Women’s Sunglasses Trends for Fall 2018 | 8 Fashion Sunglasses

From unique frame shapes to various colors, the sunglasses trend for 2018 report is something you’ll not want to miss! Take a look at the women’s sunglasses trends.

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Hey gorgeous! Sunglasses are one of my most favorite accessories next to handbags. There are so many different styles coming up every season. Even in Fall Winter 2018 collections, we saw many new trends like red sunglasses, transparent frame ones, neon sunglasses and many such interesting designer women’s sunglasses trends. Check out our Spring 2018 Sunglasses Trend SlubAnalytics Report

Apart from the new trends some earlier trends also live on, like oversized ombre, cat-eye and mirrored trends too. But surely, in our best 8 women’s sunglasses list, we strive to only feature the best and latest trends from all the major collections.

Let’s check out the fashion sunglasses trends for women for 2018.

Women’s Sunglasses Trends

1. Neon Sunglasses

Neon colors are making a comeback in the Fall-Winter 2018 collections. We also saw neon handbags and now neon sunglasses. Go colorful this fall! From orange to pink to green to yellow and neon red, the neon sunglasses are sure gonna get you a statement makeover. Design houses like Prada, Emporio Armani, Moschino are bringing the neon trend back this season.

2. Clear Sunglasses

Don’t mistake them for the reading glasses as I first did. The transparent or clear sunglasses look similar to the reading glasses but of course, they are sunglasses, only less opaque. From slight grey shade to green to yellow, choose your favorite color and go clear with this unique sunglass trend!

3. Narrow Sunglasses

Narrow Matrix-style sunglasses were one of the best shades for 2017. Even this year, they are amongst the top women’s sunglasses trends. If you did not invest in them yet, now is the time! Make sure the sunglasses end just midway through the nose! From pool parties to casual evening walks, the narrow sunglasses are sure gonna win hearts. From embellished to double bridged to the metal frame, we’re seeing so many avatars of the narrow sunglasses.

We also included this trend in our Top Must-Have Fashion Items for Fall 2018:

4. Exceptional Frames

Apart from the classic cat-eye, round and rectangular shapes, in Fall 2018 collections we’re seeing entirely out-of-the-box shapes. While Dior’s V-shaped lens, Dolce’s yellow sunglasses that spell out W-O-O-W, I’m loving Moschino’s double frame sunglasses with polka dots on them – vintage pattern with a stylish touch!

5. Patterned Sunglasses

Ditch the plain frames and go for the patterned ones. From leopard prints to polka dots, choose any pattern you like and it’s style game on!

6. Red Sunglasses

Red sunglasses are one of the best shade sunglasses for 2018! If you are going sunglass shopping, the color you must look for is red! Be it the frame color or lens color, red is super trendy this season. Red frames with the contrast-colored lenses or both frame and lens in red are trendy! Don’t miss out on this color, girls! You can also match it with your red lips!

7. Metallic Frame Sunglasses

The 90s style metal frame sunglasses are back in the Fall 2018 collections. From Dolce & Gabbana to Fendi to Elie Saab, designers are loving the metal frame style in women’s sunglasses. The sleek metal frame is very trendy this season. Gold, silver and embellished metal frames are ruling the runways. The bridged metal frame is also one super cool women’s sunglasses trend to try.

8. Black Lens

The jet black lens sunglasses are quite popular and are still on the style radar. Although many colored lenses like red, blue, yellow and green are getting popular, the black lens is not losing its charm and is still one of the top trends for fashionable sunglasses for 2018. My favorite amongst all are the blade style black lens sunglasses by Altuzarra.

So, these are the latest women’s sunglasses for 2018. Which trend are you loving? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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