75 Captions for Random Clicks & Selfies for Instagram

From witty to classy, here are 75 quotes and captions for random clicks (all original and written by Shilpa Ahuja). Plus cool one-word ideas on how to caption selfies for Instagram. 


Who doesn’t like to take a selfie? Or fifty! Well, if taking selfies is a crime, we’re all guilty. There are the days when we’re all dolled up, and Instagram-ready! But there also those days when really nothing’s happening, and we just take a pic ’cause we’re bored. Or just because we want to capture that raw realness, too. Of course, they’re all beautiful memories, and worth sharing every once in a while.

Sassy Selfie Quotes for Instagram witty attitude clever

How do you write a catchy caption? You can either make it short and sassy, or wise and poetic. The first is for when you’re out of all ideas. Just think of any one word that comes to your mind when you look at that pic – one-word captions for random clicks. Next is for when you’re feeling extra wise and poetic. Think of the thought behind your pic, or your day in general. The trick is to not make it too sweet or fake. Be realistic and relatable. I know it sounds tough! Read more: 11 Types of Selfie Captions on Instagram & How to Master Them

And that’s why I have written 50 random clicks captions for Instagram that are ready for your use for all moods and occasions. From your raw selfies to cute daily clicks to random not-much-at-all type pics, there’s one for every need. Plus, 25 one-word captions that’ll go with your quick selfies and random clicks.

quotes captions for random clicks instagram ig status

P.S. As you know, ShilpaAhuja.com is all about posting unique, original articles. However, recently, I’ve noticed many websites stealing my quotes for their articles without my permission. I appreciate you – the reader who chooses to support us and our fight for original content. As always, these are all my original quotes, it takes me days (or weeks) to think them up and capture your mood and your dress. So if you give me credits, saying, “Quote by Shilpa Ahuja @shilpaahujadotcom”, I’ll ‘like’ your pic!

Let’s go!

Cool and Funny Captions for Random Clicks

People think that random clicks and selfies are vain and unnecessary. But we love taking them anyway, and everyone does it. So what do you caption a random picture? Be funny. Just make a joke about it – that’s the best thing to do. It’ll get you tons of likes and you’ll surely gain some new admirers.

If you love to laugh at yourself, too, then these funny quotes for your random selfies will be perfect for you. Someone can make fun of themselves, or knows how to make people laugh is the best kinda person. From self-deprecating to sarcastic, here are some short and funny captions for your daily clicks.

  1. Nothing’s-up face.
  2. I think in selfies.
  3. Selfie-yoga (it’s a thing).
  4. No more selfies – said no girl ever!
  5. Wish I could look like my selfies in real life.
  6. A selfie is the only ‘captcha’ test I need to pass!
  7. A day isn’t complete until you post your selfie. – Gandhi
  8. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A selfie you “like” is a selfie alright!
  9. Seize the day, they said. So I left my work and took a pic instead.
  10. Oh this (pointing to my 100-hour look)? I just threw this on!
  11. My life’s a mess, but my Instagram feed be organized like a pro.
  12. Pretending to make my pic seem casual – Pose level: 100; Chill level: 0
  13. Taking random pics is my superpower. If only I could fight crime with it…
  14. Roses are red, violets are blue. I like my random clicks, so why don’t you?
  15. Nothing much happened all day. So I took this pic to at least feel productive.
  16. Expression algorithm, smile formulation, lighting analysis and angle mathematics – even a “random click” has so much science behind it.
  17. Me when taking a “random click”: pose, lighting, smile, perfection! Me in real life when my crush passes by: fall and embarrass myself.
  18. If a fairy godmother transformed me, I’d spend my whole evening taking selfies, without ever noticing Prince Charming!
  19. Once upon a time, a girl woke up, did nothing all day, then took a random pic, and she lived happily ever after.
Cool witty Funny Captions for Random Clicks

Short Captions for Random Click for Instagram

Do you like short and to-the-point quotes? Want a cute caption for random pics with friends or even just for yourself? Here are some ideas for captions for random clicks that are all about saying a lot in 8 words or less. These random captions that will go perfectly with your daily casual pics.

  1. Today’s OOTD: self-love.
  2. Random, but not average.
  3. Beauty fades. A selfie is forever.
  4. A selfie a day keeps monotony away.
  5. Selfies speak louder than words.
  6. When in doubt, take a few more selfies.
  7. A few random clicks never hurt anybody.
  8. Random clicks make life’s dull moments worth it.

