Coat Trends & Latest Jacket Styles for 2021: HOT New Looks to Try

From sexy new silhouettes to cute double fabric look, discover the latest coat trends and jacket designs for Spring Summer 2021 to guide you for your next shopping trip!

Coat Trends Latest Jacket Styles designs 2021

Hey gorgeous! The weather is still cold, but yet changing just a bit everyday! And we know what that means – at least some jackets on sale! Whether you’re shopping or not, it’s always important to be in the know about the latest in fashion trends. So I’m here with yet another trend forecast for 2021 – the jacket and coat trends!

Latest Jacket & Coat Trends for 2021

Last year was mostly about being at home, but boy, the cold made sure I wore loads of sweaters and jackets even at home! So doing research for this article was surely fun for me.

As always, to round up this list of latest coat trends, I checked out the latest collections from all the design houses, looked and relooked at all the outerwear. I was sure to find many old trends this season, too. But I was pleasantly surprised to see so many new jacket designs. Perhaps, 2020s will be the decade that’ll redefine outerwear!

Coat Trends Latest Jacket Styles for 2021
Maison Margiela, Givenchy

So let’s check them out what this year will have in store for you fashionistas!

1. New Silhouettes

Want your new coat to really seem new? Well, then you gotta find something unique as far as its cut or style is concerned. Forget the simple collar and lapel A-line belted look. This year, everything changes with the latest coat trends.

We’re seeing all sorts of creative new silhouettes in the designer collections. Prada had interesting shawl-style outerwear with arm-holes, whereas YSL came up with lapel-less low-neck coat design. Versace and Balmain did away with the belt by creating a single button or belt-thingie double-breasted look of sorts. On the other hand, McQueen created a new length for the formal bar jacket – the crop one! Sign me up – wait, not anymore, I have winter-love-handles!

latest outerwear jacket coats trends style 2021 new-silhouettes
(L to R): Prada, Saint Laurent, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Balmain

2. Boyfriend Jacket

The ever-trendy boyfriend jacket a.k.a. oversized bar jacket or lapel jacket is still very very hot this year. Pair it with hot-shorts, trousers or cycling shorts. The boyfriend jacket is a slightly loose fitted one, so it works well for work-from-home days when you have a Zoom-meeting. Or of course, it can also be perfect for a night out with your colleagues.

We saw it with a menswear touch – wool fabrics and pin-stripe. And we also saw the jacket with a feminine spin on it, in a lovely lavender color paired with a crop sweater and shorts (Versace).

latest outerwear trends styles spring 2021 boyfriend-jacket
Alberta Ferretti, Saint Laurent, Max Mara, Versace, Valentino

3. Double Fabric

We started seeing the mixed-media trend in jeans back in 2018 already, and seeing mixed fabrics in jackets gives them a really fresh look this year. We saw a very creative use of multiple fabrics, both in terms of fabric combinations and their placement. In the coming seasons, maybe we’ll expect the coat trends to play with even different materials and hardware.

Burberry blurred the boundaries between different types of jackets, to create a denim-plus-trench coat. Chanel came up with a cute red jacket that had glossy front panels. Zuhair Murad created the half-and-half look with a black and white bar jacket that would certainly be a statement maker. So did D & G, using a combination of rich brocade fabrics, one on each side, and yet other fabrics for lapels. This was my favorite one – really extra. McQueen also created a kind of layered look with dark-colored front panels.

latest coat trends jacket styles spring 2021 double-fabric
Burberry, Chanel, Zuhair Murad, Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander McQueen

4. Lapel Play

It’s common to see large and oversized lapels, but that was so 2020s. This decade is all about the new and creative ways to be fashionable. So designers have come up with interesting lapel styles. These coat trends are super-Insta-ready and very chic.

Hermes created a sort of rolled-up lapel design, which is my favorite this season, as it looks really eye-catchy. Fendi came up with faux-lapels as well as wide-shouldered neckline with surface work on lapels. Armani brought the lapels down to the hemline, buttoning them up in a double-breasted style. Really cool. And Balmain was another favorite of mine in this list. They created an asymmetric design with one lapel extending down beyond the jacket hemline, kinda just hanging down! Very statement.

hottest coat style try ss21 2021 lapel-play
Fendi, Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Balmain

5. Half Sleeved

Although personally and practically-speaking, I’m not a big fan of sleeveless and half-sleeved jackets, as I don’t like my arms to get cold. However, for those of you gals whose arms don’t get very cold, here’s an old trend making a comeback this year.

Moschino came up with fur-lined crop-sleeves on a crop jacket, giving a very casual look. Whereas Dior had elbow-length sleeves on a lapel-less coat. The two uber-chic jackets we saw were by Chanel and Alberta Ferretti, each of whom had folded-up half-sleeves on a light-jacket. Chanel paired theirs with a crop top whereas Ferretti paired the jacket with a mini-skirt. Prada came up with an oversized, half-and-puffy-sleeved coat .

latest outerwear trends new ss21 2021 half-sleeved
Dior, Chanel, Moschino, Alberta Ferretti, Prada

6. Hybrid Styles

Here’s perhaps my favorite among the coat trends of 2021 – hybrid styles, or outerwear that mixes two different jacket designs. Designers got really creative, breaking all fashion rules and mixing different silhouettes, fabrics and cuts. Blurring the boundaries between traditional outerwear, this is a great trend that I hope will continue throughout 2020s decade.

