Monsoon Fashion Tips to Keep it Stylish in the Rains

Monsoons don’t have to dampen your style! Here’s our list of monsoon fashion tips, what to wear and do’s and don’ts for the rainy season!

monsoon fashion tips rainy-season-makeup-hairHey gorgeous! The monsoon season is here already! The rains are gorgeous, the weather breezy, but sometimes, this gloomy weather makes us wonder why we left the bed in the morning. Going to work in itself becomes a difficult task. Sipping a cup of perfectly brewed coffee and enjoying the rains is the perfect way to chill in the monsoon. In India, we get to see almost the extreme weather conditions every year. And monsoon means heavy rainfall with unstable weather conditions that can ruin even your simplest plans for the day! So, dressing up right for the monsoon season is important. That’s why we have made a list of the monsoon fashion to stay stylish in this damp weather. Let’s check it out!

Monsoon Fashion Tips

Monsoon fashion is important in a country like India where it rains heavily unlike western countries. I feel Indian designers should come up with special runway collections exclusively for monsoon. So, we did our homework and jotted down the must-haves, how to style and many more!

What to Wear in the Monsoon Season

1. Fabrics to Choose for Monsoons

Choosing the right fabrics is very important. Fabrics should be light yet not too transparent when wet. Cottons are great as they are light and perfect but with the rising humidity, they don’t dry quickly! Though you can wear loose cotton kurtis or tops when you’re sure of not getting drenched, If you’re planning to get wet, chiffon and nylon are great monsoon fabrics as they dry quickly. Avoid linen as it shrinks when in contact with water. Silk, satin, denim and heavy fabrics should be avoided as they are sticky.


2. Fashion Colors for the Rainy Season

Monsoons can get gloomy and dull! So we suggest to wear bright colors to brighten up your day in monsoon fashion tips. Bright pink, blue, orange and yellow are perfect when paired with neutrals. Go for color blocking to avoid staining your clothes in case you’re planning on taking walks or sitting outside to enjoy street food! Like pair dark colored bottoms with a bright colored top. Avoid black and white as the stains show up prominently. For night parties, go for red or bright orange instead of the classic black.

3. Monsoon Must Haves

These monsoon essentials are necessary to make your day hassle free. Crop is the it-word for monsoon. Sleeveless cotton tops and a pair of cropped and loose trousers is essential. Midi and flared dresses are perfect monsoon dresses as they are flowy and easy to pull off. Loose kaftan tops and light tees work well, too. Skinny jeans are super uncomfortable in this humid weather. Avoid!

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4. Accessories to Wear in the Rains

Obviously, you need a stylish raincoat and umbrella. So, you won’t waste time drying your clothes at work everyday. Silver and metallic fashion jewelry can start to oxidize in the humid weather. So, choose wood or plastic jewelry. Go for single and minimalist jewelry pieces or inexpensive fashion jewelry pieces to be hassle free. Go for water resistant or polyster handbags. Women tend to carry their worlds with them on a rainy day – wipes, lipsticks and what not. While that is understandable, carrying a huge bag can get tedious in the rains, so keep it as minimal as possible. Also, carry a mini mobile pouch that is waterproof.

shilpa ahuja purple silk indian maxi dress auroville pondicherry travel fashion lifestyle tourism ideas 3 e14996711844555. Shoes for Monsoon

Basic flip flops or slip ons are best for monsoons as they are comfortable and dry quickly, especially if you commute by public transport. If you’re traveling by car, then go for a pair of rain booties as they are stylish and dry soon. Or keep a pair of work shoes in the office to look chic and dry all day.

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Monsoon Fashion Tips for Workplace

If you know you’ll be getting drenched on the way to work, you can carry an extra pair of clothes and/or a small towel in your bag. Dress casually if the weather is too bad. Like a tee shirt and loose cotton trousers. Avoid sneakers and stockings in the monsoons as drying the socks becomes an added hassle. But if you’re wearing leather or new shoes, do wear socks to avoid shoe bites.

Monsoon Makeup Tips

Skincare is important in the monsoon season. Along with following some basic skin care tips, stay hydrated and moisturize your skin regularly. Avoid heavy makeup in monsoon as it might get sweaty and patchy. Use gel based primers and cream foundations as they even out your skin. For eyes, go for waterproof gel or liquid liners and avoid pencil liners as they tend to get smudgy in the rains. Apply matte based lipsticks or lip liners after dabbing your lips with a lip balm.

Hairstyles for Monsoon

Try buns and braids for the monsoon. They are comfortable and easy to maintain. You can even try different types of braids like fishtail, french braid and inverted braids for a chic look. High ponytails are also great for work. If you travel in public transport and your hair gets all messy, then tie it into a bun while leaving your place and once you reach office, you can braid or brush it. Also, avoid blow drying or styling your hair on a daily basis. Do regular deep conditioning to avoid frizz.

So, these were our monsoon fashion tips. Are you ready to conquer the rainy season?

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