May 2024 Issue

May-2024-shilpa-ahuja-floral yellow digital-fashion-magazine-cover

Golden Glow Asian Celebrities Redefine Blonde Beauty May 2024 Issue | Inside this issue: Letter from the Editor Dear Slub Readers, Welcome to the latest issue of, and to the world … Read more

March 2024 Issue

Mar-2024-shilpa-ahuja-floral yellow digital-fashion-magazine-cover

The Floral Issue Forget the Basics. March 2024 Issue | Model: Emilia Kawa @kawa.emilia; Outfits: Krystian Szymczak @kry_szy; Makeup: Karina Radzevich; Hair: Wojtek Kasprzak; Photos: Katarzyna Niwińska @katarzynaniwinska; Assistant: Maja … Read more

February 2024 Issue

Feb-2024-shilpa-ahuja-valentines digital-fashion-magazine-cover

The Single on Valentine’s Issue Single by Choice or Just Sick of Modern Romance? February 2024 Issue | Model: Emilia Kawa @kawa.emilia; Makeup: Karina Radzevich; Photo, costume, hair: Katarzyna Niwińska @katarzynaniwinska … Read more

January 2024 Issue

Jan-2024-shilpa-ahuja-sexy digital-fashion-magazine-cover

Redefining Romance Intimacy & Autonomy in the Digital Age January 2024 Issue | Photo: Irina (@irinacaro_photo); Model: Polina Borodacheva (@ms.mishina_); Style: Liza Logvina (@lizalogvina); Makeup + Hair: Marina (@makeup_kis) Inside this issue: … Read more

December 2023 Issue


The Maximalism Issue Why & How to Pull It Off December 2023 Issue | Makeup: Valentina Lelyukh @valya_lelyukh; Photo: Valentine Lelyukh @valya_lelyukh; Accessories: Lilian Beyond @lilian_beyond Inside this issue: Hey SlubTeam, As … Read more

November 2023 Issue

Nov-2023-shilpa-ahuja-power woman digital-fashion-magazine-cover

The Power Woman Issue Sharp Body Language & Dressing Guides November 2023 Issue | Photo: Irina @irinacaro_photo; Model: Anastasiya Epifanova @anastasiyaepifanova; Style: Karina Edrisiyan @edristyle; Makeup & Hair: Marina @makeup_kis Inside this issue: Hey SlubTeam, … Read more

October 2023 Issue

Oct-2023-shilpa-ahuja-makeup digital-fashion-magazine-cover

The Crafting Narratives Issue Tools & Inspiration for the Modern Fashion Innovators October 2023 Issue | Makeup: Valentina Lelyukh @valya_lelyukh; Photo: Valentine Lelyukh @valya_lelyukh; Model: Kostikova Kateryna @kostikovaaaaaa; Accessories: Lilian Beyond @lilian_beyond … Read more

September 2023 Issue


The Femme Fatale Issue Let’s Flaunt Our Femininity, Not Downplay It. September 2023 Issue | Photo: Filonenko Kseniya (@filonenko_photographer) Inside this issue: Hey gorgeous, I’m super stoked to introduce our latest digital … Read more

August 2023 Issue


The Quiet Luxury Issue Fashion in the Age of Gen-Z August 2023 Issue | Photo: Whiteball_H; Model: Meng Inside this issue: Different Types of Careers in Fashion On Discover your path … Read more

July 2023 Issue


The Nail Art Issue Into the World of Avant-Garde Nails July 2023 Issue | Nails: Vala Shasivari (@vala.shasivari.nails), Photo: Genc Fona (, Hair: Hana Arllati (@hanaarllati), Makeup: Nora Kelmendi (@makeupbynorki), Model: Leorita … Read more