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ShilpaAhuja.com is one of India’s most-read digital fashion magazines, with a focus on inspiring confidence through fashion and lifestyle. We are a new age media channel for the modern millennial woman, your source of up-to-date news, solid research-based fashion trend forecasting, opinionated pieces, runway reviews and relatable style advice. Shilpa Ahuja is the best friend every woman needs, simplifying runway trends into quick and easy styling tips, making sure you always step outside looking great and feeling awesome!

We have a team of 15, over 250,000 social media followers and over 500,000 organic monthly unique visitors who are spread in over 150 countries.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel happy and confident about their style. Confidence can be the key to positivity and self-awareness, which in turns makes one happy from within. We believe that fashion should not be a dictatorship bound by strict rules; fashion should be a democracy where everyone has the “right to style” and not be judged. That’s why we publish unbiased fashion reviews, style-guides (not rules), and fashion basics that help you form your own opinion.

ShilpaAhuja.com is a go-to destination for things that matter in the life of the contemporary multitasking woman. We want you to feel empowered with your fashion choices, and develop your personal style that accentuates your strengths and embraces your imperfections.

So be more mesmerizing, more curious, more inspiring and anything you ever wanted to be with us! Read commentary on runway fashion, creative arts, culture, travel destinations, Ask Shilpa your style-related questions and laugh with our comic, Audrey O.

ShilpaAhuja.com is a part of Shilpa Ahuja Media, an online publishing company that also includes HowtoGetinto-Harvard.com, a Harvard admissions guide, CareerNuts.com, a career encyclopedia, OpiniOwn.com, a community publication for people to share their opinions and Decorisk.com, a digital interior design magazine.

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ShilpaAhuja.com is an online fashion magazine, headquartered in Panchkula, India. It is owned by Shilpish Fashion Loft.

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Timeline – Know Our History

Learn about ShilpaAhuja.com’s major milestones since the beginning of time!

Oct 2014

Shilpish Fashion Loft is a registered proprietorship.

Jan 2015

ShilpaAhuja.com launches with our first article as Shilpa’s Lifestyle Blog, along with social media channels.

Feb 2015

We launch our Men’s style section.

Apr 2015

We launch our YouTube channel with a sweet French music video.

Sep 2015

We change our name to ShilpaAhuja.com.

Oct 2015

We launch our newsletter – the Shilpa Ahuja weekly.

Dec 2015

ShilpaAhuja.com hires our first employees (they’re part-time interns).

Mar 2016

We do our first campus placement. iNIFD Chennai was our first target and also the source of our permanent employees.

May 2016

We launch Ask Shilpa, where readers ask their style-related (and more) questions and we answer, giving fashion advice, lifestyle tips and more.

Jun 2016

The Guy gets his own Twitter account. He looks a lot like Captain America and that’s the only reason we let him stay on. Not that we can fire him.

Jul 2016

The first ever Audrey O. episode goes live. Our very own comic series, Audrey O. becomes a weekly strip, making everyone laugh and relate to her!

Sep 2016

ShilpaAhuja.com becomes an official resource for the fashion academia, too, by collaborating with University of Fashion.

Oct 2016

Traffic milestone – ShilpaAhuja.com hits 250,000 pageviews.
Plus, we officially define the “Right to Style” – it may not be a constitutional right, but it’s everyone’s human right. Fashion should not be a dictatorship, but a democracy where everyone should be able to wear what they want to without being judged.

Nov 2016

SlubShop goes live – online shopping destination for fashion, beauty and style with handpicked items.

Mar 2017

We merge fashion with numbers, launching SlubAnalytics, which analyzes every tiny trend seen in every runway collection, creating a database of fashion and beauty styles, and forecasting upcoming trends scientifically.

Apr 2017

The sangria-colored Rosa becomes our official logo.

Jul 2017

Our chatbot goes live, called Chat with Shilpa; it was later renamed to Shilbot.

Aug 2016

We hit the 100K likes milestone on our Facebook page.

Sep 2017

The SlubTeam is now a 7-person team, and we get our official branded merchandise!

Dec 2017

The launch of our Yoga series marks a major evolution of ShilpaAhuja.com’s content strategy. By adding topics like women’s health, racial diversity, family & relationships, education and cookbook, finance, politics, we become a wholesome magazine with both fashion and non-fashion topics that an intellectual modern woman also cares about.

Mar 2018

The SlubBlogger of the Week project is launched, giving fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers an opportunity to be featured on the magazine. (It’s a controversial project, receiving both positive and negative feedback from the blogging community.)
Additionally, ShilpaAhuja.com’s readers are now spread across 150+ countries – the SlubClub is on its way to become a worldwide phenomenon.

May 2018

We launch SlubWords – a fashion glossary of apparel/beauty terms, trends and all the words used in fashion industry.

Jan 2020

To refocus our energies on ShilpaAhuja.com and sister sites, we shut down SlubShop.com. Don’t worry, it’ll only make our company grow and become better.

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May 2023 Issue

The Dress to Express Issue Fashion as a Form of Self-Expression May 2023 Issue | ShilpaAhuja.com Photo: Filonenko Kseniya (@filonenko_photographer); Makeup: Regina Kulik (@regina__makeup); Hair: Tatsiana Kulik (@tatsiana_kulik); Stylist: Liza Logvina (@lizalogvina); Backstage: … Read more