Unique Wedding Cake Trends & New Cake Designs 2019-2020

The new wedding cakes of this year are breathtaking! From sculptural to simple, here are the 14 latest, unique wedding cake trends for 2019.


Hey everyone! Soft, gorgeous and tasty like anything – there’s no reason not to love cakes. Wedding or no wedding, beautiful cakes are a work of art in themselves. At weddings, of course, cake-cutting is one of the major traditions and highlights of the reception.

Beautiful and creative cakes have been the trend for many years now. They make for brilliant photo opportunities and remain the topic of conversation for months to come. For many a wedding guest, cakes are one of the most important parts of a wedding party!


This year is no different. Weddings are the perfect excuse to splurge on a memorable, Instagram-worthy designer cake that’s a real showstopper. Every bakery gets requests for all sorts of bespoke cakes, luxury designs and personalized motifs. There are professional cake flower designers and cake painters.

Latest Wedding Cake Trends & Designs for 2019-2020

And that’s why I’ve been doing loads of research, talking to bakeries, looking at albums of celebrity cake designers and artists to understand the new wedding cake trends for 2019-2010. So if you’re looking for the wedding cake trend forecast to pick out something special for your special day, here you are.


Let’s take a look at them all.

1. Large Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers have been among the top cake trends both for birthday parties and weddings for more than a year now. But large, statement flowers that are the highlight of the cake have become the It-thing now, and have taken over as one of the cake decorating trends 2019.

Wedding Cake Trends beautiful-images-2019-pink-maggieaustincake

Go for dahlias, lotuses, roses and carnations. Or try new, unique and exotic flowers.


Along with sugar flowers, you can also get a cake that combines other trends such as ruffles, relief painting or olive leaves. For example, the one above has large sugar dahlias and roses with a beautifully ruffled base and mixes pretty pastels together. Similarly, the below cake has a larger-than-life statement rose at the top with an ombre ruffled base.


If you’re tired of the usual roses and dahlias, go for something unique, like lilies, tulips or cherry blossoms. Ask your baker what’s their specialty, so they can make it realistic.


The cake art trend of flowers isn’t going away anywhere soon! Bakers are trying even more realistic looking flowers and exotic varieties. They’re also going for more and more beautiful flower arrangements.


Exotic flowers make for the most eye-catchy cake images! And this is a trend that works for your special day, no matter what the theme is.


2. Ruffles

Other than flowers, the biggest trends this year is ruffles. Nearly all top cake artists are experimenting with their own style of signature ruffled cakes. And that’s why ruffles will continue to be one of the biggest wedding cake trends in 2020 as well.

wedding Cake art 2019 kissmycakeaustralia graceandhoneycakes
(L to R): @kissmycakeaustralia , @graceandhoneycakes

These ruffles can be designed to be wide and spaced apart or closely gathered to create a dress-like effect. They can also be created as large, fluffy ruffles placed in a straight way, to give a torn paper effect.

best wedding Cake art 2019 ruffles jasmineraecakes

Perfect for a winter wedding or a garden wedding.


These rose ruffled cake designs are for the flower-lovers who just can’t get enough of roses! This design is an overload of ruffles and more ruffles, shaped like many, many roses! You can top this rosy cake over yet another ruffled layer decorated with large sugar roses! And have it match your rosy wedding decor!


Great for both parties and weddings alike, ruffles can be in white, metallic and ombre shades made from sugar. To make it extremely photogenic, go for iridescent ruffles to give an ethereal fairy-inspired effect!


Ruffles can also be made to look like edible fabric, or a dress. Go for unique colors like purple or grey-ish blue for a truly unique wedding cake.

Top Birthday Cake Designs 2019 Edible Fabric lima.cakes

3. Sculptural & Abstract

If you’re an art and sculpture lover, what better way to say it at your wedding than with cakes so stunning they’ll be the talk of town! Just wait till all your wedding guests surround the showstopper to take a good look and get some pictures. This is the year of the most amazing creative wedding cakes they look just like works of art!

unique wedding cake designs


Art makes every special moment even more special!

designer wedding Cakes 2019 sculptural jasmineraecakes
designer wedding Cakes 2019 sculptural lima.cakes

4. Stone Texture

Edible stone pieces been trendy both in wedding and birthday cakes for a few seasons now. Marble and sandstone textures are the most famous, decorated with gold leaf & monochromatic or pastel sugar flowers. Like this one is a geometric shape in stone texture, almost looking like it’s a column carved out of real marble.


Some stone textures look so realistic and pretty they’ll blow your wedding guests away! Decorate them with a climber, or a row of edible sugar roses, and generous amounts of gold specks to give the glam wedding look.


designer trendy wedding Cakes 2019 sone jasmineraecakes

5. Black

If you’re super done with fresh white cakes and looking for something unique and badass, then the black wedding cake trend is an option you need to try. These cakes work perfectly for themed weddings, like goth, vintage and alternative. Or even for dark fairy tale themed wedding! From floral to ruffled to sculptural, black cakes are one of the most popular wedding cake trends in 2019.


6. Pink Pastels

Tired of seeing white, white and more white at weddings? Go for pastels – soft colors look so romantic and never get old! Shades of pink are super trendy in wedding cakes this year, and it comes as no surprise. They’re the perfect way to make a plain, boring white wedding cake look more surprising and oh-so romantic.


Try combining it with pink flowers, lace cake art design or gold sugar glitter and sparkles! You can go for pink cakes in any of the new cake flavor trends of 2019, such as orange, cheesecake, lemon yogurt and lemon meringue. Or go for nutty or cinnamon flavors.


