Fashion Blogger of the Week | Get Featured on!

Fashion Blogger of the Week | Get Featured on!

Do you love to share your style ideas and daily outfits? Do you love to inspire others to be their best version? Send us your style inspiration and be showcased as the Slub Fashion Blogger of the Week!

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Be Our Fashion Blogger of the Week

Whether you’re an Instagram blogger or have a website, whether you’re into casual tomboy style or love cute party dresses, you can be our Fashion Blogger of the Week! As long as your work is original, chic and inspiring, we’d love to feature it!


So send us your style inspiration and be showcased as a SlubBlogger.


Why should I participate in your ‘Fashion Blogger of the Week’ initiative?

We understand how much hard work goes behind creating wonderful unique content and we’d love to share your story with our readers, and the struggles you’ve overcome to be where you are! Inspire everyone with your journey. has a global audience from 50+ countries including India, US, UK, Australia, UAE, Europe and many more. There’s barely a country from where we don’t have regular readers. Additionally, we have over 200K+ followers on social media, and more than 150K organic visitors on our website monthly. That can mean reaching upto a million people within just a few months! Being featured will help you be discovered by more people. You’ll have the opportunity to inspire more and more people with your personal style! Who knows whose life you may change today! Being featured also means additional coverage for your personal brand, which means more fashion brands can discover you and your business can grow!

Furthermore, the SlubClub is fighting for the democratization of fashion. Fashion has forever been in the hands of certain social classes (sometimes the rich, thin and white), or even industry-only “fashion insiders”. Those who are not insiders have been deemed “unfashionable” at times. has a strong ethical policy. We believe that fashion is for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, skin tone and body type. One should be able to wear whatever makes them happy, without judgment. Being our Fashion Blogger of the Week shows the world that you share our beliefs and that for you too, fashion is about an inclusion. Read more about our philosophy here, and how we inspire confidence through fashion.

Who picks the Fashion Blogger of the Week from all the entries you receive?

Our SlubTeam, including editor-in-chief, Shilpa, along with fashion editors pick the winning entry.

What all do I have to send?

3-4 exclusive, original and previously unpublished images with a 500-word story, talking about yourself, your work, your personal style and what you’re wearing in the look. Your images can have a full-length outfit image, accessory details and makeup details. Add the link to your blog and social media handles so we can tag you when we share the feature with our community! Other details are appreciated. Images and story need to follow our guidelines below.

Will my story be edited?

Yes, we may edit or restructure the story to keep it in line with our content philosophy, to avoid repetition, or to make it fresh and more engaging for the readers. Please view the terms & conditions.

Will I retain the copyright for my images?

You retain the copyrights to your work. However, by participating in our Fashion Blogger of the Week contest, you agree to give us an Attribution Creative Commons license for your images and content. This means that we get your permission to tweak, edit and build upon your work, as long as we credit you for the original creation. We need these permissions to make sure we’re able to put basic filters or tweaks in your images as necessary (such as brightness or sharpening) or edit your story to keep in line with our existing and upcoming content.

Will you add your own watermark to my images when publishing?

We do not add watermarks or our logo on Fashion Blogger of the Week images.

Can I submit my images without a story?

No. Your story adds authenticity to your look, and it gives our readers an insight into your personal style and work. The images and story together make an engaging post for our readers. The story also builds your credibility as a fashion influencer, which makes the overall feature stronger and more believable.

What should I write in my story? I can’t think of good ideas.

Please refer to the guidelines for interview questions you can answer to make a compelling story.

I am not a fashion blogger. Can I also participate?

If you have great personal style, you’re welcome to submit your look and story. If you feel that your style may inspire others, you certainly are an influencer. So yes, you can participate!

Do you also feature men bloggers or other genders?

Yes. We believe that everyone has the right to style, so we welcome submissions from all genders! Additionally, we also have a male readership, who may be very interested in your looks.

Why do you need exclusive images? Is it okay to send you images from my blog or Instagram account?

No, we only publish original, exclusive, previously-unpublished images. If they have appeared in any other publication or social media, we can’t select them. This ensures our readers get the first look at your beautiful style. It also ensures that there’s an element of novelty when your followers come across your Fashion Blogger of the Week feature on

I don’t have any images. Can I just submit a story?

A story without images is not eligible to be considered. However, you can consider writing a letter to the editor, op-ed or guest post for us. Please submit it here.

I don’t have images. Can I submit a video?

Video stories are not eligible to be considered. However, you can submit an Op-Vid to us, which is an opinionated video story, and may be considered by our editorial team for our video channel.

Can I publish images on my blog or social media accounts after they’ve been featured on Fashion Blogger of the Week?


By when will I be informed if I’ve been selected for Fashion Blogger of the Week?

Because of the high volume of entries we receive, we are not able to reply immediately. You will hear from us within 7 working days of your submission if your work has been selected or not. We thank you for your patience.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, you can submit as many entries as you like, as long as they are original, unpublished and follow our guidelines.

