First Date Conversation Tips To Avoid Awkward Silence

A first date is always special but striking the right balance in conversation topics can be tricky. Here are a few first date conversation tips that’ll help you impress and score a second date! 

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Hey there! Getting the first date isn’t tough but making interesting conversation is hard! It’s important to avoid anything too sensitive that can ruin your date’s mood. You also have to make sure they know how interested you are in getting to know them.

There are different types of people, some may be spontaneous and some may need prior preparation to win hearts. Whatever type you may be, it is always important to think of what to talk about when you’re going for a first date!

Keep it positive as much as possible and never continue any conversation if you get a feeling that the other person is getting uncomfortable to talk about a topic. It’s a good idea to avoid personal questions or touchy subjects (and even sensitive jokes) right on the first date. It is very important to first understand the person. So, let’s get started with first date conversation tips.

15 First Date Conversation Tips

1. Where You’re From


To start with, you can introduce each other (profession or where you live) if this is the first time you’re talking to each other. One of the things you can ask your date is where they were born, how long they’ve been living in the city. You can also ask about their favorites places to hang out in the city or which place in the world they like the most.

2. Interests

Knowing each other’s interests on a first date is a good idea as it will help in future if the date clicks! Ask about their past time, hobbies, how they spend their weekends, etc. In this way, you can find mutual interest too! This will also help you have a long conversation and stay away from asking too personal things.

If at any point you think that you love something and the other person doesn’t, then don’t make them feel bad about not knowing or liking it. Just move on to the things they love, and be open-minded about their interests.

Always keep the conversation flowing. Keep asking questions based on their answers. This way, you can have a long and good conversation.

3. Career or Goal

what-to-talk-on-first-date-ideas-advice-tipsAsk about their long-term ambition and dream job. Having this topic as a part of your conversation will also help you know if you can fit in their future or not. You can also get an idea of whether they are a career-oriented person, whether they have a specific goal in life or just take things as they come!

4. Family & Pet Talks

Try to know about their family, how close they are to each other. Which family member is closest to them and how often they get time to spend to each other are a few questions you can ask! Ask if they have any pets and if not, would they ever like to get any.

5. Movies

First Date Conversation Tips what-to-talk-on-first-date-ideas-tips-latest

This is one of the best first date conversation tips. In this golden age of Netflix and Hotstar, people are super addicted to movies and TV shows. Know what type of movies they like, favorite movie characters, most watched movie, best TV series, any character they wish they could become and lots more! There is actually so much to talk about this topic, provided the two of you are interested in it. If your first date isn’t into movies or TV, other similar topics would be music preferences or books.

6. Sports

We know guys and sports gel well with each other. But guys, take it slow with this topic. You don’t want to discuss this as you do with your BFF. First get to know if the other person likes sports or not. Don’t discuss any kind of sport in which the other person has no interest. Working out and gym are similar topics to dive into, but again, beware that our date may not be interested in these.

7. Vacations

first-date-coversation-tips-what-to-talkMe being a vacation person, if given a chance I’d spend my whole first date talking about them. But yeah you don’t want the person to get bored so small vacation talks is one of the good first conversation tips. Talk about what all the places they have been to and which place they liked the most. Ask them what kind of places they would love to visit in future and of course, how often they travel. This way, you can check your compatibility.

8. Food Talks

If your date is a foodie, then having this conversation would be apt. And everyone knows that foodies are the best people to be friends with! Also, talking about food you can get you to know about each other’s faves, which cuisine they like the most and whether they cook or not. If yes you can ask a heap of question on how often they cook, the signature dish, etc. Don’t ask them to cook for you right on your first date though; you don’t want them to fell obliged!

9. Friends

first-date-conversation-tips-ideas-advice-what-to-talkWho doesn’t like to talk about their friends? I’m sure they would be more than excited to let you know about their friend circle. Having this conversation will help you know what type of company your date likes and what they do when they are with their close ones.

On first dates, it is always important to listen more and talk less, in this way, you’ll get to know the person better! Ask them if they have many friends or only a few close ones, for how long have they been friends with them, etc!

10. Routine Life

While some people are excited to talk about their routine, others feel quite insecure if they really don’t do anything and spend their days killing time just like that. If the latter is the case you might want to give a second thought to your relationship. Getting to know their daily chores, the way they spend their weekends, people they hang out with and all such details will give you an insight into their overall personality.

11. Childhood Memories

first-date-conversation-tips-what-to-talkChildhood holds some good and bitter memories for everyone. Stay away from the bitter ones and get to know about their special childhood memories, specially bonded people, favorite games, naughty incidents in childhood and all about it. Surely, you’ll see a cute smile on their face when they talk about their pre-teens.

12. Talents

No person is devoid of talents and knowing them will make the person know that you have a special interest in them. How did they come to know about their talents, what are their special talents, according to them and who inspires them are a few questions to ask about their talents.

13. Workplace or College

jughead-betty-first-date-conversation-tips-latestA workplace is one of the first date conversation tips for a long talk! You actually have so much to talk about this and just keep asking questions where the first one’s answer ends. This can help you have a long conversation and also get to know about their work life. Talk about their colleagues, how long they have been working, do they like their work or not and what type of work they have done in the past.

Things Not to Ask

Never ask about past relationships or overly personal things. This will help make you seem too nosy or intrusive. Don’t even think of asking things like the most embarrassing moment or any such thing that will make them feel low or create a negative memory of your date.

So, these are a few first date conversation tips. Hope these are helpful in impressing your date. What are your first date conversation expereince? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja or commenting below. 

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