Fashion Forecast 2019 Spring Summer: Runway, Celeb, Insta Trends

Going shopping? Check out our fashion forecast 2019 first! From celeb style to runway, from party to street style, here are the top 11 fashion trends for Spring Summer 2019. 

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Hey gorgeous! Spring is here and if you’re going shopping, here’s what to read first! After analyzing the Spring Summer 2019 runway collections for months and months, I’m finally bringing to you our fashion forecast 2019. And as a bonus, I’ve even gone through the most popular Instagram accounts to pick out the top trending fashion looks from brands’ feeds and celebrity style.

Fashion Forecast 2019 Spring Summer

In this year’s trending fashion styles list, there’s a mix of fresh trends we’ve never seen before, as well as those we’ve already been wearing, but they’re still going strong, and looking chic as ever. For example we’re seeing denim in an all new light. And feathers, for example, are just back from the seasons past! Anyway, let’s take a look at them all and see how the celebs are wearing it, too!

1. Unusual Denim Inspirations

So far, other than jeans itself, it’s not uncommon to see the fabric used in dresses, jackets, shirts and even shoes. But this year, designers got even more creative and used denim as an inspiration for newer silhouettes and pieces. Denim is no longer about the fabric, but also colors and the overall look. Experimental denim items and denim inspirations are top of our list for fashion forecast 2019 for Spring/Summer. We saw denim-inspired gown, tops, crochet dresses and denim outerwear.

2. Ruching & Draping

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

From ruched waistlines to fully ruched dresses, we’re seeing draping and ruching as one of the top trends in fashion forecast 2019. This is a very wearable fashion style and it can be worn subtly ( like in a top a la Balenciaga). or in a bolder way (like in an asymmetric dress a la Givenchy).

3. Head-to-Toe Neutrals


Neutrals are hardly a new trend in the world of fashion. However, they’re now more than ever in vogue. Neutrals are still topping the list of trendy nail colors for 2019. While fashion influencers and celebs like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are rocking all neutral street style outfits, a lot of women are even building neutral wardrobes. And of course, head-to-toe neutrals are taking place of head-to-toe black outfits on the runways of the top fashion designers this year, like Dior, Chanel, Fendi and many more. Take a look…

4. Blue-Collar Worker-Inspirations

Gigi Hadid Kendall Jenner
Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner

Khaki is one of the top fashion color trends for Spring Summer 2019. And in addition to that, we’re seeing tons of construction worker and labor inspired outfits with safety wear collars, cargo pants, workwear jackets and matching sets. This is one of the freshest trends in this year’s fashion forecast 2019. Not exactly my style, but it would be a cute experiment!

5. Loose Trousers

In the hot seasons, we can all use wearable, comfortable, airy clothing. So I’m really happy to see loose trousers in a huge number of Spring Summer 2019 designer collections. Paired with tunics, peplums, blouses, jackets and crop tops, these have already entered my closet! Think of them as this year’s version of palazzos! I’m particularly loving the matching sets and Dolce’s khaki trousers.

6. Fluorescent Colors

Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner

While 2018 was all about the 90s inspired holographic trend, 2019 has brought back fluorescents. But I must say, I’m not loving it, it seems unwearable IRL and may only work for certain shades. For example, Giorgio Armani’s fluorescent turquoise is quite cute, so I guess one could make it work. And if all else fails, perhaps we’ll leave it to Kylie Jenner to wear fluorescent lingerie under a see through white dress. Ugh!

7. Excessive Ruffles

Emily Ratajkowski

Ruffled dresses and gowns have been making rounds on all the runways of all seasons for the last two years. But this year, instead of going slow, this trend is getting even bolder! So if you aren’t a fan of ruffles, move on to the next trend! Anyway, all-over ruffles are one of the top dress trends of 2019, and we’re seeing both big and small frills on the runways and on celebs, magazine covers – you name it.

8. Bows

Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill

From big to small, from decorative to functional, dresses to neck scarves to shoes, bows are everywhere this year. They’re one of the big hits in our fashion forecast 2019 for Spring Summer, since you can really wear them anywhere – work to party. Although I’m loving the big ones that can make a “huge” statement, literally!

9. Feathers

Feathers are usually a fall trend, however they are following us to the spring/summer season this year. They’re taking place of floral appliques for 2019! And honestly, I’m not pleased. Most designers don’t use faux-fur, and you know how much we at dislike anything that harms animals. So yes, I’ll just find some sustainable alternatives, thank you!

10. Netting

Fishnet, straw-net and netted crochet – the Spring Summer 2019 runway shows explored the trend of netting in all its glory. This is one of the most unexpected yet wearable trends in our fashion forecast 2019. It’s a fresh alternative to last year’s extreme sheer trend. Oh, well.

11. Edgy

Sharp angles and pointy corners – this spring, fashion is going to give you a new way to be edgy! This is a great trend for the unconventional fashionista. I’d surely love to try it!

So I hope our fashion forecast 2019 was helpful. Which out of these 11 Spring Summer 2019 fashion trends is your favorite? And which one is your least favorite? Lemme know below, and don’t forget to show me your own SS19 looks on Insta by tagging me @shilpaahujadotcom. I’d love to see your style!

Muaah <3

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