If I submit multiple entries, will I be considered for future Blogger of the Week features? For how long will my entries be valid?

Entries are valid for a period of three months. Multiple entries may be considered for future SlubBlogger features within this time frame. If we’re keeping your entries for future consideration, we will inform you within 7 working days of your submission.

If I get selected as the Fashion Blogger of the Week, will my images and story be featured on homepage and social media channels?

Yes, of course! The feature will appear on our homepage every Wednesday. We’ll share the feature on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Will use my images or story anywhere else in future without my permission?

We won’t use your work or derivatives of your work anywhere other than Fashion Blogger of the Week page. By submitting your entry, you only give us license to publish your story on that page. Should the images suit any of our future articles, we’ll seek your permission again for their use.

Why are you doing this? What does gain by featuring other bloggers?

Our first and foremost mission is to make each and every reader feel happy and confident about their style. Shilpa and SlubTeam cannot do it alone. We need your help. By featuring a fashionista every week, our readers get the opportunity to see how bloggers of different skin tones, body types, hair types and personal styles wear the latest fashion trends. This gives our readers countless outfit and makeup ideas and enables them to try them out for themselves, too. We usually feature runway trends and we want to feature more and more real women with real style.

We also want your story heard, your interview published and your personal style get famous! You are the star of this initiative. In return, we get the opportunity to share original ideas with our readers.

What are your criteria for selecting the winning entry?

Please refer to our guidelines and criteria for selection below.

Is there any participation fee? Do you charge bloggers to feature them?

There is no participation fee. Bloggers are never charged to be featured in Fashion Blogger of the Week. We just want to showcase the best looks and creative ideas in the fashion blogging industry.

Do you expect anything in return for featuring my story?


Is any brand sponsoring this fashion blogger contest?

No, we are not associated with any brand or third-party. Slub Blogger of the Week is solely organized by Shilpa Ahuja.

Where should I send my submission?

Please send your entries to [email protected].

I have more questions before I send my entry, who should I contact for help?

Please contact our Customer Care for any concerns, or get in touch with [email protected] for ideas, feedback or permissions.

shilpa-ahuja-fashion-black-leather-skirt-outfit-night-out-chokerCriteria for Selection/ Guidelines for Submission

Let your style inspire millions of our readers! Here are the guidelines to help you submit a winning look and story. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the selection of winning entry is completely unbiased.

1. Original & Exclusive Images: Send us 3-4 images that have never been published on social media, your blog or any other publication. We accept original and exclusive images only.

2. High-Quality Images: Keep them high-res and avoid images shot in bad lighting. Try flattering poses and choose simple backgrounds that put the spotlight on your outfit. However, we also love creative shots. Images should be at least 550x550px.

3. Avoid Heavy Files: Keep your entry images between 700KB to 1MB.

4. No Logo or Watermark: We don’t accept images with logos or watermarks, so please keep your submission free of those.

5. Chic Factor: Whether it’s makeup, accessories or your outfit, we love original, trendy ensembles. So be creative with your outfit. You can check our latest fashion trends for ideas.

6. Show Your Diversity: The SlubClub community loves to see what women in other countries, of other body types, hair types and skin tones dress like. The richer the diversity, the more helpful it is to our readers, who are spread all over the world. So create an outfit that proudly shows off your uniqueness in ethnicity, background, hair color or body shape!

7. Your Story: Our SlubClub is full of avid readers. Accompany your image with a 400-600 word story. Keep it authentic, answering some of the following questions, or adding any other details you feel like:

– Tell us about yourself and your blog. Who are you, where are you from, what you believe in, what do you write about? What kind of fashion, makeup or outfits do you like to feature on your blog? How long have you been blogging, and what kind of audience do you have?

– What defines your personal style. What are the kind of things you frequently wear, for example casually, to parties or dates?

– Your skin and hair care routine, if any. Or any fave products you can’t live without.

– Talk about your passions. What motivates you?

– Tell us about your outfit in the accompanying pictures. What are you wearing and why did you style it this way?

– Tell us about the details, like accessories, shoes, and makeup. How did you choose these, why and how you created your makeup look.

– What latest trends in fashion and beauty are your favorites and least favorites.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in Slub Fashion Blogger of the Week, you grant us an Attribution Creative Commons license for your submitted images and content. You grant us permission to:
– Tweak, edit and build upon your work, as long as we credit you for the original creation.
– Publish your work in our Blogger of the Week page.
– Share your content on our social media accounts, Slub Weekly newsletter and push notifications.
– By participating in Slub Fashion Blogger of the Week, you are agreeing to our company’s policies.
– Employees, interns, friends and family members of Shilpa Ahuja and SlubTeam are not eligible to participate in SlubBlogger contests. This helps us be unbiased.

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