Bollywood Hairstyles for Women | 9 Trendy Hairstyles We’re Obsessed About

From super-hot Jacquliene to cute Alia Bhatt, celebrities keep changing their style in every movie, giving us tons of style inspiration. So, let’s take a look at the latest Bollywood hairstyles for women.

Bollywood Hairstyles bollywood-hairstyles-for-women-latest-hairstyle-haircut-trends-indian-movies-cinemas-actresses-2018

Hey beautiful! Bollywood is always so full of fashion, style, mesmerizing locations, melodious songs and not to forget the drama! We get to witness all one of them in every single movie. While fashion has always been on our primary list, hairstyles are something we can’t afford to miss. The first thing we check out when we see a celebrity in any movie scene is their outfit followed by hairstyle and makeup. And that’s why they are the source for the top women’s haircuts in India. So, we took a look at the latest movies and sorted out the best Bollywood hairstyles.

9 Best Bollywood Hairstyles for Women

1. Loose Curls

OMG!! The trend of loose curls have been super duper popular for the past few years and is not going out anytime soon! I guess it’s hard for Indian actresses to let go of this trend as we’re still seeing nearly all celebs from Katrina Kaif to Rani Mukherjee rocking baggy curls. From casual outing to parties to weddings, don this hairstyle for a trendy look! Here are a few different ways the Bollywood beauties are wearing this hairstyle.

a. Big Loose Curls

These are so popular that we saw many trends within it. Sonakshi Sinha in her latest movie Welcome to New York was seen with big this hairstyle. Also, we saw Tabu in this look in the movie Golmaal Again.

sonakshi-sinha-bollyood-actors-hairstyle-best-style-indian-cinemasbollywood-actress-hairstyle-sonakshi-sinha-loose-curls-styletabu-golmaal-movie-big-loose-curls-hairstyle-latest-top-style-indian-moviesb. Messy Curls

The messy out-of-bed hairstyle in itself is a big trend, but messy paired with curls would up your style game several notches! Bollywood actresses like Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri and newbie Mahira Khan are loving this trend!

mahira-khan-latest-bollywood-movie-star-nest-hairstyles-haircuts-curlscelebrity-with-long-hair-nagris-fakri-latest-hairstyle-trendsbest-bollywood-hairstyles-for-women-latest-haircuts-styles-katrina-kaifc. Retro Bombshell Curls

It is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles, perfect for parties and weddings. Zarine Khan was spotted in this look in her upcoming movie Aksar 2 trailer launch. Ombre curls look so gorge!

zarine-khan-retro-bombshell-style-top-hair-celebrities-2018d. Casual Loose Curls

When in confusion on what hairstyle to opt for, go for curls as they are super trendy and go well with each and every occasion. Even on casual days, when you want to style your hair, just curl your hair at home with a straightener or curling iron and you’re good to go! Great ideas for dates or college! Rani Mukherjee and Alia Bhatt are donning this style perfectly!

best-bollywood-hair-celebrities-latest-trends-2018-rani-mukherjeealia-bhatt-indian-cinemas-latest-trends-bollywood-best-hair-celebs2. Beach Wavy

Neither too curly nor too straight, the naturally looking beachy waves are between both of them. This is one of the best carefree hairstyles! You can go uncombed for a more natural wavy style. Parineeti Chopra looks super hot in this hairstyle.

best-hair-bollywood-celebrities-latest-hairstyle-jacquliene-actressbollywood-hairstyle-latest-trends-tapsee-judwaa-2-beach-wavebollywood-actress-indian-movies-hairstyles-latest-trendybeachy-wave-hairstyle-laest-trends-bollywood-actress-indian-cinema3. Subtle Layers

The trend of multiple cascading layers from 90s Friends’ Rachel is passé! Just a bit of subtle layering is what we are seeing on Bollywood celebrities currently. Even Hollywood celebs and models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are rocking subtle layers or layer-less hair. No more than one to two layers girls, if you really want to layer. The subtler, the trendier! You can either keep the ends of your hair straight or go for curls!

Anushka-Sharma-subtle-layers-best-hair-bollywood-celebrities-latest-trendsbest-bollywood-hairstyles-for-women-latest-trends-partial-layers-trendy4. Naturally Straight

Straight hair has always been trendy and also it looks good on any type of face. This season, we’re seeing not sleek but just naturally straight hair that still has one loose wave or two. No much effort is required to get this hairstyle if your hair is already straight. If not, try using a straightening iron or you can also try some home remedies for more naturally straight hair, such as deep conditioning or hair masks.

katrina-kaif-jagga-jasoos-movie-indian-cinemas-best-bollywood-hairstylejacqueline-kick-actresses-hairstyles-latest-trends-2017-style-celebs-haircutssonakshi-sinha-bollywood-hairstyles-for-women-trendy-naturally-straight-trend5. Half Up Hair

Half up hairstyle is one of the evergreen hairstyles and works for both casual and formal occasions. Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma look pretty in this style. Half up layered, half up curls, half up buns are a few options to try half up style.

bollywood-actress-hairstyle-latest-trends-styles-sonam-kapoor-padman-movieanushka-sharma-latest-trends-half-up-hairstye-bollywood-indian-cinemas6. Top Knots and Side Twisted Braids

Buns and ponytails will never go out of fashion. We are seeing different variations in ponytails. Shraddha Kapoor was seen in a twisted french braid in the movie Half Girlfriend. Perfect sporty look it is! And Tabu looked youthful in a high ponytail in her latest movie. Instead of using a scrunchie, just take a section of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around your hair-tie. Then pin it below to make a neat wrap.


7. Messy Hairstyle

Messy hairstyle is still popular and trendy. We saw the trend of messy style in Bollywood actors hairstyles, too! Not only Katrina Kaif’s acting, but her style was super inspiring in her latest movie Tiger Zinda Hai. It had something to take away! (Humming the song Swag se karenge sab ka swagat)! messy-hair-look-latest-trends-2018-katrina-kaif-best-bollywood-hairstyles-actress

8. Curly Bob

The curly bob trend is one of the trending Bollywood hairstyles and is ruling Spring Summer 2018 hairstyles too! Indian actress, Kangana Ranaut looks best in short curly hair and she is an inspiration for most of the curly haired women! The actress is donning this trend perfectly! Go for a shoulder-length long-bob like hers or keep it asymmetric – longer in the front and shorter at the back!

kangana-ranaut-curly-bob-hairstyle-latest-trends-bollywood-actress9. Wedding Hairstyles

Gone are the days when brides used to opt for the famous bridal hairstyle – top bun! Instead of tucking all the hair into the bun, let them down, as this is the trend of the year! Go for loose curly hair or vintage bombshell curls for an edgy look. You can also try the half up hairstyle with curls! I’m loving Alia Bhat’s wedding hairstyle. Perfect for both bride and the bridesmaids. Wedding guests can try wavy hair held back with hair chains as we saw on Deepika Padukone in movie Padmaavat!


So, these are the latest Bollywood hairstyles. Which Indian star hairstyle are you loving? Do share you hairstyle pics @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram.

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