Chanel mixed the look of a tuxedo by adding a satin lapel to a bomber jacket, giving a casual chic look. Burberry gave their classic trench coat a full makeover by creating a trench-denim-leather jacket hybrid. Ralph and Russo created a classic bar jacket with a casual twist – a waist knot. And Mara subverted the expectations of the casual bomber jacket by adding a cape silhouette.

ideas runway jackets trends stylish spring 2021 hybrid-styles
Chanel, Burberry, Ralph and Russo, Max Mara

7. Double Jacket Look

We’ve already seen the layered up look in dresses and tops. This season, welcome this look in jackets and coat trends too. Designers introduced the double jacket look, which as the name suggests makes it look like you’re wearing two jackets, either with a double collar or a double hemline.

Givenchy’s brown leather jacket had two sets of collars – one high and another low. McQueen gave their suit jacket a double look by creating front panels, which gave a crop-jacket-worn-over-the-suit-jacket look. Burberry designed their raincoat with a layered look, which seemed like a crop jacket worn over the long overcoat.

trending outerwear new jackets spring 2021 double-jacket
Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Burberry

8. High Low

Here’s another trend we’ve previously seen only in dresses and tops. High low jackets are a really new thing and I’m all for it. Especially if it’s well-designed and cute-looking! Perfect for adding a head-turner to your wardrobe, go for this if you want a brand new look.

Zuhair Murad’s suit jacket was my favorite in this section. They designed a belted (with a bow) jacket that had lace-trimmings on a high low hem, shorter in the front and going down to the calves at the back, replete with ruffles. Giorgio Armani designed an asymmetric jacket whose button placket went diagonally across the front to touch a shoulder, shorter on one side and longer on the other. Maison Margiela’s high-low jacket had a perfect crop cut in the front, but then lengthened out at the sides.

high-low trendy coat jackets hot styles winter 2021
Giorgio Armani, Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Zuhair Murad

9. The New Denim Jacket

The denim jacket gets a makeover and it’s high time. For ages, we’ve only seen some random bad designs created by local brands, whereas the top designers only played safe with longer and crop cuts. But we’re finally getting high fashion brands’ take on how the denim jacket can have a new avatar. Or many.

In tune with the above trend, McQueen created a really cute high-low denim jacket, which is navel-level-crop in the front, and even has poufy sleeves. Dior made the already casual denim jacket even more casual by removing the collar, and making it oversized, giving it a humble  kimono-esque look. Coach added extra front panels on what’s a denim overcoat. And Balenciaga’s black denim look had a regular jacket worn with a (or attached to?) another jacket that seemed to just hang down from the waist like a butt cape!

This is one of the coolest coat trends that you can definitely include in your closet as one can’t have too many wardrobe essentials!

trending outerwear jacket trends fall 2021-new-denim-jacket
Dior, Coach, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen

10. Flounce Sleeves

A play on sleeves isn’t exactly new and exciting, but it certainly is a trend this season. We saw jackets with both full and half flounce sleeves. This is one of the coat trends that adds just a bit of extra to your jacket without being overly crazy or too runway-esque. So it’s a more wearable way of adding charm to your wardrobe in 2021.

Fendi’s modified bell sleeves on a double-breasted white overcoat is really cool. I love the pairing with marigold pumps and white gloves. Max Mara had so many cute designs I included two below – one with half and half mixed fabric bell sleeves. And another was a crop jacket with Bishop sleeves with a circular flounce at the end. Really cute.

trendy coat jackets hot styles winter 2021 flounce-sleeves
Fendi, Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti, Max Mara

11. Logo

Here’s a trend I never like repeated but here we are. Logos are one of the controversial fashion trends, which makes some people feel wannabe and others included. Sometimes people swear off large logos, and at other times we see even celebs rocking large logos on their clothing. Jackets are especially a no-no when it comes to logos considering how much extra surface they have, and most people prefer them plain and solid. Anyway, I’m seeing that this year’s coat trends have made the logo cool again, with designers introducing some new designs and patterns.

Forget the large logo simply sprawled across your chest. And welcome the new log art. Chanel’s leather jacket is my favorite: with silver lapels and silver logo, with its letters strewn across the sleeves asymmetrically. Really really chic. Can you believe this isn’t one of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs?! Anyway, moving on, Balmain and Gucci created geometric design fabrics with their logo patterns. Roberto Cavalli created an interesting collage-like effect with the logo written in different colors and fonts on the jacket. Very street-style.

latest outerwear trends styles spring 2021 logo
Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Balmain, Gucci

So I hope you liked our roundup of the latest coat trends and jacket designs of 2021. Which is your favorite and least favorite trend this year? Lemme know in the comments below. If you add any of these trends in your wardrobe, do share your pic by tagging me on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom so I can ‘like’ it!

Muaah <3

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