8 Cool Ways to Wear a White Shirt for Work and Weekend

White shirts are a lot like denim. Wear them once, you rarely wish to exchange it for anything else. From different styles of must-have white shirts to styling tips on how to wear a white shirt, here’s our COMPLETE guide.

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The white shirt is a reliable wardrobe essential. It’s one of those go-to basics that can be easily carried to a party post-work and we can’t have enough versatile pieces like that in our wardrobe!

While there are common details on the crisp white shirt that make it fit for the boardroom – button down and the works; the tailored shape can be channeled on the streets too. With the right pairings or with a new version of sheer, ruffled, and dramatic sleeves. And there are different ways to do it. A white shirt is structured enough to layer, and it’s one of those items that look just as good with distressed denim or a leather skirt.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up every way to wear a white shirt, and also offering you a glimpse of different white shirt styles, if you’re short on ideas. Cuff the sleeves or roll it down or tie it up – we leave that up to you, but we assure you that you can’t go wrong with it.

8 Different Designs of White Shirt

So, ahead we’re showing your eight foolproof white shirt pieces, no matter what your preferred styling is.

1. Crisp Button-Down White Shirt

Your trusty basic white shirt will always look good. You can match it with formal trousers and head for work or tuck into distressed denim and sneakers for a weekend-ready-look.

crisp-button-up -white-shirt

2. Lantern Sleeve Poplin Shirt

Want a bit of drama? Then shop for a lantern sleeve poplin shirt like this one. And we recommend you to wear it with skin-fitting bottoms.


3. Feather Embellished Button-Down Shirt

Love, love, love this one! This is one of our favorite white shirt picks. Wear the look depending on where you’re headed for the weekend.


4. Detachable Sleeve White Shirt

Add a detachable sleeve white shirt like this one, minus having to worry about styling because we have you sorted below.


5. Organza Shirt

Organza shirt can feel a little overdone. But if you want a piece that’s a step up from your basic variations, try this item for a more modern feel.

Source: Nastygal.com

6. Cropped White Shirt

If you love cropped versions of everything, then find a white shirt piece that’s cropped. You may match a pair like this one with skinny-fit bottoms.

Source: asos.com

7. Tie-up White Shirt

Tie it up- let it cinched at the waist like a belt – no matter what your styling game is, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Source: Nastygal.com

8. White Shirt Dress

Or, simply seek out for a stylish shirt dress for every occasion on your calendar list – rooftop drinks, and work events, included.


8 Ways to Wear a White Shirt

While you’re sorted with white shirt designs, there are several other need-to-know styling tricks you should know about how to wear a white shirt.

1. Play it with Leather Midi Skirt and Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

Wondering how to wear a white shirt in a tried-and-true way? If you want more refinement, is to style a leather midi-skirt with it. This one tone attire option is wearable yet elevated for a classy evening out. Since the white shirt is pretty plain, you can up the style quotient with oversized cat-eye sunglasses, wine-hued lips, and PVC leather sandals that echo your ensemble’s color palette. This is a great option for a girl’s night out or a birthday party.
wear a white shirt what-to-wear-with-a-white-shirt

2. Tuck it in a Cute Animal Printed Skirt

Summer parties are a time for throwing in wild prints, so try it in a mini animal printed skirt with a tie-up button up top. This cute number is great to adapt to the breeze that comes your way on scorching hot days. No need for a cover-up of sheer tights or anything – just pair with a cool ruche underarm bag, some hoop earrings, nail & makeup art that matches, and platform sandals. This outfit will also send out effortless sexy and ladylike vibes. Perfect for a club night!

3. Pair it with Grey Hem Tapered Jeans and Padlock Chain Necklace

If you are looking for pairing ideas on how to wear a white shirt or need a new one, scoop up this oversized white button-up number. To make your attire more interesting, style it with tapered jeans and the season’s trendiest padlock chain necklace. After your friends are done admiring them with your red lip, they’ll gush over your crossbody bag and white ankle boots. They’re the perfect pairing to complete your casual brunch look.


