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Blog or Social Media Post: What’s Right for You?

Before you decide to run a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to understand how different media can fulfill different marketing goals. For short term engagement, social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram give the best results. However, if you’re looking for targeted audience and a prolonged brand awareness, a blog post or a YouTube video is the best idea. Blog posts and videos keep generating organic traffic through search engines upto 2-3 years, if SEO-ed well.

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Our Reach is present on all the major social media channels. Here’s our online reach:

  • Digital Magazine – 0.6 M+ organic monthly pageviews
  • Facebook – 126,000 followers
  • Instagram – 82,500 followers
  • Twitter – 11,300 followers
  • Pinterest – 3.5 million monthly viewers
  • Emails/ Newsletter – 4500 subscribers
  • Push Notifications – 2500+ subscribers
  • Hike – 4300 subscribers
  • LinkedIn – 3360 followers
  • Snapchat – 3500 Followers
  • Chat Bot
  • Q&A
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How We Can Collaborate

1. Photo-Shoot Editorials


Featuring trendy products in a photo-shoot is the best way to get them noticed by the audience. The photo-shoot editorial can feature 4-7 images featuring select items from the latest collection. The post will be accompanied with an experience story and a list of the showcased products and shopping links. Example: Inspiration Nike Air Max: Putting the Athlete Directly on Air

2. Reviews/ Magazine Features


A feature can showcase interview, review or news. The review will talk about experience of trying your product, or latest trends spotted in a collection. It can also be about visiting your store, and commenting about the best pieces of the latest collection. The post will be accompanied with a list of the showcased products and shopping links. A similar post on Zara was quite a hit amongst our readers. Example: Chanel No 5 : A Perfume Story + Latest AW 2015 2016 Campaign

3. Social Media Promotions

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Promotions can be in the form of Facebook live videos, social media images or posts, tweets about an event or product, or an Instagram story

4. Video Editorials

Featuring trends in your collection; Photo-shoot video with your products; featuring your store/space in an Instagram story; Facebook Live video about your event, etc. Example: Behind-the-Scenes Facebook Video and Top Fashion Trends Video

5. Cross-Promotion/ Guest Blogger


Featuring in your video, event panelist, guest blogging on your website, taking over your Snapchat for a day.

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Business Services

Fashion trends are at the core of what we do. Our magazine, online store and trend consulting services all revolve around it. Every year, our team analyses over 1400 fashion shows internationally to predict upcoming fashion trends. We publish unbiased fashion reviews, style-guides, and fashion basics that help our readers form their own opinion.

So be inspired with and create your personal style! Read commentary on runway fashion, creative arts, culture, travel destinations, Ask Shilpa your style-related questions and laugh with our comic, Audrey O.


  • Fashion Trends & Advice
  • Fashion News and Opinions
  • Latest Fashion Collection Reviews
  • Exclusive Fashion, Lifestyle Editorials and Brand Features
  • Travel Guides
  • Lifestyle Conversations on Culture, Home Décor, Food, etc.
  • Ask Shilpa – Style-related questions and answers
  • Audrey O. Comic series
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AUDIENCE: High-fashion loving, working women

INTERESTS: Shoppers, entertainment junkies, movie-buffs, beauty lovers

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brand collaborations

Street Style with Nike Cortez

Summer Sunset: A Casual Outfit with Dior Ready to Wear

Watch Video: Behind-the-Scenes with Shilpa Ahuja as She Talks Fashion & Style

For inquiries please reach us at

  • Office Tel: (+91) 44-4270-7986 (Mon to  Friday – 10 AM to 6 PM)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office Location: Shilpa Ahuja, 1st Avenue, Anna Nagar E, Chennai 600102 TN, India

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March 2023 Issue

The (Anti) Woke Issue Woke, Hustle, Girlboss, Influencer: Aspirational or Cancelled? March 2023 Issue | Photo: Gala Makarova @makarova__galina; Makeup: Svetlana Andreychenko @s_andreychenko; Styling: Olga Kremlyakova @olga_kremlyakova; Model: Polly Bykova @polly_bykova; Assistance: … Read more