15 Basic Fashion Tips Your Stylish Friend Knows (But Won’t Tell You!)

Does every stylish girl have some fashion secrets up her sleeve? Well, let’s uncover them all with this style guide. Here are my 15 basic fashion tips every girl should know! How many do you know?

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Hey gorgeous! Who doesn’t wanna look more stylish? A great outfit uplifts our mood and helps us feel confident. Fashion style is so important, and yet sometimes, so difficult to master. Since there are no rules, it often gets confusing what good fashion really is. Style is a language everyone understands but not everyone speaks. However, with practice and a little bit of time, everyone can be the most stylish version of themselves.

I always write so much about the latest fashion trends and outfit ideas, but today I thought I’ll get back to the basics. So with an aim of simplifying the process of dressing up, I have come up with a few guidelines that work for anyone, for any occasion. The basic style guide.


So here are the 15 most basic fashion tips every girl needs to know!

Basic Fashion Tips for Girls That You Should Never Forget

1. Always dress according to your body type


Getting to know your body shape is Step 1 of styling success. It’ll help you understand what silhouettes accentuate your frame and what to avoid. If you notice someone whose style is always on point, you’ll see they have mastered the perfect looks that suit their body shape, and they’ll avoid certain dress styles that don’t feel as flattering.

Here’s how to find your body type and dress for it.

2. Avoid too many colors

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Every fashionista should know how to match. It’s best to just pair a color with a neutral and match accessories with the main color. You can also try a color with one or two neutrals, for example, pink accessories on a navy top over black pants. If you like to wear something more colorful, go for maximum 2-3 colors to play it safe. Or you can also make a monochromatic statement by wearing shades of just one color.

3. Avoid ill fitted clothes at all costs

A stylish girl never buys anything that isn’t her size. Because who likes to have a new dress just sitting in a closet when you can’t fit in it? Avoid out-of-shape dresses or tops that are so tight they cause muffin-tops! They show that you don’t know how to dress. This is one of the most popular and basic fashion tips.


Try before you buy and donate what doesn’t fit you anymore! An ideal dress should fit so perfectly that it looks like it’s made for you. So shop carefully or wear a belt to add structure. Of course, you can also get a dress altered, but in that case, make sure it fits you around the shoulder area, because that part can’t be altered.

4. Go for colors that suit your skin tone

A stylish girl always tries all different colors while building her wardrobe to find out what suits her and what doesn’t. If you’re pale try pinks and reds to make your skin look healthier. If you’re warm skinned go for warm colors.

shilpa ahuja style guide basic fashion tips how to be stylish

When you’re shopping, don’t be afraid to take a color you’ve never worn into the dressing room to see if it looks good on you. It may surprise you!

5. Avoid over-accessorizing

It’s not wrong to wear multiple accessories, but it’s not a safe bet. If you’re not sure, go for just one piece of jewelry and clean lines. For example, pair your evening dress with a statement ring. Or go for a pearl necklace to look elegant. Minimalism is key when in doubt.

A less accessorized outfit looks less fussy, and can be carried more easily. It shows that your style is effortless, and that you’re not trying too hard. It shows you know how to make a decision and you know exactly what you want!

6. Invest in good quality fabrics and maintain your clothes well

Basic Fashion Tips shilpa-ahuja-fashion-style-basic-styling-tips-fabric

Invest in good quality clothing and accessories. A good fabric can be easily spotted to the trained eye and once you start noticing it, you’ll never look back. They last longer and look rich. Avoid cheap fashion and bad fabrics, especially for special occasions when you’re trying to make a good impression.

Additionally, check the finish of any fashion product before you make a purchase, like stitch-lines, buttons, marks or defects, etc. Avoid items whose stitching is uneven or unfinished, or whose hardware looks cheap or old. These things always end up ruining the overall look.

7. Always have wardrobe basics in your closet

The latest style of jeans, a few basic well-fitted tees, a trendy top, a little black dress and a white shirt should be a part of every girl’s closet. So one of my basic fashion tips is to include the simplest items in your daily casual style. They come in handy when you have nothing to wear. Here’s a complete list of 10 wardrobe essentials and 11 must have accessories.

8. Invest in separates more than one piece outfits


Fashionable girls have a mix of one-piece outfits like dresses or jumpsuits, and also a good number of separates. Separates like tops, jeans and skirts can be mixed and matched to create fresh looks. So you get more outfits with fewer pieces of clothing. Also, separates help you create signature looks since you can easily re-wear them.

9. Never be afraid to repeat outfits


Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot. Knowing how to restyle a piece of clothing is one of the important and basic fashion tips every girl should learn. A woman who’s confident in her style is never afraid to repeat her items of clothing. When you wanna repeat an outfit, just pair it with a different set of accessories to get a whole new look! Or wear it at a different time of day. You could even add a pop of color to create a new palette!

10. Never ignore the power of details

shilpa ahuja fashion style basic styling tips skincare

Always make sure that whatever you’re wearing is clean and well-ironed. And never take personal grooming lightly. Keep your hair clean, and get it trimmed regularly. Keep your skin nourished and healthy. Make sure your nails are neatly cut and/or filed without chipped nail polish. Make sure your face is clean and blackhead-free, eyebrows brushed into place and skin well-moisturized.

Details also include making sure your bra matches your top or that your pantylines never show. Or that your socks and shoes are color-coordinated. Avoid itchy or ill-fitted undergarments. These details take any outfit to the next level and give a rich look.

11. Always be aware of the new trends even if you don’t wear everything trendy

A good personal style takes time investment. So read magazines and of course, you can check out the latest trends on ShilpaAhuja.com every season. Keep a tab on what kind of jeans are in, dress and fabric trends, what are the latest ways to layer or pair outfits. What styles of tops or silhouettes of pants are out. This will help you avoid looking like you’re in the previous decade!

12. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Fashionable women try new trends and experiment with the latest styles, even though they wear wardrobe basics, too.

Not everyone loves to try new things, but being stylish is all about expressing your personality. And it keeps evolving. So try new things once in a while without the fear of judgement. You can’t please everyone so just dress for yourself. Your style should always make your feel happy and confident!

13. Dress for the occasion and weather

Here’s one of the most basic fashion tips. Make sure you plan your outfit keeping the venue in mind. Be aware of the basic dress codes for different occasions by observing others or celebrities. It’s polite to dress as per the occasion, and it also shows your knowledge.

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Also keep in mind the weather before planning your outfit. It’s not stylish to be shivering in the cold, or wearing warm fabrics in summer when you’re getting itchy from them!

14. Avoid falling into a style rut

There’s a fine line between wearing your signature style and over-repeating your general look. Avoid outfits that are too similar to each other, as that’ll get tired very soon. Everyday should be a fresh start and putting on a nice outfit after your morning shower is the best way to feel fresh!

So if you’ve been wearing the same type of jeans in over a decade, or if your wardrobe consists of the same colors every year, it’s time to update it.

15. Work on your overall personality, not just the outfit

Style is as much about expression, body language, demeanor and personality as it is about clothing. So work on yourself just as much as your style. Afterall, as Coco says, the end goal is to feel confident, not to look pretty!


So I hope you found this styling guide helpful. How many of these basic fashion tips do you already follow? And which ones are new to you? Lemme know below! If you try any of these new ideas for your next outfit, don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram pic @shilpaahujadotcom!

Muaah 🙂

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  2. I like the tips mentioned in the article. I also agree that every girl should have at least one black and white shirt dress. The ideas mentioned in the above article are an evergreen fashion.


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