Op-Vids is a forum for short, opinionated videos curated by the editorial section of Shilpa Ahuja. Both renowned and emerging filmmakers and artists are invited to send their new short works to us for consideration. Topics include women’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, fitness, home and garden, women’s and human rights, men’s fashion and entertainment. We consider videos produced with a wide variety of artistic styles, covering pop culture subjects, contemporary life and also historical topics. You may send us exclusive work that you created or to which you have the exclusive rights of distribution.

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Before sending us a full video, please send us a pitch that includes your idea with a brief description, any links to unedited footage or a completed video, if you already have one. The video will be reviewed by our editorial team and if selected, published on our Facebook and YouTube channels, promoted to our audience. Once selected, we will send you a notification and a publication date at least seven days prior to its release. Please do not send us film trailers, or videos that have already been broadcast on television or posted online. Op-Vids are generally 3-7 minutes in length. Keep them short and engaging!

Please submit Op-Vid pitches through this form.

To contact Op-Vids, email [email protected].