Millennial Slang Dictionary: 100+ Millennial Words & Phrases

Looking for new millennial lingo? Here’s a complete list of millennial words & phrases. Our millennial slang dictionary will help you crack the code and learn new and old words alike!

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For an older generation, listening to millennials talk can actually seem like hearing another language. “Why do they keep inventing a new word everyday,” we hear the complaints! But the interesting thing is that most of the millennial lingo consists of words that explain concepts that traditional English just can’t. A lot of the new words have popped up because they are relevant to the digital era, or the changing needs, beliefs and situations of the young generation.

Even brands and marketing professionals are trying to break into our ever-changing world by learning words that resonate with millennials! And Gen Z and millennials, well, we just pick up new words on social media like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and by reading each others’ blogs! So if you’re looking for some new millennial words to improve your Twitter or YouTube commenting game, keep reading…

I’ve compiled a list of all the millennial words and phrases, old or new, which are still being used, to create the most up-to-date millennial slang dictionary. Let’s see how many you’re already using, and how many new ones you learn today.

Millennial Slang Dictionary

Millennial Slang Dictionary

@ someone [at sum-wun] (v.) To criticize or call someone out in a social media comment, such as in a YouTube video comment section.

I know this is an unpopular opinion. Don’t @ me!

af [ay-eff] (abbr.) as f**k; very much (usually used after an adjective). Also as hell.

As soon as I saw my crush I fell over. Embarassing af.
When you look hung over af but actually were up all night binge-watching GoT!

angsty [ang-stee] (v.) Full of dread, anxiety or worry; feeling or showing (mildly violent) anger because nobody understands them, or everyone else is to blame.

“Why are you always fighting with your brother?” ” He’s an angsty teenager, what else d’you expect?”

as hell [az hel] (adj.) See af.

bad blood [bad bluh d] (n.) Being on angry, non-speaking terms, enimosity.

“I knew they weren’t very tight, but I didn’t know they had bad blood.”

basic [bay-sik] (adj.) Common, like everyone else, simple.

She may dress extra once in a while but she likes Starbucks, Uggs, fairy lights and says “like” in like, every sentence. She’s very basic.

bite me [bai t mee] (phrase) A way of saying ‘so what’, ‘who cares’ or ‘whatever’.

“I was bored, so I called my ex. Bite me.”

blessed [blest] or [bles-id] (adj.) Feeling good, happy or comfortable.

My hair actually looks good today and I didn’t even blow dry it. Blessed.

blogosphere [blog-oh-sphi-uhr] (n.) The blogging world/realm or the complete blogging community. is the only blog in the entire fashion blogosphere that has its own millennial slang dictionary and fashion dictionary!

bruh [br-uh] (pron.) (Short for) brother. Also bruv.

Bruh, what you just said makes zero sense.

cash cow [cash cow] (n.) Something that makes money no matter what, such as a movie franchise, merchandise or book series.

The Mission Impossible sequels are beyond repair but they keep making them ’cause the franchise is a cash cow.

channel intro [chan-uh l int-roh] (n.) A sequence in a vlog or on YouTube that marks the beginning of every video, often with common music, animation, action or logo.

“You gotta work on a winning channel intro before you start your channel.”

chuv [shuv] (v.) An informal spelling for shove.

Can you stop chuving my past mistakes down my throat? If you’re a salty ass dude holding grudges, that’s not my problem anymore.

cray [kray] (adj.) (Short for) crazy. Also cray-cray.

“Bruh, you gotta dump this girl. She may be hot af but she totally cray.”

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criminally low [krim-in-uh-lee loh] (adj.) Unexpectedly or shockingly low, beyond what one can manage.

“Your video is so good, can’t believe it has criminally low views.”

dank [dank] (adj.) 1. Excellent, high quality.

This page has some dank art-history memes.

2. Damp and chilly.

That dank cellar creeps me out.

deets [dee-t s] (pl. n.) Details.

