Types of Clothes: Different Clothing Styles & Apparel Types

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Types of Clothes, Clothing Styles & Terms

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Types of Clothes

Types of Dresses

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Types of Tops

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Types of Skirts

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Types of Jackets

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Types of Pants

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Types of Lingerie

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Newly added SlubWords in Types of Clothes

Cape gown (N.) [kay-p gaun] A gown that has a large piece of fabric either floor-length or less, attached at the neck or shoulders, falling at the back like a cape is called a cape gown. Also see gown, cape in types of silhouettes.

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Built-in bra top (N.) [bilt-in bra top] A top that has a structured and padded bust, shaped like a bra, sewn inside it is called a built-in bra top. It can be worn without having to wear an undergarment. Also see built-in bra top trend in trendy tops for Fall 2018.

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Overskirt (N.) [oh-ver-skurt] A type of skirt or skirt-like layer of fabric worn or sewn over skirts and dresses or sewn over pants is called an overskirt.

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Suit jacket (N.) [soot jak-it] A formal jacket with lapels, sometimes nipped waist and shoulder pads that is paired with formal creased trousers to form a suit or business suit is called a suit jacket. Also see bar jackettuxedo jacket.

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Track pants (N.) [trak] A type of pants that are heavy knitted and have a relaxed or baggy fit, meant for athletics or athleisure are known as track pants. They may be elasticated at the ankles (called joggers). They may be worn with sweatshirt to form a track suit. Also sweat pants.

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Backless bra (N.) [bak-lis bra] A type of bra whose strap are designed to look invisible at the back is called a backless bra. It may have skin-color strap at the back, or may not have a strap that goes around the back at all, or its straps may go around the shoulders. Also see self-adhesive bra.

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