25 One Word Caption for Random Clicks

What do you caption a random selfie if you’re feeling lazy? Or cool, for that matter?! Well, you write just one word, that’s what you do. So if you don’t like to go on and on about your pics, this is a great idea. Short and effective – some one word captions I’ve come up with for all your selfies, daily pics, OOTDs and just those candid shots.

Short one word Captions for Random Click for Instagram
  1. Thang
  2. Yaas!
  3. Fetch
  4. Crazy
  5. Blessed
  6. Nope.
  7. Random
  8. Basic
  9. Sup
  10. Winner
  11. Adorable
  12. Undone
  13. Raw
  14. Memories
  15. Candid
  16. Self-love
  17. Curvylicious
  18. Kickass
  19. Unpolished
  20. Arbitrary
  21. Flawless!
  22. Love
  23. Lazy
  24. Cute?

Sassy Selfie Quotes for Instagram

Why hide your true self? Why pretend to be nice and humble when you can show off your bold personality and be feisty? If the everyday motivational quotes are too boring for you, try these attitude captions for random clicks! Do you want your Instagram feed to show what a sassy, quick-witted person you are.

what do you caption a random picture quotes funny attitude
  1. A simple pic to show off my not-so-simple style!
  2. Your girlfriend: 70 selfies and 12 shortlists. Me: one and done!
  3. Every street is my red carpet and every smartphone my paparazzi!
  4. Give a girl some flattering lighting, and she’ll take over the world!
  5. I’ll stop taking selfies when they make a better way to compliment myself.
  6. Who needs a reason to get dressed when you got a front-facing camera!
  7. Selfie addiction? No way! Random clicks are the new form of meditation.
  8. Some girls need coffee, others need yoga. I just need me some selfies to start my day!

Cute Captions for Pictures of Yourself

There are so many beautiful ways to take a casual selfie. From the famous mirror selfie to a gym selfie, from the couch potato pic to the show-off travel girls pic – the options are endless. And while it takes so many hours to get the perfect pic and select the best one, apply the filter… it gets darn-exhausting to think of a cool quote to go with it. That’s why I’ve done the work for you!!

So here are some cute Insta captions for all your selfie smiles and happy moods. (Also check out: How to Take a Good Selfie)

random clicks captions Instagram cute Pictures of Yourself
  1. They say selfies signify vanity. I say they denote self-love.
  2. The one where I was posing to make it seem candid.
  3. Too many selfies just seem unnecessary. But when you look in the mirror and see a cute self – well, that’s just worth a click.
  4. Would you care for another selfie? Why yes, I would, thank you!
  5. Even though I dress up for myself, I do appreciate compliments from time to time!
  6. It’s just one of those nothing-happening, random-clicks kinda day.
  7. Random clicks are like vanilla ice-cream. Completely ordinary but yet necessary.
  8. Not every selfie has to be a masterpiece and not every pic needs to be magazine-cover-worthy. Sometimes it’s just these random clicks.
  9. There are some happening moments we usually showcase on Insta. And then there are these casual moments.

Thoughtful & Catchy Captions for Raw Selfies

And here’s my best part of the article. Some quotes to celebrate the reality, the rawness of life. As Audrey O. says, “Not all days are happy. But the purpose of life is not to be happy.” So here are some thoughtful and clever captions for Instagram that are a toast to being real and powerful.

How do you write a catchy caption random-Quotes-Instagram
  1. Raw is not glam. Raw is beautiful; raw is powerful.
  2. Don’t strive to be beautiful, strive to be real.
  3. Ever get those days when nothing is special, not even you? No, just me then?
  4. If you’re feeling low, take a random click and let those feelings show.
  5. I try to feel pretty when I’m dressed to please, but I try to feel powerful when I’m not.
  6. We always capture those fun glam moments, but it’s these real raw moments that are the most beautiful. It’s these that really count.
  7. We don’t look beautiful on all days. But that doesn’t mean those days are not beautiful.

So I hope these captions for random clicks were helpful and saved some time for you. I’m sure you’ll get tons of likes on your latest pic. (And let’s be honest, even if you don’t, who cares!) So don’t forget to tag me in your pic and give me credits on IG if you end up using one of these quotes. If you do, I’ll be sure to ‘like’ your pic!

Muaah! <3

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