Makeup Techniques & Trends, Types of Beauty Styles & Faux-Pas

There’s no limit to makeup techniques and beauty trends. Every season, new makeup techniques are spotted on the fashion runways and even more on social media, magazine editorials and introduced by makeup artists. But you can find them all here in our SlubWords glossary below, from eye makeup to lip, from beauty styles to mistakes – it’s all here. 

Makeup Techniques, Types of Beauty Trends & Makeup Faux-Pas

Baking (V.) [beyk ing] Baking is the process of temporarily setting translucent, loose powder on top of foundation or concealer so that the desired area can be made to look slightly brighter. Baking helps set the foundation or concealer using the heat from the face.

baking-kim-kardashian-makeup-techniquesBlush overload (N.) [bruhsh oh-ver-lohd] A makeup faux pas or trend wherein a too much blush is used that makes the cheeks unnaturally pink is called blush overload.

DREW BARRYMORE BLUSH OVERLOADCat-eye (N.) [kat ahy] An eye makeup trend wherein the eyeliner is extended upwards and outwards at the outer corners in a little triangle that resembles the eye of a cat is called a cat-eye look.

shilpa-ahuja-makeup-for-parties-red-lipstick-curly-hair-flower-pinClumped eyelashes (N.) [kluhmped ahy-lashes] A makeup faux pas or trend wherein a lot of mascara is used that makes the eyelashes stick to each other, creating a clumpy look is called clumped eyelashes. Also clumped lashes.

Color correcting (V.) [kuhl-er kuhrekt-ing]  Color correcting makeup technique is using bright colors such as green, orange and pink to neutralize redness from scars, purple under-eyes and dark hyper-pigmentation. This makeup technique uses a combination of complementary colors of heavy-coverage products to nullify or hide the skin’s pigmentation, redness, acne or other imperfections. Also, see color correcting sticks.

Colored mascara (N.) [kuhl-erd ma-skaruh] A makeup trend wherein the mascara doesn’t match the wearer’s natural eyelash color is called colored mascara trend. This trend makes the eyelashes stand out or makes the eyes more noticeable.

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Concealing (V.) [kuh n-seel ing] A makeup technique wherein a heavy-coverage product is used to hide the skin’s pigmentation, dark circles, redness, acne or other imperfections is called concealing.

Contouring (V.) [kon-too r ing] Contouring is a makeup technique used to create or modify facial or body features by creating the illusion of depth and shadows with the help of a makeup product that’s a couple of shades darker than the natural skin tone. It is often used in combination with highlighting to create light and shadow to give the illusion of a narrow jawline, higher cheekbones or a small nose.

Kylie Jenner

Double color lip (N.) [duhbuhkuhl-er lip] A lip makeup trend in which two different lipstick colors are worn on the upper lip and the lower lip is called double color lip style.


Fairy kei makeup (N.) [fair-ee kei meyk-uhp] Originated in Japan, fairy kei makeup is a beauty trend that uses pastel shades like pale blue, baby pink and mint green to create a fairy-like look.


Glass skin (N.) [glahs skin] A Korean makeup trend in which skin essences, lotions and highlighter are used to give an overall glass-like shine to the skin is called as glass skin makeup.

glass skin

Glitter lips (N.) [glit-er lips] Glitter lips is a lip makeup trend in which glitter is patted onto wet or glossy lips, wherein the glitter may match the lip shade or be of a metallic color.


Glossy eyeshadow (N.) [glo-see ahy-sha-do, glaw-] Glossy eyeshadow is an eye makeup trend in which a glossy pigment is applied on the eyelids, making them shine like viscous liquid. Read more about glossy eyeshadow makeup.

beauty-blogger-makeup-transformation-glossy-eyeshadow-look-tutoriaGoth makeup (N.) [goth meyk-uhp] Goth makeup is a beauty trend inspired by the Gothic period that uses black eye makeup and pale skin, sometimes paired with black or dark lipstick. Also Goth makeup or Goth look.

