9 Spectacular Cake Art Trends to Try for Your Wedding or Birthday!

From magical galaxy cakes to elegant rose swirl ones, discover the best cake art trends in wedding and birthday cake designs!

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Whether it’s for a birthday or a wedding, cakes can make yours or someone else’s day all the more special. Regular cakes are alright but fun, creative and unique ones are what will be remembered for years to come! So check out the best birthday and wedding cake art designs to try for your next special event!

Best Cake Art Trends

Check out all the latest and most unique cake art trends for birthdays, weddings and other parties below!

1. Edible Flower Cakes


I can’t imagine a better cake for a garden or enchanted forest-themed wedding. This cake art trend is all about colorful, not to forget edible, floral blooms topped on cakes. They look all the more beautiful when the petals are scattered around the cakes instead of the entire flower. Some beautiful flowers to use to top your cakes are viola, rose, phlox and calendula. Also, they’re so much better for you in comparison to eating flowers made of royal icing or gum paste.

2. Galaxy Cakes


These gorgeous purple and blue cakes are my favorite cake trend, by far. From birthday cakes, to wedding and anniversary ones, this sweet art of cake is bound to make your event all the more magical. The colorful galaxy effect can be created with the fondant itself or it could be hand painted or even mirror glazed on top. It could also have speckled stars and constellations to make it all the more realistic-looking! And topped with some space themed cake accessories. It’s the perfect cake for any cosmos-lover in your life!

3. Drip/ Drizzle Cakes


There’s something about gooey chocolate running down the sides of a cake. Just the sight is enough to make anyone’s mouth water! This dripping cake art can be created with any flavored syrup or sauce and on all shapes of cakes and even on cupcakes and tiered cakes!

4. Rose Swirl Cakes


This cake art trend has been around for a while now and I don’t think it’s going away anywhere soon! If anything, bakers and decorators are only coming up with prettier versions of it. They’re typically made by piping buttercream through a closed star tip nozzle in a swirly motion. From ombre rose swirls to glitter and multi-colored, the options in this wedding cake art design are endless!

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5. Beaded Cakes


Great for both birthdays and weddings alike, this creative cake art uses tiny colored, metallic and glitter balls made from sugar to decorate cakes. A combination of big and small and glittery and matte can be used to create fun patterns on cakes!

6. Ruffled Cakes


A wedding cake favorite, this cake art trend is as dreamy and ethereal as a cake can get! Layered abstract ruffles with colored edges on tiered cakes are extremely popular. These ruffles can have a closely gathered effect or they can be spaced apart. They can also be placed in a diagonal or straight way, with or without an ombre effect. Also read: Unique Wedding Cake Trends & New Cake Designs 2019-2020

7. Lace Cakes


Although this cake art trend isn’t new, it never gets old! Brides and grooms opt for this technique on their cakes to this day. And it comes as no surprise. They’re the perfect way to jazz up a plain boring white wedding cake. The lace cake art design can also be done on birthday cakes with fun colors and sparkles! Or just on their own for formal birthday cakes.

8. Stained Glass Cakes


Can a cake get any more gorgeous than this? This new and unique cake art trend draws inspiration from, you guessed it, stain glass windows! They look best when done on white cakes.

9. Paint Splatter Cakes


Move over marbled and watercolor cakes, there’s a new painted art cake trend in town! Random paint splatters in bright, neon colors across the entire cake is extremely popular in birthday cakes and art. I can only imagine how fun making this cake would be!

So those were some of the best and unique cake art trends to try! Which on was your fave? Tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja! 😀

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