Blonde Hair with Lowlights: 21 Chic Ideas to Choose From

Blonde or not, it’s rare to see celebs these days without highlights or lowlights. Take a look at trendy ideas for blonde hair with lowlights here!

 blonde hair with lowlights blonde-hair-with-lowlights-latest-hair-color-celebrity-style

Hey beautiful! With the increase in popularity of hair colors with each passing day, even I feel like changing my hair with highlights or lowlights. But, with plenty of options available, it’s hard to choose one. But after Shilpa gave me the gist of it, I felt that just a little bit more of research would make things easy for anyone like me who’s looking to color their hair!

From balayage to color melting, lowlights to highlights, the different type of techniques involved in hair coloring are endless. It’s like you can choose a different one every two months and you’ll still be able to get something new the next time and get a unique look. So let’s discuss lots of ideas for celebrity-inspired blonde hair with lowlights.

What are Lowlights

Lowlights and highlights are both partial hair coloring techniques in which just some strands of hair are colored. Lowlighting involves getting a darker hair color done than the natural or base hair color. For people with blonde or light hair colors, lowlights are a great option.

3 Reasons to Get Lowlights

If you’re considering adding some color to switch up your look, here are some reasons that’ll let you know whether lowlights are perfect for you or not.

1. For Sunkissed Highlights Look

Just like getting the sun-kissed look involves getting tanned nicely and seeing a variation in the skin tone, similarly, in case of hair colors, lowlights can help achieve a been-at-the beach effect. The variation in hair color to be seen is one of the main reasons for hair coloring and getting that natural look.This look is all over the celebrity Instagram feeds this year.

2. To Voluminize Your Hair

If you’re bored of flat straight hair and wanna try something different then go for lowlights. This helps you to mimic bouncy hair and give your hair a voluminous look.

3. To Get a Makeover or Face Transformation

Lowlights works best for instant makeover and face transformation, as a quote says “Invest in the hair as it is the crown that you can never take off”! So, go for it for big events like weddings or just for a drastic hair makeover.

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What Color Lowlights for Blonde Hair Should You Get

For blonde hair, try hair colors one or two shades darker than your current hair color. Shades like melty mocha, deep honey, caramel and auburn would help you get the perfect lowlight effects. If you are looking for a really bold look then try colors like dark tulip, cherry red, neon blue or tangerine. These colors will completely uplift your look.

Also, the lowlights color depends upon the skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, then opt for shades of brown or copper and if you have a cool skin tone then try hair colors with blue undertones like ash blonde or purple.

Ideas for Blonde Hair with Lowlights

1. Light Blonde Hair with Darker Roots

Blonde hair with dark roots is something subtle yet trendy. Dark roots add a youthful touch, too. In this, just the roots of the hair are colored, leaving the rest natural. If you’re not feeling bold enough to go for a drastic change, then this is a perfect head start. For blonde hairstyles, preferred colors for lowlights would be butterscotch blonde, dark cinnamon, dark chocolate and many such darker colors. Celebrities have been loving this trend as it’s a good handy one when you don’t want to think much about what hair color to go for!

Taylor Swift
Jennifer Lawrence
Ashley Benson

2. Blonde and Brown Hair: The Shadow Look

Adding lowlights that are just one shade darker than your natural hair color give a shadow-like effect, creating multidimensional hair color. Blonde hair with brown highlights is a safe play hair color as the difference in the hair color will be minimal. The shadow look is the current ruling hair color trend. Both blonde hair with dark roots and shadow look are for someone who wants to get lowlights done but don’t want to overdo it. Milky chocolate, caramel, honey blonde and light golden brown are great ideas to consider.

kaley-cuoco-lowlights-hair-darker-roots-with-shadow-highlights-latest-hair-color-celebrity trends
Kaley Cuoco
Kate Bosworth

3. Blonde Balayage with Lowlights: Single Shade

Balayage is a popular hair highlighting technique in which there’s no precision and is done with hands, unlike the traditional highlighting ones in which foil is used. It gives a more natural look. This is a simple go-to hair technique in only one color is used for lowlights and balayage both. This is the perfect option for adding dimension to hair with a natural look. Also check out more about balayage here: Balayage vs Ombre- All Questions Answered About the Hair Color Trends.

Blake Lively
Behati Bal

4. Different Shades of Blonde with Balayage

In this two different colors or different shades of the same color are used for lowlights at different places. For example, you could get lowlights at your roots of medium golden brown color, and get balayage at the tips of rose gold shade.

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double-highlights-with balayange-celebrity-style-altest-hair-color-trends-2017
Miranda Lambert
Kaley Cuoco

5. Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

While balayage gives a natural sun-kissed look, highlights are perfect for the bold look. Both on runways and red-carpet events, we’ve been seeing blonde celebs opting for a combination of both highlights and lowlights. The color to be used for highlights and lowlights is determined by the natural hair color and also skin-tone. For highlights, go for tips and high points of the hair in two shades lighter than your natural hair color. For lowlights, go for one or two shades darker and add it to the roots of your hair. To know more, check out balayage vs highlights.

Blake Lively
Cara Delevingne
Gigi Hadid

6. Face Framing Lowlights

In face-framing lowlights, the strands of hair that fall on the sides of the face are colored. As we can see in the picture of Gigi Hadid, the roots are of darker with havana brown color and lowlights are done to get prominent face-framing strands. These can also be done in addition to other lowlights.

Gigi Hadid

7. Lowlights to Create Blonde Ombre

Ombre or hair color gradient has been ruling the hair color trends for quite a few seasons now. But this year, the celebs are bitten by the sombre (or subtle ombre) bug. If you are bored of getting ombre, then take the help of lowlights to create blonde ombre style. The ideal colors for blonde hair ombre are different shades of brown, honey, grey, violet and even black.

Julianne Hough

8. Blonde Hair with Lowlights, Dark Roots and Underlights Hair

Underlights are hidden highlights. Getting them along with lowlights and highlights is also a cool option. It all sounds too much of a thing but in simpler words, just pick two colors of a darker shade and you are good to go! Most of the celebrities are opting for a darker shade for the roots and a slightly lighter shade of the same for underlights and lowlights. If you love experimenting, then you can try a darker shade for roots and a completely different color for lowlights, like violet or burgundy. The look by Emma Stone is perf if you’re looking for ideas for blonde hair with lowlights.

Rosie Huntington
Emma Stone
Margot Robbie

9. Multicolor Lowlights

Multicolor lowlights – the name says it all! They are perfect if you want the bold hip-hop look. Feel free to use more than two colors for blonde hair with lowlights. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Katy Perry have been trying this trend. I’m liking Katy Perry’s look, the roots of the hair have different colored lowlight while the face-framing strands have a different color.

kate-hudson-pink-hair-blonde-hair-with low-highlights-2017-latestcolor-trends
Kate Hudson
Katy Perry

So, these are a few ideas for blonde hair with lowlights. Which lowlights in blonde hair are you looking forward to try? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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