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Analyzing Consumer Behavior

June 2022 Issue | ShilpaAhuja.com
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Model: Gresa Nafezi (@gresanafezi); Photographer: Genc Fona (@gencfona.photography); Stylist: Lena Fona (@uniquebyanel); Hair & Makeup: Diana (@diana_hairmakeupartist); Retouch Artist: Dea Tafarshiku (@retouchbydea)


Fast Fashion: Analyzing Consumer Behavior and Problems

by Staff Writer/ Fashion Journalist Ishita Singhal

cover story

Fast-fashion brands are overproducing at breakneck speed and consumers are throwing away before they are able to fully utilize the garment they just purchased.

Our Survey on Fast Fashion-Related Consumption Habits:
To get a deeper understanding of consumers’ perspectives, ShilpaAhuja.com conducted a survey in January 2022. 100+ fashion consumers who participated were in the age group 14 – 40 years, an 80% majority being 15 – 35 years old, out of which 86% identified as female.

The results of our investigation have determined that —
82% of consumers purchase more than 10 garments a year. 70% of consumers bought their garments from fast-fashion brands. 60% of consumers enjoy purchasing clothing for mere enjoyment or retail therapy. Read more…

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