Latest Lehenga Blouse Designs for 2019 You Need to Try

From feminine ruffles to bold bikini style choli, here are the latest lehenga blouse designs forecast for 2019 to try this wedding season!

latest Top Design 2019 lehenga-blouse-trends
Featured (L to R): Tarun Tahiliani, Manish Malhotra, Suneet Varma

Hey gorgeous! India Couture Week just ended, and the wedding season is upon us. It’s the time to shop, embrace the traditions while looking trendy! Whether you’re getting married or attending one, the lehenga choli is the go-to Indian wedding attire if you wanna look special.

Latest Lehenga Blouse Designs & Top 9 Trends

With so many new trends coming up every season, it’s getting hard to keep track of what’ll make the perfect lehenga choli. But if you’re looking for the latest lehenga blouse designs, you’re in the right place. In 2019’s fashion weeks, we’re seeing loads of designers marrying bold western chic with Indian traditions. The trends for 2019 are getting sexier, bolder and even practical.


So we’ve rounded up the top and latest designer cholis we want to see making it from runways to weddings. From Rohit Bal to Manish Malhotra to Sabyasachi, the latest lehenga blouse designs and trends for 2019 make the evergreen Indian ethnic lehenga choli even more glam and gorgeous. We’re sure you’ll find something for yourself amongst these lehenga blouse designs patterns. Let’s take a look!

So let’s check ’em all out !

1. Built-In Wired Bra

The trend of pre-padded cholis that don’t require the wearer to wear a bra inside has been trendy for a few years now. But it was always subtly designed, like you wouldn’t know whether the bra is there or not. But in 2019, cholis are showing it off.

It’s not just padded now, but more! Here’s a daring but practical trend – the choli with a built-in bra! This season we’re seeing these latest lehenga blouse designs that look like an extended version of a bra. Or maybe you can define them as western-inspired bralette, like this off-the-shoulder one here:

Shyamal & Bhumika

This one below is a bustier-style top, which is very in right now. It’s a great idea for a fashion show, or for unconventional wedding guests who want to glam up their look! If you want more coverage, ask your designer to add a sheer top panel, or illusion neckline at the top.

Manish Malhotra

This below one by Tahiliani shows the really practical side of the choli with a built-in-bra, as it seems to give shape without being too revealing or bold.

Tarun Tahiliani

These here, for example, provide much more coverage with ruffled sleeves or folded off-the-shoulder designs. These extra elements make the daring choli more wearable.

Suneet Varma

Some are more like regular cholis with padding inside, very practical designs, like this one by Sabyasachi. Great ideas for your engagement or sister’s wedding.


Here are two examples of the built-in-bra choli with and without sleeves. The one on the right is strapless and sleeveless, which looks more like a bustier, not wearable IRL. But the one on the left (is that Karisma Kapoor?) is sleeved and looks way more wearable and convenient.

Falguni & Shane Peacock

2. Choli with Pre-Draped Dupatta

Dupattas have been India’s traditional style since forever, but does the modern Indian woman have the need or time to pin it up, drape and carry it? In the age of crop-tops, off-the-shoulder styles and illusion necklines, what purpose do they serve really? That’s why the practical designs of 2019 include dupatta-less lehengas. Also, this year, we’re seeing a brand new trend – cholis with pre-draped dupattas. Just like built-in-bras, consider these as built-in-dupattas.

Trendy-Lehenga-Designs-2019-pre-draped dupatta Suneet-Varma
Suneet Varma

No more finding and losing, ironing it separately, paying your beautician extra bucks to pin it up only for it to get torn when you take those darned safety pins out at night. Thank you, designers. You finally realized we hate fussy outfits.

Is the millennial Indian woman ditching the dupatta for good? Our choli trend forecast sure suggests so.

1 Trendy-Lehenga-Designs-2019-pre-draped-dupatta-Tarun-Tahiliani-22
Tarun Tahiliani

We’re seeing all sorts of variations in this trend. One of the trending styles in lehenga choli designs is a dupatta-like fabric draped around the shoulders or sewn on one side. Rohit Bal, who doesn’t have a single dupatta in his Winter 2018 collection, has made it even more practical for us by blending the dupatta and choli all into one. Now that’s what we call designer of tomorrow! Bless you, Bal!