Highlighting (V.) [hahy-lahyt] The opposite of contouring, highlighting is a makeup technique used to create or modify facial or body features by creating the illusion of light with the help of a makeup product that’s a couple of shades lighter than the natural skin tone. These lighter shades help to add or define high points of the face or body. It is often also used on the cheekbones to give the illusion of a youthful or glowing skin.

makeup-style-nude-lips-celeb-kendall-jenner-fashion-style-SS18Holographic makeup (N.) [holuh-grafic meyk-uhp] Holographic makeup is a makeup trend that uses the holographic color palette to create a glossy, shiny look. Also see holographic color palette in types of color schemes.

Lip art (N.) [lip ahrt] The art of using makeup products or different lip shades to create a shape or other art on the lips is called lip art.

Lip contouring (V.) [lip kon-too r] A makeup trend in which lighter and darker shades of the same lipstick color are blended to create the illusion of light and shadow, giving the look of fuller lips is called lip contouring. Lip contouring may give the illusion of altering the lip shape and size.

Lip plumping (V.) [lip pluhmping] Lip plumping is a process of using a balm or device that can make the lips look bigger or fuller.

Natural makeup (N.) [nach-ruhmeyk-uhp]  See no makeup makeup.

Neutral eyeshadow (N.) [noo-truh l ahy shad-oh] Neutral eyeshadow is a part or variation of the no makeup makeup look that uses a neutral colored eyeshadow. See neutral color palette in Color Schemes.

latest-makeup-trends-ideas-runway-inspired-nude-lips-fashion-style-summer-2018 (3)No makeup makeup (N.) [noh meyk-uhp meyk-uhp] A makeup trend wherein the makeup products used are very close to the wearer’s skin tone in order to imitate or only slightly improve upon one’s natural look. No makeup makeup may give the illusion of not wearing makeup, or it may give a glossier, prettier look than natural. Also natural makeup. Also see nude lip, secret makeup.


Nude lip (N.) [nyood lip] Nude lips is a makeup trend wherein the lipstick shade is very close to the wearer’s skin tone, giving the illusion of not wearing any lip makeup.

latest-makeup-trends-ideas-runway-inspired-nude-lips-fashion-style-summer-2018 (2)Ombre lips (N.) [om-ber lips] Ombre lips is a lip makeup trend in which darker and lighter shades of the same lipstick color are blended to create a gradient, sometimes resulting in the lips looking fuller.

latest lipstick trend fall 2016 makeup ombre lip deep wine red boldOverlined lip (N.) [oh-ver lahyn lip] A makeup trend in which a lip liner, matching the color of the lipstick, is used to draw over and above the natural line of the lips to give the illusion of bigger lips is called overlined lips.

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Sculpting (V.) [skuhlpting] Sculpting is a makeup technique that uses contouring and highlighting to modify facial features by creating the illusion of light and shadow at the desired places to make the features look more well-defined. Also see contouring, highlighting, strobing.

Secret makeup (N.) [see-krit meyk-uhp] A makeup technique that uses light-coverage, skin-matching products to give an illusion of not wearing makeup at all. The aim of secret makeup is to create a look that doesn’t let it reveal whether the wearer is wearing makeup or not. Also see no makeup makeup.


Smokey eyes (N.) [smoh-kee ahys] Smokey eyes is a makeup trend in which dark shades of eyeshadow are blended together to give the illusion of deep-set eyes or to create a well-defined crease and outer corners of the eyelid.


Strobing (V.) [stro-bing] A sculpting makeup technique that uses targeted highlighting, or application of highlighter or illuminator on places where light would hit naturally on the face is called strobing. Also see sculpting.

Winged eyeliner (N.) [wingd ahy-lahy-ner] A makeup trend in which the eyeliner is extended at the outer corners of the eyes to create an upward curve or “wing” is called winged eyeliner.


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