New Dress Styles & Top 11 Dress Trends for Spring Summer 2019

Want to update your closet with chic dresses? From bold to wearable, here are 11 new dress styles for Spring Summer 2019 anyone can pull off! 

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Hey gorgeous! Spring is a lovely season, when we all bring out our beautiful dresses. But what better way can there be to get a head start on spring fashion than by rocking some new dress styles?

Over-analyzing every season’s runway collections is one of our main and favorite jobs here at This season, I spotted a total of 45 trends in dresses alone. So you can imagine, selecting the top dress trends for this article was stressful! Which ones should really make this list? Well, finally I selected the 11 new dress styles I feel will really rule Spring Summer 2019. So let’s take a look, and get ready before your next shopping trip!

1. Layering

Layered dresses are one of the top new dress styles for 2019. After seeing seasons of sheer dresses no one knew how to wear, we’re happy to see designers being practical this season. This is a good thing, since layering can be a great way to feel cozy in the chilly spring evenings. We’re seeing major fashion houses like Dior, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Prada come up with dresses that are layered over another dress, blouses or bodysuits.

2. Ruffle Overload

Ruffles are nothing new. But what’s new in SS19 is the dresses that are completely covered with ruffles. So if you love some frill in your wardrobe, go ahead and feel like a princess with a dress that’s overloaded with ruffles all over! It’s one of the hottest Spring Summer 2019 fashion trends.

3. Knotted

70s style knot details are back! Ruched, knotted waistlines are trending right now in dresses, and they also help hide all the tummy fat! Hello, Coke and fries! But yeah, other than that, knotting is also great for vest hemlines and shoulder straps.

4. Kimono Style

Want an exotic twist in your spring wardrobe? One of the new dress styles has the perfect oriental spin every girl would love to try in 2019! We saw kimono style dresses in so many SS19 collections – it’s clear the designers are crazy about kimono! We saw kimono inspired sleeves, gowns and even one-sleeved dresses. So take your pick when you go shopping! Pair it with a top knot to complete the Japanese look!

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5. Multimedia

In dresses, 2019 will be all about mixing prints and textures. A multimedia dress is a definite must-have. Multimedia is a great way to make a statement. This is a very bold style and not as easy to pull off as other trends. The new dress styles use unexpected combinations, like metal over plexi or thread, leather and tweed with lightweight chiffon. We’re also seeing a mix of different types of surface techniques and hardware on the runways, like grommets, sequins, studs, patchwork and applique with mesh or lamé.

6. Bows

Bows are a major element we’ll be seeing in the new dress styles of 2019. Both large and small, retro-style and contemporary bows are trendy. Go for dresses with bows on belts, bow details on shoulder or even large statement bows at the neckline.

7. Bikini Inspiration

Summer is the time to hit the beach. Maybe that’s why so many designers came up with dresses that have a bikini-style décolletage. This is one of the bolder dress trends for Summer 2019 that will be perfect for barbecue parties or beach nights. You can even try a bikini-inspired gown for your friend’s beach wedding!

8. Off-the-Shoulder Bandeau Strap

Here’s one of the most unique new dress styles for Spring Summer 2019. We spotted so many dresses with a bandeau scarf-style detail on the SS19 runways. We also saw variations of the bardot dress, and even the 70s style disco ruffle. However, a skin-hugging, chest-covering, off-the-shoulder bardot strap is the newest trend on our radar. I’d love to try this one!

9. Large Pockets

We’ve always been complaining about how stupid women’s handbags are, and the lack of pockets in women’s jeans and dresses. It seems that finally the designers have listened. That’s why extra-large pockets are a major element in the top dress styles for 2019. Honestly, I hate carrying handbags these days. They’re way too heavy when traveling and way too unnecessary when I’m just going to get a cup of coffee. So let’s just say that a dress with large pockets is going to my own shopping list!

10. Jacket Sets

If you have to wear a jacket this year, it has to absolutely match your dress. I guess that’s the rule the fashion designers are making for 2019. Fashion houses like Versace, Chanel, Armani, etc. paired dresses with matchy jackets or coats. TBH, I wouldn’t mind a dress-jacket pair myself, it would make for really cool Instagram street-style pics!

11. Ultra Plunging V Neck

Every season, especially spring/summer, brings a new way to show skin! Last year (2018) it was the inverted cleavage. The year before that (2017) was all about the underboob. And 2016 was the year of the sideboob. And voila! 2019 is back with the extended V neckline, which plunges below the cleavage to reveal the upper stomach. So your toned abs will have another way to peek out! We’re seeing both oversized and well-fitted dresses with low-cut V necks.

So I hope these 2019 trends will help you try new dress styles when you’re out shopping next. Lemme know which styles you tried, and which you loved the most! If you try one of these dress trends, don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram pic @shilpaahujadotcom, and I’ll heart it!

Muaah 🙂

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