Types of Jackets & Outerwear Trends, Styles of Winter Clothing

From wearing a heavy fabric jacket in the harsh weather to a normal pullover for the spring season, outerwear is a must-have in every wardrobe. Find all types of jackets, in our outerwear glossary below.

Anorak (N.) [anuh-rak] See parka.

Bar jacket (N.) [bahr jak-it] A formal jacket with lapels, usually cinched waistline and shoulder pads is called a bar jacket. The term bar jacket was first introduced by Christian Dior, when he included variations of suit jackets for women with cinched waistlines, exaggerated at the hips, in Ligne Corolle collection in 1947. Also see suit jacket.

Bomber (N.) [bom-uhr] A zipper jacket that is gathered and has elastic bands at the sleeve hems and waist hemline is called a bomber jacket. The name is inspired by pilot bombers who wore this jacket in World War II. Also bomber jacket.

Cape (N.) [kay-p] Cape is a long piece of fabric that covers the back and tied around the neck with straps. It may also refer to an outerwear without sleeve structure that covers the back, arms and chest. It can be either waist length or full length.

Cardigan (N.) [kahr-di-guh n] A cardigan is a type of sweater that has a front opening with or without buttons. Also see sweater.

Coat (N.) [koht] A type of winter outwear that is used to cover the upper body made out of wool, fur or other heavy fabric. Coat is typically longer than a jacket, falling at the thigh or below the knee. Also see jacket.

Collegiate jacket (N.) [kuhlee-jit jak-it] See letterman.

Double-breasted (ADJ.) [duhbuh l bres-tid] Double-breasted is a term used for coats or jackets that have overlapped front flaps. A double breasted structure usually has 3 buttons symmetrically on either side.

Down jacket (N.) [doun jak-it] A type of jacket that is filled with feathers of duck or geese, often used in extremely cold temperatures, is called a down jacket. Also see jacket.

Hoodie (N.) [hoo d-ee] A type of sweatshirt with a hood to cover the head is called a hoodie. Also see sweatshirt.

Jacket (N.) [jak-it] A type of front-open outerwear, usually of thick fabric, used to cover the upper body and typically shorter than a coat, falling at waist or just below the hips. Also see coat.

Kimono (N.) [kuhmoh-nuh] A kimono is a jacket of Japanese origin that has bell sleeves and is tied at the waist with a sash usually made of silk.

Letterman (N.) [let-er-man] A type of buttoned jacket that is similar in design to bomber jacket, usually with contrasting sleeves and wide double stripes at the hems and wrists. Letterman is worn to represent a school or college team or honor, and often has a letter or emblem of it. Also see varsity jacket, collegiate jacket.

Parka (N.) [pahr-kuh] A parka is a quilted coat with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur. Also anorak.

Poncho (N.) [pon-choh] A poncho is an outerwear that has no sleeves or armholes and hangs loosely from the neck, usually made of knitted wool.

Pullover (N.) [poo l-oh-ver] A type of sweater that is worn by pulling it over the head is called a pullover. Also see sweater.

Suit jacket (N.) [soot jak-it] A formal jacket with lapels, sometimes nipped waist and shoulder pads that is paired with formal creased trousers to form a suit or business suit is called a suit jacket. Also see bar jacket, tuxedo jacket.

Sweater (N.) [swet-er] A sweater is a type of fall winter wear that covers the upper body and usually made from knitted wool or fur. It may be worn inside, too. It’s also referred to as a pullover as it doesn’t have an opening in the front. Also see pullover, cardigan

Sweatshirt (N.) [swet-shurt] Full sleeved, loose, collarless pullover made of soft material like cotton to absorb sweat is a sweatshirt. Also see pullover.

Trench Coat (N.) [trench koht] A trench coat is a coat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine to repel raindrops.  British designer Thomas Burberry first invented the trench coat for military men to protect from wind and rain. Also see coat.

Tuxedo jacket (N.) [tuhk-see-doh jak-it] A tuxedo is a semi-formal jacket with satin lapels, usually worn in the evening at dinner parties with matching trousers and bow tie. Also see suit jacketdeconstructed tuxedo in types of silhouettes.

Varsity Jacket (N.) [vahr-si-tee jak-it] See letterman.

Vest (N.) [vest] A vest is a sleeveless garment that covers the upper body, usually made of wool or fur. It may have a front opening, often with a zipper or pulled on over the head.

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