4. Layer it Under a Pinafore Dress and Mary Jane Shoes

This is how you get away with pairing a white shirt with a playful getup like a pinafore dress. The white number has dramatic feather embellished from the shoulder down for that fancy and classy finish. It’s not your average white shirt that is all “girl next door.” Save this look for weekend getaways when you want to feel comfortable and stun. Complete with equally chic accessories like chunky chain bracelet, hat with a baker cap style, luxe backpack, and Mary Jane chunky heeled shoes.


5. Try Satin Cargo Pants with Embellished Heels

White shirts are an essential item even when it comes to party-ready wear. Not only are they easy to wear, but the piece can also be styled in multiple ways. A major plus is curating it with items you never thought you would like satin cargo pants armed with cool timepieces. Layer with a statement ring, and a modern silver clutch bag. This pair-up looks just as chic while exploring night clubs, and even be evening appropriate for dancing and dinner in an instant. Just swap it with embellished heels or add a hint of nude lipstick. When it comes to party-ready wear, these outfit ideas will be your new best friend.

6. Go Formal Chic with Paper Wide-Legged Trousers and Mules with Sculptural Heels

To get away with wearing a white shirt in more conservative settings and to quit risking it, style it with a paper wide-legged trouser. If you find the shirt bunches unsettling, then swap off a blazer. But thankfully, this ready-to-go outfit is dressy enough to take home for inspiration. Pair it with a structured tote bag for formalness but statement mules with sculptural heels for that trendy touch. Plus the pearl pendant earrings and peach lips are a nod to refinement.


7. Add a Mini Check Skirt and Boots for a Weekend Out

As summer is on the peak, so do the weekend escapes, and incoming is your endless number of invitations from friends. From weekend soirée to Sunday brunch, to an intimate meet-up, when you’re running from one event to the next, try this look for a casual take on dressy daytime wear. From the blue croc shoulder bag to the butterfly charm earrings, and treaded lace-up white boots, this ensemble is all about the layering.


8. Dress down the Look with Loafers

Not all white shirts have to be worn as a top. Here is a visual representation of a white shirt dress option that is totally date-friendly. So much that you would make a great first impression. With matching white loafers, pleated bag, a jumble of rings, and sunglasses, this white shirt dress can be worn on their own this way until the summer heatwave subsides. It’ll also look great layered over sneakers or heels come fall; then when winter sets in you can pair them with knee-high boots. As for makeup, draw extra attention to your lips with a sweet pink hue.


Final Fun Bits: Get the Most Out of your White Shirt

Now that you know how to wear a white shirt sitting in your closet, here are few other simple tricks you can try to give it a whole new look. Below, you will find how to get the most out of your basic white button-down shirt.

1. The Sweet Knot

Here is how you can create an off-shoulder white shirt with cute bow detailing:

Step 1: Button down your shirt from the collar top to the middle.
Step 2: Pull down the sleeves. Gather it towards the front.
Step 3: Tie into a knot and your new top is ready!


2. Skirt with a White Shirt? You Bet!

Here is a fun way to transform your basic white shirt into a skirt:

Step 1: Button down your shirt from the top to your waist.
Step 2: Take down the sleeves and gather it around the wrist.
And now the fun part: Step 3: Make a small tight knot over the side.
Step 4: Unbutton a few buttons depending on your desired slit. Or leave it just like that if you are fine without one.


3. Cold Shoulder Please!

White shirts always give a good rep, especially when stylistically worn. With carefree dressing ruling this season, nothing can be more relevant than a cold shoulder. And the forward-feeling is that you can make one with a white shirt. So let’s start!

Step 1:Button down your shirt to your chest.
Step 2: Slide down the collar and drop it casually around your shoulders.
And Step 3: Go on, and maximize your white shirt style.


Now that it’s safe for you to say that they are fun to style: you can wear a white shirt to work, weekend, and everything in between. Spread the word to fellow white shirt wearers to up their style ante. You can also share your love by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

Image credits for white shirt product images: Farfetch.com wherever source not mentioned.

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