Dior So Real Sunglasses Get a Cool Tricolor Twist


Hey everyone! We have yet another reason to plan a closet update this season – the latest Dior So Real sunglasses! The sexy women’s sunglasses get more hip this year with a striped 3-color design. Oh la-la, je les desire!

Check them out:


The pink, grey and yellow striped ones are certainly the most eye-catchy, but my favorite ones are the purple, grey and pink striped ones. There’s also a pair in deep grey and one in silver, which is also quite fun-looking:

Here’s Marion Cotillard in the Lady Dior handbag campaign featuring these beauties:

Lady Dior ad campaign visual with Marion Cotillard featuring DiorSoReal sunglasses

DiorSoReal sunglasses

Did you enjoy the behind-the-scenes video of the latest Dior So Real sunglasses? And what did you think of these sunnies? And would you like me to feature one of these in my next look? Lemme know below!

Muaah XOXO 🙂

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Image Credits: Dior