“Can you text me the deets of your wedding so I can plan my vacation.”

DM [dee-em] (n.) Direct message (on social media).

“DM me if you’d like to know the details of my upcoming show.”

double tap [duh-buh l tap] (v.) To like a picture on Instagram (tapping twice on it).

Post this photo-shoot and I’ll double-tap all your pics, I swear!

DP [dee-pee] (abbr.) Display picture on social media account. This is one of the more outdated terms in this millennial slang dictionary, now commonly replaced by the phrase profile pic.

“D’you like my DP?” “It’s 2020, no one calls it DP anymore, dude!”

duck face [duh k fay s] (n.) An expression with pouted lips, to make them look plumper, often made by women for social media pictures; a type of selfie with pouted lips. Also read: Selfie Trend Evolution. Also see smugface.

The duck face is getting old and clichéd, don’t you think?

dupe [du p] (adj.) 1. Duplicate.

“Did you pay full price for these? These are dupes!”

2. Duplicate or inexpensive/ low-budget makeup products.

“I’m filming a makeup tutorial with dupes today.”

effin’ [ef-in] (adj.) See fricking.

emo [im-oh] (adj.) 1. A subgenre of 80s music; (short for) emotional hardcore punk rock music.

“Do you like emo music?” “Nah, it’s too depressing, dude!”

2. A subculture of dressing or being emotional; dressing in a way that has straightened black-dyed hair cover some of one’s face, black tees, skinny jeans and dark smokey eye makeup.

“Emo makeup is so 2013, girl. Evolve, please!”

endgame [end gay m] 1. (adv.) Forever (of relationships).

“I always thought we are endgame, and now you’re breaking up with me?”

2. (n.) The end of a battle, war, game, contest, etc.

everything [ev-ree-thing] (adj.) A quality or physical trait so gorgeous, impressive or precious that it makes one seem perfect.

“Your front piece of hair is everything.”

extra [ek-stra] (adj.) Being or doing more than expected for no reason; dramatic; excessive.

“This classmate of mine writes too many pages for every assignment. He’s always extra.”
“The invite said casual, but she shows here in a gown, like so extra!”


fam [fam] (n.) Family, often used to refer to one’s follower-base on social media. (This is one of the terms in this millennial slang dictionary that is becoming clichéd among social media influencers.)

“Hi, fam! How’s everyone today?”
“I wanted to give a huge shoutout to our ever-growing fam.”

fav [fay-v] (adj.) Favorite.

Finsta [fin-sta] (n.) Fake Instagram account that one keeps to post the real, authentic pictures that aren’t posed or edited to look perfect.

It’s common for people to have one or even two Finstas these days, one for their family and another for their squad only.

FOBO [foh-boh] (abbr.) Fear of better options; the inability to decide on something just because we don’t want to miss out on what else may be there. Also see FOMO, FOJI.

“He hasn’t asked you on a proper date yet? Is he commitment-phobic?” “No, I think it’s just FOBO. Same as me.”

FOJI [foh-jee] (abbr.) Fear of joining in; the fear that one will get entangled in joyless social activities, meaningless conversations or empty selfie-posing. Also see FOMO

I need a real squad, but sometimes I wonder if I can’t make friends or I have major FOJI.

follow-spree [fol-oh spree] (n.) A period or bout of social media follows by a person, usually done to please their followers, or get extra comments.

I’ll be going on a follow-spree at 9PM EST, so please comment with your name on this thread if you wish to socialize!

FOMO [foh-moh] (abbr.) Fear of missing out. Also see JOMO, FOBO, FOJI.

I think the party will be boring af, but FOMO.
Watching my squad’s live-vid at Sarah’s beach-party is giving me serious FOMO.

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fricking [frik-ing] (adj.) (Another spelling for) f**king; used to keep a social media conversation or blog post family-friendly; meaning very, really or extremely. Also effin‘.

“Your art is fricking awesome! You should do this full-time.”

fugly [fug-lee] (adj.) Short for f**king ugly; really ugly.