Trendy-Lehenga-Designs-2019-pre-draped dupatta Rohit-Bal
Rohit Bal

So if you’re bored of carrying dupattas on lehengas, here is something for you. You can even style up your dupatta like a pre-draped one, like this example:

Trendy-Lehenga-Designs-2019-pre-draped dupatta Falguni

Or wrap it in a new way…

Trendy-Lehenga-Designs-2019-pre-draped dupatta manish malhotra
Manish Malhotra

Shyamal & Bhumika went ahead and removed the whole trail of the dupatta and just kept the bust-covering part, stitched it into the choli itself. Although it doesn’t cover the torso, so I’ll still probably need another dupatta with it. But if it were longer, this would be perfect!

Trendy-Lehenga-Designs-2019-pre-draped dupatta Shyamal-Bhumika-9
Shyamal & Bhumika

3. Large Bows

Trends like ruffles, fur and feathers have been in vogue for quite a few seasons. But 2019 is the time to show off your bold sense of style with something that makes a real statement for a glam look. If you’re bold enough, wear a choli with a large bow, extra large sized ruffle detail or mega-sized flower-pin to steal the show.

Falguni Shane Peacock

Above is a choli with a matching half-a-head-sized red bow, replete with extra-wide ribbons hanging on either side of the shoulder. Love! Below is a larger-than-life-sized flower-pin that makes just as much of a statement if not more.

Manish Malhotra

Not bold enough to wear something so huge? Then go for wide and flouncy ruffle detail on your shoulder and skip the dupatta.

Suneet Varma

Embellished off-the-shoulder choli with ruffle details on the shoulder is a great option for your own engagement, reception or your cousin’s wedding. Or go for a ruffled dupatta.

Gaurav Gupta

4. Bikini Style Choli

It’s time to be bold and show off that cleavage this year, because the bikini-style lehenga choli is super trendy. If you’re bold enough to wear the plunging necklines, then this would be a really sexy look.

latest lehenga blouse designs
Amit Aggarwal

Bikini style lehenga cholis have been amongst the latest lehenga blouse trends for a couple of seasons now and are here to stay. They’re not for conservative gatherings, obvi!

Falguni Shane Peacock

This season, we’re seeing lehenga-cholis with strappy bikini tops, strapless bustiers, bra-style cholis and off-the-shoulder bikini tops. All the focus is on the decolletage. The cholis have embroidery, sequins, brad-fringes and applique designs.

latest lehenga blouse designs
Manish Malhotra

Go for matchy-matchy lehenga choli designs like the Sabyasachi one below, or choose a contrasting color choli like the Malhotra one above, which are still in trend.


I’m loving this fringed and appliqued one! Designer bikini choli paired with a flattering A-cut lehenga is a great option for a friend’s wedding if they have a not-so-conservative family.

Suneet Varma

Here’s a sequined one that’s seamless bralette style.


5. Illusion Neckline

From lehenga cholis to saree blouses to gowns, designers are coming up with illusion neckline in a big way. For 2019, we’re seeing so many embellished, appliqued and embroidered designs, both contrasting or to match the designer lehenga for weddings.

Manish Malhotra

Applique is also one of the latest lehenga blouse designs this year, so go for it on your neckline. Try different styles of necklines, like halter and V-neck above, and high neck here below. You can go for sleeveless or sheer-sleeved cholis. The more embellished the better!

Suneet Varma

Full sleeved designer cholis are a great way to pull off illusion neck in the early winter time. Look sexy for the wedding all the while not being too cold. You can also try a feather-trimmed crop jacket paired it  for a destination or mid-winter wedding.

Gaurav Gupta

Or you can go for fur trimmings on the sleeves of the choli itself…

Falguni /Shane Peacock

These two designs by Tahiliani prove that even brides can rock a classy and modest-looking illusion neckline.

Tarun Tahiiani

6. Ruffles

We’ve been seeing ruffles in Indian fashion for a couple of seasons now. Ruffles are very feminine and romantic, and with a little ruffle detail, a simple lehenga transforms into something very eye-catching. Go for ruffles on the sleeves of your choli, or bold statement ruffles on the shoulder of the choli.

Falguni & Shane Peacock

A large flounce along the off-the-shoulder hemline is one of the latest lehenga blouse designs this season. Go for a simple lehenga with a matching flouncy layer and let the choli steal the show!

