7 New Sunglasses Trends for 2018 | Women’s Most Fashionable Accessory

Spring-Summer collections without sunglasses? Impossible! Check out the new sunglasses trends for 2018 and as I keep saying, beat the heat in style!

new sunglasses trends sunglasses-trends-spring-summer-2018-latest-trends-womensHey fashionista! Sunglasses have been a most important fashion accessory and one of my personal favorites, too! I own more than a dozen of them and my mom keeps asking why do I need so many of them when all of them serve the same purpose! And my reply to this is when all the apparels serve the same purpose why do we need so many varieties of them! Finally, my mom gives up and I keep buying the latest trendy sunglasses very often.

Ok, enough about myself! Let’s get back to the point at hand. After going through all the Spring Summer 2018 collections we’ve rounded up the new sunglasses trends for 2018. So, don’t forget to check out this article before you go to shop sunglasses this season.

7 New Sunglasses Trends for Women for Spring 2018

1. Blade Style Sunglasses

In Fall 2017 sunglasses trends, blade style trend was the #8 trend and now it has made all the way up to the top of the new sunglasses trend for 2018. Blade style sunglasses give the sporty and cool look. Rectangular, broad-framed, contrast and mirrored blade style ones are ruling the runways in SS18 collections.

2. Narrow Sunglasses

Narrow sunglasses are back with a bang! Designers like Prada and Louis Vuitton are coming with this latest concept in the sunglasses – narrow and sleek. The sunglass just end in between the nose, unlike the oversized ones that end at the tip of the nose. Go for the sleek ones this season, girls!

3. Mirror Sunglasses

Mirror sunglasses are just not going away anytime sooner. For a couple of seasons now, they have been on the hit list of the sunglasses trends. And here they are in the new sunglasses trends of 2018 too! We saw all shapes in the fashion week. I loved the one by Louis Vuitton that combines two of the top sunglasses trends – narrow and mirror.

4. Embellished Sunglasses

Both minimal and statement embellishments are trendy this season. We saw studded and floral embellishments on the sunglasses. Headstart your parties with the embellished sunglasses.

5. Pop-Colored Frames

Contrasting frames was a thing last season but bright colored frames are hot now! Red, pink, and yellow are some of the colors to pick from to get started with this trend. Go for either pop colored frame with a matching lens or contrasting one!

6. Round Oversized Sunglasses

Both narrow and oversized sunglasses are trendy for Summer 2018. Designers need to make a stable decision here! Round and oversized sunglasses were trendy last year, too. But for 2018, designers have combined the trend and we’re loving them. We saw round oversized sunglasses in some of our favorite designers like Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, etc. If you wanna make a statement, put on the fur round oversized ones by Dolce & Gabbana.

7. Rectangular Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses are one of the hottest sunglasses trends for 2018. Both matching and contrasting frames are trendy. The lines between the wayfarer and rectangular sunglasses are blurring in Spring Summer 2018. However, rectangular oversized ones are runway favorites.

So, these are the latest trends in sunglasses for 2018. Which trend did you like the most and looking forward to try? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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