“There comes your dorky friend in his fugly sweater! Hire a stylist already!”

gains [gay nz] (pl. n.) Muscular increases.

“I’m going to be working out all summer. Check out my gains when the school’s back in session, dude.”

ghost [ghoh-st] (v.) To disappear digitally from someone’s life without saying goodbye, by not answering their messages or calls.

“The last guy I went out with ghosted me so I’m on Tinder again!”

giveaway [giv-away] (n.) Sweepstake; a gift that is given off in a social media contest to select subscribers or followers, etc.

“Does your blog has giveaways? Our brand would like to sponsor a makeup kit giveaway to launch our new collection.” 

give zero f**ks [giv zee-roh fuh-ks] (v.) To absolutely not care what others think or about something.

“I’m the only girl in my class who gives zero f**ks about what boys think.”

goals [goh lz] (pl. n.) Targets.

“Those two are #RelationshipGoals.”

handle [han-dl] (n.) A username on social media, especially Twitter.

“Hey, what’s your startup’s official Twitter handle?”

hangry [hang-ree] (adj.) Angry because one is too hungry.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, I was hangry AF!”

hashtag [hash-tag] (n.) A word or tag, often used with social media posts to specify the topic, genre or mood, denoted with # symbol. This is another one of the most commonly used millennial slang dictionary words. A hashtag is often used to make posts easier to find on social media, brands or events may create “official hashtags” for their attendees or followers to use for social media commenting or live-conversations. Also tag.

“I love her pics on Insta but she’s somewhat of a hashtag addict.”

hit me [hit mee] (phrase) Ask away (questions).

“Any questions?” “I have three, Dave.” “Hit me.”

hot mess [hot mes] (adj.) 1. In a state of emotional chaos or confusion, even if one might appear controlled on the outside.

“My first date went terribly. I ran into my ex and one thing led to another and I was just one big hot mess. Ugh!”

2. Untidy or unappealing.

“I’m okay with basic makeup, but it all turns into a hot mess when I try a smokey eye look.”

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I can’t even [ai cant ivin] (phrase) When something is too confusing, annoying, beautiful or awful to put into words; inexpressible, indescribable.

Those babies are so cute I can’t even!

ICYMI [abbr.] (phrase) In case you missed it.

“ICYMI, here’s what happened…”

I’m dead [a-im ded] (phrase) Having laughed so much or seen something so scary, hilarious, beautiful or terrible that your life feels temporarily complete.

The part in that video about the puppies was so precious. I’m dead.

IMO [ai-em-oh] (abbr.) In my opinion.

“IMO this lipstick doesn’t suit your skin-tone. Sorry, girl.”

influencer [in-flu-en-suh-r] (n.) A person or entity who is so highly followed, usually on social media, that they can influence people’s opinions, fashion or shopping decisions.

Just because one celeb liked your tweet that one time doesn’t make you an influencer.
Brands are increasing their influencer-marketing budgets every passing year.

IRL [ai-ar-el] (abbr.) In real life.

Runway dresses can look straight up silly IRL.
When I try makeup taught by beauty bloggers IRL it looks disgustingly OTT.

IT [it] (adj.) Extremely trendy, chic; a fashion item or entity so cool it represents a season, time-period, generation, etc. Also It.

Mini circle bags were the IT-bags of 2019!
Sirius told Harry Potter that Levicorpus was the IT-spell back in the 70s.

JOMO [joh-moh] (abbr.) Joy of missing out. JOMO started as a counter-culture to FOMO, within introverts or those who believe that excessive social media and socialization leaves little time for quiet self-reflection or relaxation.

I couldn’t choose between a celebrity lecture at the university, my classmate’s baby shower and finishing my lab experiment. So I’m just at home with pizza and JOMO. 

juice [joos] (n.) Charge of a battery.