7. Geometric

Geometric shapes in cakes have been quite popular over the last couple of years, both for birthdays and weddings. We’re seeing abstract geometries, symmetrical edgy cakes and cut-out geometric cakes as the wedding cake trends for 2019. In symmetrical geometric cakes, there are tiers of perfect shapes like cubes, cuboids, spheres, etc. Whereas in,abstract cakes, there is an assortment of odd edgy shapes like a cube with two edges chopped-off.  Sounds cool, right?


This cake here has fine square shapes set up in an off-center way to make almost a sculpture, topped off with a gold rocky shape, that contrasts the perfect squares below it.


8. Gold Specks

From royal golds to beautiful copper, the gold foil cake trend is another one of our favorites! You could go for a floral cake with hand painted gold specks surrounding the flowers. Or put it around your initials, a quote, fruits. Or just let the gold specks adorn a naked cake design!


Small gold specks randomly thrown around the cake is one of the top wedding cake trends for 2019. You can use it to highlight a pretty design like lace, relief flower design or sugar leaves.


Another great idea for romantic wedding cakes is to have rose gold specks painted to match the pink roses! Or you could combine it with a watercolor painting of flowers in shades of blush pinks!


This cake below uses tiny gold accents instead of specks. Here, gold is used to highlights certain parts of the relief design, such as dragon flies, bugs and even small snakes, which is inspired by a wedding theme of wilderness.


9. Sugar Pearls

Need something to make your beautiful cake seem straight out of a royal fairy tale? Go for designs in white sugar pearls. Can a wedding cake get any more breathtaking than this? This creative and unique cake art trend draws inspiration from couture wedding gowns and jewelry!


While sugar pearls look the best when done in white on white, who says that’s all there is to this ornate trend? If you want it to look glamorous, go for a metallic shade like burnt gold or rose gold.


Rich-looking and tasteful, pearls are one of the latest wedding cake trends for 2019-2020 in UK, Australia, UAE and many other places.


Either go for jewelry inspired pearl chains decorating one of the tiers of your wedding cake. Or try just a few pearls spread out over one of the tiers like this one:


10. Edible Glitter

Add bling to your lovely wedding cake with hand painted metallic accents in the form of glitter! Similar to edible pearls and gold specks, the trend of edible glitter on cakes is on every big bakery’s radar these days. Go for ombre glitter or copper glitter wedding cakes! Or if you don’t want it to be too extra, go for just one of the tiers of your wedding cake as glittery, while the rest of the cake is plain. Glitter is one of the most glam wedding cake trends. Other than weddings, glitter cakes will also work well for bridal showers or bachelorette parties!


Glitter is something you shouldn’t miss out on for your wedding cake order. Especially if you’re a lover of all things glam and shiny! You can go for metallic glitter all over the cake, or glitter only on one of the tiers. Or have it surround your initials, a 3D shape or painting on the cake, like a glittery border.


Gold glitter used as borders of ruffled tiers or on the base are one of the top wedding cake trends. Combining it with pretty sugar roses or satin-like smooth finish will create a cake that’ll seem straight out of a movie! Or if you want it to be more plain, white glitter is trendy too. Go for it with sugar flowers and matching pearl design for a sophisticated cake.


11. Satin Finish

Move over plain and hand-painted cakes, there’s a new elegant cake trend in Townsville! Smooth satin finish in white, across one of the tiers of a wedding cake is getting so popular among the designer cake artists right now.


We can see why this has become one of the new cake trends of 2019-2020 – because it looks so rich and expensive!


Try satin finish all over your wedding cake, or on just one of the tiers, pairing it with other effects like lace, ruffles or rosettes.


12. Climbers

If large flowers are too much for you, go for beautiful climbers on it. This new wedding cake art trend is as dreamy and ethereal as it gets! Gold climbers with small wild-flowers and leaves on them going around a tiered cake are extremely popular.


You can also try quirky and unique climbers, these wedding cakes would be superb for a bohemian or rustic wedding! These specialty cakes can have a melange of flowers to make it look like they were freshly cut from the wilderness!


Don’t the climbers look oh-so-lovely when when made in a mix of pretty colors, with their base decorated with fresh flowers, leaves, herbs and fruits!


13. Geode

Love nature? Forget traditional, plain white wedding cakes, and go for these one-of-a-kind, exotic beauties that have a geode design in the middle! Extremely bold and dynamic, these cakes are perfect for couples who enjoy something unique. These geode crystals look even cooler because they’re surrounded by gold crystal-like borders.


These cool wedding cakes are one of the most popular cake trends that is here to stay! Geode cakes have long indents, filled with colored sugar crystals that are painted in a gradient, to make it look like an actual geode rock! How breathtaking?!


You can choose what color crystals to go into your beautiful wedding cake based on based your birthstone or wedding decor! Some popular crystal ideas are amethyst, rose quartz, turquoise, emerald and sapphire.


This cake in blush rose below combines geode with bas relief. It is a technique in which texture designs are created by pasting floral or other motifs over the cake to create sort of an embossed effect. In bas relief, the motifs match the color of the cake to make it seem as if its surface was raised to create these designs. In this cake, the ornate designs of the relief are done in gold, reminiscent of Roman design. And something like this would be great for a vintage or Victorian themed wedding.


14. Lighting

These unique wedding cake trends have minuscule lights placed along the inner edges of the cake to illuminate it in magical, designer ways! These would be great for weddings in whose decor, lighting plays an important role. You can also try them for rustic or fairy-tale themed weddings.

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So we hope you liked this roundup of beautiful and unique wedding cake trends. Which gorgeous cakes and trends are your favorite this year? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

Image Credits: Instagram (refer to individual handles or celeb names).

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