therapy that uses a method of freezing temperatures to cure an irritated nerve. It is also used to treat areas of some cancer cells, to beat some abnormal skin cells by dermatologists and for weight loss. Read more about the cryotherapy debate.

Dermal filler (N.) [dur-muh l fil-er] Dermal filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help to get rid of wrinkles for a smooth appearance.

Detan (N.) [dee-tan] Detan is a beauty technique that claims to remove tan from the skin by applying a face pack that often uses natural bleaching ingredients known to remove discoloration. Also see bleaching.

Discoloration (N.) [dis-kuhl-uh-rey-shuh n] A part of skin that is darker in color compared to other parts is called discoloration.

DIY mask (N.) [dee-ahy-vahy mahsk] A DIY mask or a do-it-yourself mask is a type of mask that can be prepared at home, usually with commonly available ingredients.

Excess fat (N.) [ek-ses fat] Excess fat implies more fat content in the body than the normal medical reading.

Face mask (N.) [feys mahsk] A face pack is a protective mask that temporarily covers the face but eyes in the form of cream, homemade pastes or a face sheet, used to improve the skin texture, for moisturizing or to remove discoloration.

Facial (N.) [fey-shuh l] A beauty treatment that cleans and improves the skin of the face by massaging it with creams, scrubs and gels is called a facial. It also often includes a face mask as one of the steps. Also see face mask.

Facial hair (N.) [fey-shuh l hair] Facial hair refers to the hair present on the face.

Facial yoga (N.) [fey-shuh l yoh-guh] Facial yoga or face yoga are a series of exercises and helps to tone and relax the facial muscles.

Freckles (N.) [frek-uh lz] Freckles are brown spots on skin usually caused due to sun exposure.

Frizz (N.) [friz] Frizz refers to fuzziness or irregular texture of the hair due to dryness in the scalp.

Glowing skin (N.) [gloh-ing skin] Skin that’s nourished and free from dryness, spots, discoloration or blemishes is known as glowing skin. Read more about glowing skin tips.

Hair mask (N.) [hair mahsk] A mask applied to hair to moisturize and nourish the scalp is known as hair mask.

Hip enhancer (N.) [hip en-han-ser] Hip enhancer is a surgical or non-surgical treatment to enhance or enlarge a person’s hips through creams, pills or surgery.

Home remedies (N.) [hohm rem-i-dees] Home remedies are beauty solutions that are done to enhance beauty or find solutions to beauty problems, often unprescribed or unsupervised by a professional.

Korean morning skincare routine (N.) [kuh-ree-uh n mawr-ning skinkair roo-teen] Korean morning skincare routine is a 10 step morning skincare for a healthier and youthful skin. Read more about 10 step morning skincare routine that Korean woman do.

Laser hair removal (N.) [ley-zer hair ri-moo-vuh l] Laser hair removal is a process in which the hair follicles are removed or destroyed completely by exposing the desired body part to pulses of laser light for permanent hair removal. Read more about laser hair removal.

Laser tattoo removal (N.) [ley-zer ta-too ri-moo-vuh l] Laser tattoo removal is a process in which a tattoo is removed by exposing the tattooed body part with pulses or laser light for its permanent removal. Read more about laser tattoo removal.

Lip job (N.) [lip jawb] Lip job is a surgical process where dermal fillers are injected for fuller and plumper lips.

Liposuction (N.) [lip-uh-suhk-shuh n] Liposuction is a surgical procedure where the excess fat from the body, usually tummy and waist, is removed to attain the desired shape.

Manicure (N.) [man-i-kyoo r] A manicure is a cosmetic technique to groom hands and nails by massaging, cleaning and moisturizing them. The nails are filed and shaped and this procedure performed either at home or in a salon. Read more about this and at home nail spa.

Massage (N.) [muh-sahzh] Massage is a procedure to relieve tension or pain in the body by rubbing and kneading the muscles.

Microdermabrasion (N.) [mahy-krohdur-muhbrah shun] Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure to remove dead cells from the face by spraying exfoliant crystals.

Mole removal (N.) [mohl ri-moo-vuh l] Mole removal is a surgical process of removing a mole through punch excision process.

Nose job (N.) [nohz job] Nose job is an operation involving plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery on a person’s nose to change its appearance or make it smaller. Read more about celebrity nose jobs.

Natural remedies (N.) [nach-er-uh l rem-i-dees] Natural remedies are beauty solutions prepared by natural ingredients, often at home, for facials, hair or skin enhancements, etc.

Oily hair (N.) [oi-lee hair] Oily hair refers to oily or greasy hair scalp due to excess oil production in the inner layer of the skin.

Pedicure (N.) [ped-i-kyoo r] Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment to cleanse, moisturize and massage legs and toenails that also involves filing, shaping and sometimes painting of toenails.

Pimple (N.) [pim-puh l] A small bump on the face is known as pimple, often caused due to clogged pores or hormonal imbalance.

Puffy eyes (N.) [puhf-ee ahys] Puffy eyes are referred to swelling around the eyes due to excessive accumulation of fluids called edema. This may be caused due to lack of sleep, crying or eye strain/ screen fatigue.

Retail therapy (N.) [ree-teyl ther-uh-pee] Retail therapy is the practice of shopping to make oneself happy. Shopping releases dopamine, which controls brain’s reward or pleasure center, giving a short-term happiness or instant gratification.

Scrubbing (N.) [skruhb-ing] Scrubbing is a skincare technique to get rid of the dead skin cells and open pores by rubbing with a scrubber or a scrub cream.

Skin care (N.) [skin kair] Skin care refers to a range of practices to improve sin, enhance beauty or delay aging by using products or through home remedies. Also see home remedies.

Skin laxity (N.) [skin lak-si-tee] Skin laxity is referred to the sagging or loose skin due to aging, the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Skincare routine (N.) [skinkair roo-teen] Skincare routine is a method or a series of steps followed everyday to achieve good skin. This may involve massaging, scrubbing, cleaning and/or moisturizing.

Spa therapy (N.) [spah ther-uh-pee] Spa therapy is a type of treatment to relax the body through medicinal baths and massages.

Tan (N.) [tan] Tan is the discoloration skin that is usually a shade or two darker than the original skintone due to exposure to sunlight.

Thread lift (N.) [thred lift] Thread lift is a non-surgical technique to elevate different parts of the face that uses special threads.

Threading (N.) [thred ing] A method in which unwanted hair is removed by cotton thread is known as eyebrow threading. Read more about threading.

Vampire facial (N.) [vam-pahyuh r fey-shuh l] Vampire facial is a surgical cosmetic procedure where the doctor adds back the platelet-rich blood to the face that’s extracted from another part of the body for a younger looking skin.

Waxing (N.) [wak-sing] Waxing is a beauty treatment to remove hair from body by applying a cloth or paper strip with a thin layer of hot wax, which is pulled off in one quick motion.

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