Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

blue-eyeshadow-red-lip-makeup-shilpa-ahuja-pearl-earrings-ombre-hairDear Readers,

I still remember how ShilpaAhuja.com started one night in my bedroom on January, 26, 2015 – with one single post on a simple blog that I had decided to convert to all things fashion and lifestyle. I started with very little direction, but within just a week, like the Big Bang, the blog began to take shape and it has grown faster and faster ever since.

But there was one thing that set apart what was then called, “Shilpa’s Lifestyle Blog,” even then. It was never about me, it was always about the reader. And ever since, the journey of this website, which has grown from being a blog to a magazine and much, much more, has always been about how we can inspire everyone who reads it to be more confident. For I believe, as I say every chance I get, that fashion is for everyone. That everyone has what I call “the right to style”.  And my mission will be accomplished only when I make sure that each and everyone in this world never has to dress according to how society thinks they should, or how they’re expected to, but how they really feel like. Because that’ll make them all truly be happy. It’s such a simple thing – the way we dress – but when it’s done the way that makes us happy – it can be so powerful.

Shilpa Ahuja

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