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About Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media

Our Mission

Founded in 2014, Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media aims to create websites that help and empower people. Our vision is to bring about the future of digital media by constantly exploring newer ways of consuming content that’s enriching, entertaining, opinionated yet factual, and engaging. Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media makes websites about topics that we have a real passion for, and have first-hand experience in, so that the end-product can be transparent and truly valuable for our readers. We aim for our media to be ethical, unbiased and trusted.

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Our History

Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media began in 2014 very organically, from a tiny personal blog that was, and then evolved to a digital magazine, and then much more – a whole resource for everything fashion and lifestyle.

Thereafter, between 2018 and 2020, our company launched three unique websites in education and people/society genres, making us Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media.

Our Sites

Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media is a web company that includes the following websites and their social media channels.

A digital fashion & lifestyle magazine.
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A career encyclopedia and career-guide for students or young professionals.
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A Harvard University admissions guide.
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A a community publication for people to share their opinions.
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17 employees as of June 15, 2021


270K monthly pageviews on on average for Oct 2019
210K monthly visitors on on average for Oct 2019
250K social media followers as of Oct 2019

Top Countries with Readership

India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, South Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Germany, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Italy

Main Topics Covered

Fashion, education, careers, beauty, food, fitness, wellness, entertainment, travel, culture, motivation, comic.


shilpa-ahuja-colorful-makeup-look-red-lipstick-summer-bright-styleShilpa Ahuja is the Founder of Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media and Editor-in-Chief of Shilpa is started the websites in this company from scratch, and is responsible for content direction and web development. Shilpa has a Masters in Design Studies degree from Harvard University.

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