The Perfect Guide to Rome, Italy for a 2 Day Trip

Traveling to Rome had always been my dream. I went to architecture school and we used to sketch the Pantheon in Rome and study this temple dedicated to all Roman gods, designed to connect humans with divinity – a building with such perfect proportions that some believed it was “angelic and no human design”.

I wanted to go there and see the perfect dome myself, that could exactly fit a sphere under it. I wanted to see the Corinthian columns and the ancient art and sculptures by Michaelangelo, to see the majestic Colosseum and sublime Vatican City. And not to mention there was always Italian food. If you read my blog regularly, you are probably already aware I’m absolutely crazy about it, it’s my favorite cuisine, so flavourful and so delicious!

There’s also the media – the stories you read in all the travel magazines make you want to pack your bags and board a plane to Rome right away. And then the likes of Eat, Pray, Love – they make you ask yourself – why have I still not been to Rome? One magazine article was particularly disturbing, about the Italian food in Italy. The writer had been disappointed of authentic Italian food and said it was worse than the Italian food you get in America. I was unhappy.

But it all changed when I actually went to Rome myself. It was way more beautiful than I had ever imagined. It was no modern-day metro city with filthy streets – it was picturesque and artistic and just designed to be stared at. For hours non-stop. For taking pictures and sending postcards back home. It was a mecca for food-lovers and travelers alike.

My Travel Memoir in the form of a Water Color Painting, © 2014. Shilpa Ahuja

It’s really not a place that can be experienced in just 2 days, you won’t be doing justice to it and to yourself, but if there’s no choice and you have to, have to do it, here’s my guide to help you make the most of your journey!

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