Gourmet Macarons: 30 Exquisite Macaron Flavors Everyone Needs to Try!

From champagne and red wine macarons to earl grey and carrot cake, check out the best and must-try gourmet macaron flavors below!


Everyone’s favorite crunchy-shelled, cream-filled french dessert is no longer the same! Macarons now have tons and tons of different flavors and fillings. In fact, there are so many that you could spend a whole year just trying them out! From tea and alcohol infused flavors to dessert inspired ones, a macaron is the perfect treat to satisfy your cravings! Whether you’re gonna be making them at home or you just wanna know what flavors to try when you next visit a macaron bakery, we’ve listed all types of macaron flavors that you most definitely need to try. So, check out all the different variations and flavors of these mouth-watering french desserts!


Best Flavors of Gourmet Macarons

Earl Grey Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (13)-coconut-apricot

Scrumptious tea infused macarons – perfect for all those who prefer not-so-sweet desserts! Other similar ones that are a must-try are chai tea and chamomile tea macarons. We can have them in place of our morning tea!

Red Velvet Macaron

Rich, red and divine, these french macarons are food bucket list- worthy! Try them with a cream cheese macaron filling!

Jasmine Macaron

Usually made with jasmine tea, this lightly flavored macaron is one-of-a-kind and undoubtedly a must-try!

Lavender Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (20)-rose-lavender

Lavender macarons are as tasty as they are pretty! Honey buttercream and rose are some good filling ideas. These are also the perfect pick-me-ups because of the refreshing scent!

Orange Macaron

Tangy and sweet, these would taste so good with buttercream or orange infused chocolate ganache. Shilpa tells me this has been one of her favorite flavors ever since she had fleur d’oranger at Ladurée!

Cookies and Cream Macaron

One of my absolute favorite french macaron flavors, it’s crunchy, soft and crumbly, all in one!

Carrot Cake Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (15)-carrot-cake

If you thought carrot cake was amazing, wait till you try this dessert flavored macaron! They taste best when filled with cream cheese frosting.

Strawberry Cheesecake Macaron

Two desserts in one! What more could you want?! These gourmet macarons would be extra delicious with a filling that contains bits of fresh strawberry! When I last tried these, I had them along with some white tea. Delicious!

Coconut Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (14)-coconut

Made with coconut flour and filled with shredded coconut cream, you can’t not try this unique and exotic macaron flavor!

Toasted Marshmallow Macaron

S’mores in macaron form? Yes, please!

Pistachio Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (6)-pistachio

White chocolate filling dressed in a green pistachio flavored shell makes for the perfect nutty treat! I had these quite recently at Smoor chocolates and all I can say is don’t be put off by its weird green color, it’s super yummy!

Mint Macaron

Whether they’re filled with chocolate or a mint filling, these frech pastries taste heavenly!

Raspberry Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (3)-raspberry

Melt-in-the-mouth berry filled pink macarons that are way too pretty to eat!

Champagne Macaron

If you’re a champagne lover, this alcohol-infused macaron will not disappoint! Similarly, a red wine macaron is just as delectable! If there’s one macaron flavor in this list I’d do anything to try, it’s this champagne macaron!

Blackberry Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (16)-lavender

Try a blackberry macaron filled with berry jam and you just might develop an addiction!

Peppermint Macaron

Trade in traditional Christmas cookies for these minty sweet macarons with vanilla peppermint buttercream filling!

Rose Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (8)-pumpkin-spice

Rose on its own or combined with lavender is a unique yet popular gourmet macaron flavor. It sounds so good that I might have to find a recipe and get baking this weekend!

Peanut Butter Macaron

Try a PBJ-inspired treat with a peanut butter and a jelly macaron filling or peanut butter macarons with chocolate peanut butter ganache!

Cotton Candy Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (10)-cotton-candy-floss

Exquisitely sweet candy floss sandwich cookies with buttercream are a definite must-have!

Apple Pie Macaron

Traditional apple pie with a french twist! Cinnamon macaron fillings are the perfect accompaniment to this dessert. This unique macaron is definitely on my list of must-try desserts.

Salted Caramel Macaron

Salty dessert lovers will fall in love with this one. Just a warning!

Green Tea Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (19)-matcha-green-tea

Matcha green tea macaron, slightly bitter and slightly sweet, it’s delicious when filled with white chocolate ganache. If you’re looking to be extra healthy, try a vegan french macaron recipe that doesn’t use eggs, butter and regular milk.

Gingerbread Macaron

Perfect during the festive season but it’s so good you might wanna have it all year round!

Lemon Macaron

Zesty, tarty goodness! Whenever I’m at a cafe where you can put together your own customized macaron box, I always make sure to get atleast one tangy lemony one! Try lemon curd and key lime gourmet macaron flavors.

Pumpkin Spice Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (17)-pumpkin-spice

Perfect treat to make (or eat) around fall! Some yummy variations are pumpkin seed and pumpkin cheesecake macarons.

Liquorice Macaron

These whimsical black macarons are every bit tasty as they are enchanting to look at!


best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (2)-blueberry

Fruity and oh-so-pretty, these would be a perfect accompaniment to blueberry fruit-infused tea!

Passion Fruit Macaron

French macarons with a tropical twist!

Coffee Macaron

best-gourmet-macarons-flavors-fillings (11)-coffee-mocha-espresso

Who can ever say no to caffeine in a dessert? Try Irish coffee and white chocolate mocha macarons.

Banana Macaron

Banofee pie and banana salted caramel banana macarons are some mouth-watering banana based macaron flavors to try.

So those were the best gourmet macaron flavors to try. What do you think of them? And which of these french macarons would you like to try? Tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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