“Sorry, guys, I can’t take a selfie, my phone’s out of juice.”
“My walking AI bot got out of hand last night so I had to lock her in a room and wait for her to run out of juice.”

kill [kil] (v.) 1. To look great; to pull something off perfectly, usually used with “it”.

She’s killing it onstage!

2. To overuse a word or phrase so excessively that it loses all its fun or novelty; to turn off the fun of a joke by explaining it, etc.

When you told that joke the first time, you killed it, but when you told it the third time, you literally killed it.

3. To make someone or something extremely uncomfortable, to make someone fall for you.

He’s killing me hard.

killer [kil-uh r] (adj./ n.) Cool, very beautiful, awesome.

Those are some killer brownies.
Where are you going wearing that killer outfit?

legit [lej-it] (adj.) 1. Legitimate; authentic, real.

“Your website looks legit! Great job!”
“We spent like 50 hours making this millennial slang dictionary. It’s legit!”

2. Extremely cool or awesome.

Our college parties used to be legit!

3. Actually, seriously or really.

This part of the movie is legit scary.

LGBTQIA [el-jee-bee-tee-kyu-ai-ay] (abbr.) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual or (Straight) Allies; inclusive acronym to include varied sexual orientations and gender identities.

“This is the first time the LGBTQIA community got funding for a separate dorm in our college campus.”

lit [lit] (adj.) excellent or exciting

The critics may have hated Ariana’s latest single but it was lit.

LMAO [luh-mao] (abbr.) Laughing my ass off. Also LMFAO.

“You forgot what you had to say as soon as she arrived. LMAO.”

LOL [el-oh-el] (abbr.) Laugh out loud. Also lol, lolz, lollerz.

LOL your content is hilarious, I don’t know how you don’t have a million subscribers yet.

look hype [luk hai-p] (v.) To look great.

“You’re looking hype tonight. What’s the special occasion?” “Just in the mood for some chaos!”

look up [luk uh-p] (v.) To Google something, or search for some info in a database.

“If you don’t know what this means, don’t ask me. Just look it up in Shilpa’s millennial slang dictionary!”

low-key [lo-kee] (adj.) Nothing fancy, simple, quiet, casual.

“Hey, I’m throwing a housewarming party. Very low-key, so don’t bring anything.”
She loves flowers and gifts but he likes to keep things too low-key.

meme [meem] (n.) A funny image with a caption, often shared on social media or on blogs; a multimedia joke.

Obama and Joe Biden memes were super cute; and hilarious, too! 

meta [en-bee-dee] (adj.) Being self-aware; looking at something from a higher perspective that makes you see the bigger picture.

We know this show has terrible writing, but it is so meta. 

mood [mood] (n.) 1. A relatable state; something that expresses a common situation.

This baby’s wake up face is a total mood.

2. Something that sums up a complete situation or feeling, often used as a sentence.

NBD [en-bee-dee] (abbr.) No big deal; nothing important.

We just ran into Cardi B inside the elevator! I was all stuttering and my friend was just chill, standing there like NBD.

Netflix and chill [net-fliks and chil] (phrase) hook up, a steamy date, often started as an at-home movie night.

She invited me over for Netflix and chill last weekend but I haven’t called her since.

OMG [oh-em-jee] (abbr.) Oh my god (this is one of the most commonly used words in this millennial slang dictionary).

“OMG I left the oven on! Sorry gotta run back home!”

on fleek [awn fleek] (adj.) 1. Perfect, often used to describe makeup or outfit. Also see on point.

I’m standing there lookin’ like a sloth and she walks in wearing Chanel with her highlighter on fleek.


on point [awn point] (adj.) 1. Perfect, flawless, or completely meet one’s standards. Also see on fleek.

“Damn, my makeup is so on point tonight!”

2. Perfectly relevant to the situation at hand.

“The lyrics of this song seem super on point right now.”

OTT [oh-tee-tee] (abbr.) Over the top; excessive or going overboard.

