Dior Men Summer 2020 Fashion Show is a Modern Spiritual Experience

DIOR MEN'S SUMMER 2020 collection show ss20 homme

The all white look is indefinitely back in fashion with Dior Men Summer 2020 collection. Discover the casual, formal and street style menswear collection!

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Dior Men Summer 2020 collection show ss20 homme

DIOR MENS SUMMER 2020 collection look ss20 homme 1
The runway of Dior Men Summer 2020 fashion show was set up in a dreamy sea of pink, with large letters staged in the center of the runway, spelling out D-I-O-R. Created in collaboration with American artist Daniel Arsham, the collection seemed like a spiritual journey. Or a dream viewed through rose-colored lenses. Arsham’s work itself is a how one would visualize modern spirituality, if one had to.

The collection played with fluidity,  architecture and sculpture, which tie perfectly into how Christian Dior himself designed. “His haute couture was molded and structured – dramatic silhouettes and crafted clothes were soft sculptures in themselves,” mentions the fashion show description about him.

The show started with neutral suits with saches and monochromatic looks and gradually moved on to casual wear having hints of colors like bright orange or blue here and there in white outfits. From formal wear, the show moved on to casual and street style, and then back again. Smooth fabrics like satin, simple silhouettes, and neutral-on-neutral pairings gave the looks a slick vibe!

Short-strap cross-body bags still seem to be the hot favorite for designers on the runways this year and it’s evident with the Dior Men Summer 2020 collection too. Interestingly, for this collection, Dior has collaborated with luxury luggage brand Rimowa. The collab includes backpack, a champagne case, a hand case, a clutch and a cabin suitcase. However, sadly, I feel Dior’s accessory designers could do an even better job by themselves.

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Accessories were noteworthy in every look. Saches a major part of the suits, and white shoes completed neatly every look. Other accessories included pendant chains with DIOR pendants, single earrings, cross-body and saddle bags, brooches, hand-held cases and belts.

The collection had lots of street wear pieces, including sheer shirts, shorts, t-shirts, leather jackets overalls and even sheer pants.


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Prints played an important part of the collection. The first few looks had ink blot art. Later we saw distressed prints with the letters D-I-O-R and logo prints. A version of the Dior newspaper print, introduced in Spring Summer 2000 haute couture collection, made a comeback.

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