was founded in January 2014 and continues to be one of India’s most-read digital fashion magazines. With solid research-based fashion trend forecasting, opinionated pieces, runway reviews and relatable style advice, Shilpa Ahuja strives to inspire confidence through fashion and lifestyle. We simplify runway trends into quick and easy styling tips. The website also includes a fashion trend consultancy and SlubShop, world’s first purely trend-based online fashion store.

We have a team of 7, over 200,000 social media followers and over 150,000 organic monthly unique visitors.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel happy and confident about their style. Confidence can be the key to positivity and self-awareness, which in turns makes one happy from within. We believe that fashion should not be a dictatorship bound by strict rules; fashion should be a democracy where everyone has the “right to style” and not be judged. That’s why we publish unbiased fashion reviews, style-guides (not rules), and fashion basics that help you form your own opinion. is a go-to destination for emerging styles, fresh looks and tips on things that matter in the life of the contemporary multitasking woman. We want her to feel empowered with her fashion choices, and develop her personal style that accentuates her strengths and embraces her imperfections. It reflects her persona and provokes a conversation about her essence.

At times it assumes the role of a guide – authoritative and experienced, and at times a friend – silly and relatable – aiding you to be more mesmerizing, more curious, more inspiring and anything you ever wanted to be!

So be inspired with and create your personal style! Read commentary on runway fashion, creative arts, culture, travel destinations, Ask Shilpa your style-related questions and laugh with our comic, Audrey O.



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