“Shoes this season are super OTT. Feathers, sequins, metallic – they have everything.”

outro [out-roh] (n.) The end sequence of a vlog or YouTube video, often with the vlogger thanking their audience for watching the video, requesting them to subscribe or share it, sometimes with the same music in every video of their channel.

“Can you tell me the name of the song you used in your outro, please?” 

puh-leez [puh-leez] (excl.) A way of saying please that denotes conceit or ridicule.

“The way he looked at you, I think he really likes you.” “Puh-leez, he’s way above my league!”

rad [rad] (adj.) (Short for) radical; awesome or really cool.

“Can you feature our apparel in some of your rad selfies?”
“Shilpa, your millennial slang dictionary isn’t as rad as you think.”

relatable [ri-lay-tay-buh-l] (adj.) Something that one can relate to, or feel a connection to.

“She doesn’t have a huge follower-base but her videos are so relatable.”

salty [sawl-tee] (adj.) Bitter, annoyed, upset or angry.

She’s been salty ever since you “forgot” to invite her to your party.

sassy [sas-ee] (adj.) Sarcastic, cheeky, bold-spirited.

Some people really love her sassy selfie-captions on Instagram, but I don’t care for them.

savage [sav-ay-j] (adj.) 1. Ruthless; verbally violent, frightening, awful or purposefully hurtful.

My new classmates are straight up savage.

2. Large and badass.

That drink was savage, bruh!

selfie [sel-fee] (n.) A picture one takes of himself/herself through the front-facing camera, mostly on a smartphone.

The disappointed-princess-face is the trendiest selfie-mood of 2020!

serve looks [surv luks] (v.) To look very attractive, especially when one’s makeup, hair or outfit are perfect for the occasion.

My favorite Kpop band was serving looks tonight at the Grammy’s. I don’t think I can ever get over that moment!

sesh [sesh] (n.) Session.

“My mani-pedi sesh was so relaxing. I’m off to take a nap now.”

ship [ship] 1. (n.) A relationship, often denoted by joining the first part of one’s name with the last part of the other’s name in a couple, e.g. Nick+Priyanka=Nickyanka.

Which ship did you love the most in Gossip Girl? Dair, Derena or Chair?

2. (v.) to support a romantic relationship

I totally ship them together, please never let them break up!

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shook [shuk] (adj.) 1. Shocked or scared by a dreadful or unpleasant experience.

Last night’s Riverdale episode had me shook.

2. Very surprised.

I just got a flawless SAT score! I’m still shook! 

slay [slay] 1. (v.) 1. To look flawless; to look well-dressed, extremely good looking or well put-together.

“How do I look?” “Damn, woman, you slay!”

2. To dominate.

Yas, slay queen!

SMH [es-em-ech] (abbr.) Abbreviation for “shaking my head”, SMH is a word added to a sentence to emphasize disappointment or ludicrousness of a situation.

I keep putting up with her toxic love. SMH.

smize [smai z] (v.) To smile with one’s eyes; to smile earnestly, often for a picture.

I’m standing there with my killer attitude but you ruined the picture with your smize.

SMO [es-em-oh] (abbr.) Social Media Optimization; optimizing posts on social media to maximize reach or engagement in terms of gaining likes, comments and followers.

“How’s your new startup doing?” “Can’t get the millennials to notice my products without learning SMO, so that’s what my current focus is.”

smugface [smuh g fay s] (n.) An expression of superiority or self-approval, looking down on others. Also see duck face.

“Smugface doesn’t suit you, try a more authentic expression for your selfie.”

spirit animal [spir-it ani-muh l] (n.) A thing, person, character, animal or entity that represents one’s real, inner personality.

“Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal.”

soul food [soh l food] (n.) Comfort food that makes one truly happy in any situation, food that cheers one up when one is sad.

Double chocolate brownies are my soul food.

squad [skwa d] or [skwaw d] (n.) Clique or group of friends, posse, gang.

My whole squad will be at my bachelorette party!