Gaurav Gupta
Suneet Varma

Here’s a new trend – a choli with ruffled flouncy half sleeves. Perfect for your engagement or cousin’s wedding.

Manish Malhotra

You can also go for a demure-looking choli with ruffles all over it. Below, a large frill transforms what could have been a daring off-the-shoulder choli into something cute and romantic. Wearable but it doesn’t even need a dupatta!

blouse design 2019 image sue mue
Sue Mue

7. Off-the-Shoulder and Strapless Choli

If you’re bold enough to wear strapless blouses, opt for a sexy metallic or black lehenga with cool botanical motifs or chevron pattern! Strapless lehenga cholis and off-the-shoulder blouses are still in and are making a trendy fashion statement. It’s the stuff magazine covers are made of!

Lehenga-blouse Trends-2019-strapless Choli-Amit-Aggarwal
Amit Aggarwal

We saw ruffled and embellished fancy cholis paired with matching or contrast-colored lehengas on the runways. Or if you’re feeling like it, go for a bandeau choli to get the stares!

Lehenga-blouse Trends-2019-strapless Choli-suneet-varma
Suneet Varma

Who says off-the-shoulder has to only be a bold choice? Pin the dupatta on one shoulder and show some skin on the other.

Lehenga-blouse Trends-2019-strapless Choli-Tarun-Tahiliani
Tarun Tahiliani

Here are the three styles of cholis to try this year – the off-the-shoulder, the strapless and the one-shoulder. All look sexy and it just depends on your comfort factor what you wanna go for. You can also add statement ruffled or fur-trimmed sleeves if you don’t wanna show too much skin.

Lehenga-blouse-Trends-2019-strapless-Choli- Manish Malhotra
Manish Malhotra

Who says strapless cholis are too bold for brides? Sabysachi proves even brides can rock ’em!


8. Peplum Choli

Peplum cholis are very elegant and perfect for the modern Indian woman! It’s such a fresh combination of western and Indian desi styles and I’m already loving this trend. We saw full-sleeved royal peplums as well as strappy and sexy ones. Go for a sleeved peplum top with your lehenga for winter weddings, your  family function or office colleague’s wedding. This is the perfect attire for any age group.

2019 designer lehenga choli blouse Shyamal-Bhumika-7

You can also try a sleeveless peplum blouse in an embellished or sequined fabric and pair it with plain lehenga and and sheer dupatta with embellishments to give an amazing look. Great idea for rakhi or teej.

2019 designer lehenga choli blouse Sue-Mue
Sue Mue

For a bolder look, go for a strappy or off-the-shoulder peplum choli and pair it with a heavily embellished lehenga to make a real statement. Peplum lanchas are among the latest lehenga blouse designs for 2019. Wear something like this to your BFF’s wedding or to your wedding sangeet.

2019 designer lehenga choli blouse Tarun-Tahiliani
Tarun Tahiliani

We saw the peplum styles on so many designers’ runways. Here’s an asymmetric, halter high-low peplum kurti paired with a plain silk lehenga.

2019 designer lehenga choli blouse Ritu-beri
Ritu Beri

A peplum kurti can also give your old lehenga a whole new look. You can pair it with jeans or salwaar pants as well as a lehenga and create multiple looks. Great idea for a cocktail party.

2019 designer lehenga choli blouse rohit-bal-(12)
Rohit Bal

9. Statement Backs

Be it lehenga cholis or saree blouses, women in India have always had the fashion sense to go for daring and sexy back designs. From halter to backless to knotted to dori, statement backs have been the go-to thing to try for every Indian fashionista for decades, if not centuries!

This year, backs with even more intricate details are among the top trending style in latest lehenga blouse designs.

latest lehenga blouse designs trends 2019 back suneet-varma-2
Suneet Varma

So if you’re bored of plain backs, here is something for you. Go for bead-fringes, tassles, ribbons or cross-shoulder straps.

latest lehenga blouse designs trends 2019 back tarun
Tarun Tahiliani

Or just go for a pretty floral cut-work design at the back.

Manish Malhotra

So those were the latest lehenga blouse designs and trends. Which choli trend is your favorite this year and what are you most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments below and show us your blouses by tagging me on your Instagram pics @shilpaahujadotcom!

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