Hairstyle Trend Analysis for Spring Summer 2018: #SlubAnalytics

From retro curls to pixie cut to center-parted, discover hairstyle trend analysis for Spring Summer 2018 fashion weeks with #SlubAnalytics!

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Spring Summer 2018: Hairstyle Trend Analysis


Center parted, naturally straight hair

Alberta Ferretti

Back combed and tied

Alexander Wang

Pixie cut with uneven bangs, center-parted wavy hair, long curly bob, eyebrow length bangs

Alice + Olivia

Center-parted wavy hair, eyebrow length bangs, naturally straight

Badgley Mischka

Center-parted, messy, bun


Side parted bob cut, curls, naturally wavy, pixie cut with eyebrow length uneven bangs


Center-parted layered hair, curls, eyebrow length bangs, wavy, side-parted naturally straight

Carolina Herrera

Center-parted, bob cut, curls, pixie cut, center-parted long hair tucked behind ears


Faux bob with face-framing fringes, center-parted tied at the back, wavy long bob cut

Christopher Kane

Center-parted tied at the back and messy


Curly hair, pixie cut, long bob cut with long bangs

Dries Van Noten

Pixie cut, side-parted with a ponytail

Dolce & Gabbana

Center-parted long hair tucked behind ears, straight, long curly bob, eyebrow length bangs, side-combed pixie cut


Naturally wavy, pixie cut, uneven eyebrow length bangs, curls

Elie Saab

Eyebrow length bangs, side-parted, naturally straight

Emporio Armani

Center-parted, eyebrow length bangs, side-parted pixie cut, wavy hair


Side-parted eyebrow length bangs, shoulder length with eyebrow length bangs, ponytail with bangs

Giorgio Armani

Pixie cut


Long uneven bangs, face-framing wavy hair, naturally wavy, side-parted pixie cut, retro curls


Side-parted loose curls, eyebrow length bangs, naturally straight, side-parted pixie cut


Curly hair, bob cut with uneven eyebrow length bangs, center-parted, naturally wavy, pixie cut

Isabel Marant

Eyebrow length bangs, curly hair, short bob cut, center-parted and naturally straight

Louis Vuitton

Side parted bob cut, curly hair, center-parted wavy hair

Maison Margiela

Center-parted long hair tucked behind ears, curly hair, straight, long uneven bangs


Center-parted wavy hair, curls

Max Mara

Pixie cut, multi-braided hair, side-parted long bob cut

Michael Kors

Center parted, naturally straight, long curly bob, multi-braided, side-parted pixie cut, short bob cut


Side-parted pixie cut, center-parted short bob


Pixie cut, uneven eyebrow length bangs

Naeem Khan

Two buns on either side

Oscar de la Renta

Curly bob, straight hair with eyebrow length bangs, side-parted wavy hair, pixie cut, short bob, naturally wavy hair

Prabul Gaurang

Back combed, bob cut


Side-parted pixie cut, uneven eyebrow length bangs, ponytail

Ralph & Russo

Long length bangs, center-parted short bob, center-parted long hair tucked behind ears

Roberto Cavalli

Multi-braided, three ways

Roland Mouret

Bun, curls, eyebrow length bangs, wavy hair, center-parted, naturally straight

Rahul Mishra

Curls, bob cut, side-parted with straight ponytail

Salvatore Ferragamo

Eyebrow length bangs, long straight bob, back combed, side-parted

Simone Rocha

Side parted naturally straight, curls and bob cut


Curls, eyebrow length bangs, center-parted with straight hair


Messy hair, ponytail

Tory Burch

Center-parted with bob cut, straight hair, long length bangs, short bob

Versus Versace

Center parted, long curly bob, long length bangs, side-parted pixie cut, naturally straight

Victoria Beckham

Center parted half up


Naturally wavy, curly bob, side-parted pixie cut, center-parted long hair tucked behind ears

Zac Posen

Side-parted curls, naturally wavy, loose curls

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