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sub [suh b] (n.) Subscriber (on YouTube or other social media platforms).

“I gained so many new subs when my first video got viral.”

tag [tag] (n.) See hashtag.

thanos [than-oh s] (v.) To turn to dust particles and then disappear indefinitely, in reference to Avengers Infinity War.

“Wait, was Spiderman thanosed? Isn’t a new Spiderman movie coming out this year?”

thicc [thik] (adj.) Thick; curvy, often in the buttock area, in a sexy way.

“This new jeans makes you look thicc.”

thirsty [thuhrs-tee] (adj.) Horny, overeager or sexually desperate.

“There needs to be a video of Daniel Radcliffe reading thirsty tweets!”

tho [tho] (conj.) Though; although.

“I can restore your work. It’ll take a while tho.”

throw shade [thro shay-d] (v.) To publicly make an angry comment, such as on social media; to criticize someone openly.

“I thought I’d never hear from her again. Yet here she is, throwing shade at me on Insta.”

thumbnail [thumb-nay l] (n.) Small, reduced-size pictures displayed in social media to represent profiles, videos, etc. Also thumb. This is one of the non-slang words on this millennial slang dictionary; it is used to denote computer image thumbnails, too.

“Your face in this pic is too small, it’ll technically disappear in the thumbnail. Choose something bold.”

tight [tai t] (adj.) 1. Close (of relationships).

“My boyfriend and I are very tight.”

2. (used in 2000s or sometimes as a funny comment) Stylish, interesting, good or cool.

“Girls who have a real, unique personality are tight!”

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toxic [tawk-sik] (adj.) Something that could affect one’s mental health.

“My sister just got out of a toxic relationship, I gotta be there for her!”
“The internet has no patience for your toxic tweets, so please stay off social media.”

toxic masculinity [tawk-sik] (n.) An aggressive display of patriarchy that causes men to be violent, either verbally or physically, to either other men or women; a manifestation of patriarchy that causes men to either consciously or subconsciously believe in outdated concepts and gender inequality.

“My male classmate telling me to apply for a job as a secretary at our B-School career week is the latest example of  toxic masculinity I’ve seen.”

turnt [tuh-rnt] (adj.) Turned-up, drunk, high, over-excited or hyped.

“Gonna get turnt at the club tonight!”

Twitterati [twit-uh-a-tee] (pl. n.) A term to represent the people of Twitter; Twitter community.

“The Twitterati had a field day when Trump invented the word ‘covfefe’.”

Twitter thread [twi-tuh r thred] (n.) Linked tweets or comments that reply to one single tweet.

“This Twitter thread is violent and pointless. Best stay away. “

vacay [vay-kay] (n.) Vacation.

vlog [vlog] (n.) A casual video, usually where the concept, voice, script, production, editing and camera are done by the same person, the vlogger, sometimes to capture personal or professional events. Vlog is short for video-blog, as it is a video versions of a blog.

“Lots of YouTubers have a main channel and a separate personal vlog channel.”

woke [woh k] (n.) A political term of African-American origin that has started being used by other demographics, meaning aware of social issues and injustices, especially racism.

“Just because your college president posted a tweet or two about #BlackLivesMatter, doesn’t mean he’s suddenly woke.”

WTF [dub-lu-tee-ef] (abbr.) What the f**k; expression used to denote disappointment, shock, anger or exasperation.

“I lost my connection and my blog post didn’t get saved. WTF.”

yas [yah s] (excl.) yes, sometimes used for a proud, encouraging or exciting thing. Also yaas.

“Yas, mom, keep slaying!”

you do you  [yoo doo yoo] (phrase) Do what you believe in, do what suits you or your ethics.

“The modeling industry just keeps promoting body image issues, but you do you.”


So, that was my millennial slang dictionary. I hope you learned a few new words today. Feel free to look up new words here as I’ll keep adding them. Would you like to contribute a new word? Tweet @shilpa1ahuja or submit it on our Contact page.

Muaah! 🙂

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