Dior Men Summer 2020 Fashion Show is a Modern Spiritual Experience

DIOR MEN'S SUMMER 2020 collection show ss20 homme

The all white look is indefinitely back in fashion with Dior Men Summer 2020 collection. Discover the casual, formal and street style menswear collection!

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Dior Men Summer 2020 collection show ss20 homme

DIOR MENS SUMMER 2020 collection look ss20 homme 1

The runway of Dior Men Summer 2020 fashion show was set up in a dreamy sea of pink, with large letters staged in the center of the runway, spelling out D-I-O-R. Created in collaboration with American artist Daniel Arsham, the collection seemed like a spiritual journey. Or a dream viewed through rose-colored lenses. Arsham’s work itself is a how one would visualize modern spirituality, if one had to.

The collection played with fluidity,  architecture and sculpture, which tie perfectly into how Christian Dior himself designed. “His haute couture was molded and structured – dramatic silhouettes and crafted clothes were soft sculptures in themselves,” mentions the fashion show description about him.

The show started with neutral suits with saches and monochromatic looks and gradually moved on to casual wear having hints of colors like bright orange or blue here and there in white outfits. From formal wear, the show moved on to casual and street style, and then back again. Smooth fabrics like satin, simple silhouettes, and neutral-on-neutral pairings gave the looks a slick vibe!

Short-strap cross-body bags still seem to be the hot favorite for designers on the runways this year and it’s evident with the Dior Men Summer 2020 collection too. Interestingly, for this collection, Dior has collaborated with luxury luggage brand Rimowa. The collab includes backpack, a champagne case, a hand case, a clutch and a cabin suitcase. However, sadly, I feel Dior’s accessory designers could do an even better job by themselves.

DIOR MENS SUMMER 2020 collection look ss20 homme 34

Accessories were noteworthy in every look. Saches a major part of the suits, and white shoes completed neatly every look. Other accessories included pendant chains with DIOR pendants, single earrings, cross-body and saddle bags, brooches, hand-held cases and belts.

The collection had lots of street wear pieces, including sheer shirts, shorts, t-shirts, leather jackets overalls and even sheer pants.


DIOR MENS SUMMER 2020 collection look ss20 homme 18

Prints played an important part of the collection. The first few looks had ink blot art. Later we saw distressed prints with the letters D-I-O-R and logo prints. A version of the Dior newspaper print, introduced in Spring Summer 2000 haute couture collection, made a comeback.

Dior Men Spring 2020: Gallery

Image Credits: Dior

What to Wear on a First Date (VIDEO): First Date Outfits Guys Love

what to wear on a first date sexy casual night ideas guys love

How to select the perfect casual date outfit? Discover how to select the perfect outfit your guy will love. Whether it’s day or night, here is the guide on what to wear on a first date, and be inspired by my outfit ideas!

Hey gorgeous! First dates can be really fun and yet unnerving to prepare for. Especially if you’re excited about your date. You want it all to go well and you want it to end with the promise of a second date. And that’s what calls for a special outfit.

What to Wear on a First Date?

Just like an interview, at a first date, the conversation begins before you even open your mouth. Your style and body language send messages about you to your date, whether you like it or not. And that’s not a bad thing either, after all, you, too, are reading his subconscious signals. Your date may find out whether you made an effort, what kind of a person you are and even whether they want to take this any further just by seeing your outfit.

That’s a lot of pressure on a simple date outfit, isn’t it? But that’s why I’m here to help, just like any best friend should! 😉 So let’s start with the basics. Here’s how to select what to wear. Your casual date outfit needs to:

What to Wear on a First Date casual date outfit shilpa-ahuja-chennai-indian-fashion-blogger-style-travel-look-outfit-casual

Check out this full photo-shoot here: Casual Date Outfit Ideas & My Sexy Date Night Inspiration for Summer

1. Be comfortable

A first date can go very far, if successful. You only have a shot at a real, meaningful relationship if you can spend quality time with them. If you really hit it off, you may want to have a longer date than you had first planned. So sometimes, coffee extends into an ice-cream, too. And you can’t send the subconscious message saying, “Look how comfy I feel with you,” in an itchy or over-tight dress. So if you’re wondering what to wear on a first date, choose a breathable fabric, the right fit and something that doesn’t make you fidgety.

Also check out: First Date Conversation Tips To Avoid Awkward Silence

2. Let you be yourself

Do you feel most like yourself in a pair of shorts, a skirt, a dress or jeans? Whatever it is, wear that. A little experimentation never hurts, but don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you’re true to yourself, your date will reciprocate and it’ll help him (or her) feel like they can be themselves in front of you, too. And that’s the foundation of a strong relationship.

So wear what makes you feel the most comfy – not something too complicated or too showy!


3. Show that you made an effort

You wanna be comfy, feel like yourself and yet look like you put some thought into your first date outfit. So if you feel comfiest in drab clothes, a pair of pajamas and uncombed hair, that’s still not a good date night outfit. If you look presentable, it’ll show your date that you cared enough to plan your look, and it’ll make him feel special. It’ll also encourage him to dress up on the next date, make nice plans, and in the long run, these habits keep the romance alive!

4. Look effortless

Totally contradictory to my previous point and this is where it gets tricky! How can you show that you made an effort and yet look effortless? Well, the trick is to find the right balance. Your casual date outfit should look like you put some thought into it, but it should not seem like you overdressed for the occasion. You don’t want to seem like you got dressed for a gala when it’s just a coffee or dinner date. Seeming over-eager can also be off-putting and making the wrong impression on a first date is not a good idea.

Choose a comfortable yet cute date night dress and keep your venue in mind. For example, if it’s a casual dinner, a skirt and a mini-dress are classic outfits. For a coffee or movie date, jeans with a cute top or sexy jacket are simple outfits to try. If you ask me what to wear on a first date, the answer doesn’t end with just clothing recommendations. Keep your makeup light to go with the casual date outfit. And simple accessories go a long way.

5. Keep your body type in mind

Needless to say, whatever you wear should accentuate your best parts and hide problem areas. I’ve already written much in detail about this, so check out How to Find Your Body Type and How to Dress for It. Dressing for your body shape will make you feel confident and will let you look your best, chicest self!

So I hope my advice on what to wear on a first date was helpful to you. What are you gonna wear to your first date? Lemme know below!

Muaah 🙂

what to wear on a first date sexy casual night ideas guys love

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